Top Things you can’t Miss in Morocco

Top Things you can’t Miss in Morocco


Entering the Sahara, the largest and most dangerous desert in the world, is one of the most unforgettable experiences a traveler can live. After a few hours of driving in a 4×4, you suddenly find yourself far away from everything and everyone, facing a sea of dunes that change color depending on the time of day. At dusk, the sun slowly descends, fills the sky with fire in a grandiose spectacle and disappears behind the dunes: shortly after, it is total darkness.


If there is one animal capable of withstanding the harshness of the Sahara, it is the dromedary. These gigantic beasts are amazingly resistant, very intelligent and extraordinarily patient. They are patient with their masters and also with tourists who decide to ride them for the first time. The sensation of marching under the blue sky on the back of a dromedary, as generations of men, women and children have been doing since ancient times, is unique.


Something beats in Morocco just before dawn. The intense black of the night (especially in the rural areas, where there are no electricity lines) gradually lightens and, suddenly, we begin to see. Then we look up and discover that the sun is ready to rise, and that it will soon warm our faces and fill every house, every road and every corner with golden light. In a few minutes, we will hear the call to the dawn prayer, and everything will begin anew.


It’s a rare first time. It’s been so many years since we’ve dipped our fingers into a plate – since we were no longer children – that it can become uncomfortable. However, the pleasure of eating with our hands is still stored in our hard drive and when we bring it back to life, it’s wonderful. Moroccans eat with the three fingers of their right hand, and they do it with incredible elegance. We just have to imitate them and see how useful it is to feel the texture and temperature of the food in our fingers before putting it in our mouths.


The Atlantic city of Essaouria, “the well-designed” according to its Arabic name, is famous for the quality and variety of its fish. Sardines, squid, lobster, sea bass, grouper, eel, spider crab, prawns, razor clams… there is everything, and it hardly requires any preparation: a couple of turns on the grill and a little chermoula -a tasty sauce based on garlic, coriander and oil-, and heaven is assured for a while.


Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the Sahara is another must in Morocco. The silence of the desert, the whistling of the wind through the camp, the immense starry sky and the feeling of being absolutely alone in the middle of nowhere is something that makes you rethink some things: the superfluous disappears and only the essential remains. And the addictive taste of the wild.


Sometimes, the omnipresence of the Great Desert makes us forget that Morocco is a green and mountainous country, and that it has in the Atlas something similar to the Alps… but in a big way. Whether hiking, mountaineering, cycling or 4 x 4, in the Atlas we will see peaks over 4,000 m high, glaciers, rivers of clean water, waterfalls and valleys where the living conditions of its inhabitants bring us back to the authentic.


Morocco is a paradise for the five senses where smells reign and where the cities change color according to the light. From Chaouen, “the blue city”, to the Red City of Marrakech, passing through the earth tones of the picklers of Fez, each medina invites you to discover its colors and the infinite essences it holds: sea, spices, leather, orange blossom, ammon, cedar, lamb, mint?

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