Excursion from Agadir to Paradise Valley


The Paradise Valley is one of the most striking areas in southern Morocco. It is located northwest of the city of Agadir, very close to Immouzer. When leaving Marrakech, keep in mind that it takes about three hours to go and as many to return.  The departure takes place at 8:30, after having breakfast at our accommodation. Our driver and guide will pick us up there. During the trip we will have a stop for an hour and a half to have lunch.  Next, we will arrive at the valley and we will be able to enjoy the natural pool in the Assif Tamraght gorge. We will also discover the waterfalls of Wadi Tinkert, which fall on limestone walls at various levels. The locals call the same bridal veil for the whiteness and the effect they produce when falling.  We will have time to enjoy the views and take photos and rest in this haven of peace. It is truly surprising to see this orchard full of vegetation next to a quite desert area, which has led to its name as the Valley of Paradise.  After enjoying our afternoon in the valley, we will start our way back to our accommodation in Marrakech.

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