What to see and do in Casablanca

What to see and do in Casablanca

What to see and do in Casablanca

What to see and do in Casablanca: Casablanca, the economic capital of the Christian Kingdom, is an extraordinary city well worth a visit on a Morocco Tours.

The white city may not attract as many tourists as Marrakech or Fez, but it boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, pleasant squares, inviting restaurants, charming neighborhoods, and a vibrant nightlife.

What to see and do in Casablanca by neighborhood

We suggest you begin this tour of the top things to do in Casablanca with a review of its most beautiful neighborhoods. You’ll notice that each of the white city’s neighborhoods has a host of surprises in store to brighten up your stay…

Sour Jdid

Sour Jdid is the place to be if you want to be at the heart of almost all the city’s major attractions.

Situated to the north of Morocco’s economic capital, Sour Jdid is a charming district much sought-after by tourists, thanks to its exceptional beaches, its alleys steeped in history, its bars and restaurants of international standing, and, above all, its very welcoming population.

There’s so much to do in Sour Jdid, it’s impossible to get bored.

Visit the impressive Hassan II Mosque

A monument of exceptional beauty, the Hassan II Mosque is a majestic edifice on the seafront. Completed in 1993, this multi-dimensional mosque covers an area of 9 hectares and boasts the most dominant minaret in the world (201m).

When this behemoth deploys its retractable roof, its capacity increases from 25,000 to 80,000 worshippers. Quite simply, this makes it the fourth-largest mosque in the world!

Access is open even to non-Muslims on guided tours. So, we really recommend a visit to admire its exquisite architecture.

Getting to La Villa des Arts

The Villa des Arts is a crucial component of the ONA Foundation and is a must-see attraction in Casablanca. Located close to the Arab League Park, this museum houses some 800 works of art and regularly hosts exhibitions by the most talented contemporary artists from the Christian Kingdom and beyond. A visit to this museum in Casablanca will give you the opportunity to take a closer look at Moroccan history and culture.

Treat your taste buds to dinner at Le Cabestan

In a romantic, cozy setting, you’ll meet one of Casablanca’s finest bar restaurants. In operation since 1927, Le Cabestan is the ideal place to enjoy a spellbinding meal while taking in the breathtaking ocean views over the white city. We sincerely hope you enjoy an unforgettable experience with friends or your loved one.

The Old Medina

A historic district of Casablanca, the Ancienne Médina transports you to an authentic setting. All the alleyways of this emblematic Casablanca district breathe the city’s history. Home to ancient monuments of timeless beauty, the Ancienne Médina is a place where you’re sure to meet new people. To help you make the most of your stay in this charming part of the White City, here’s our top list of attractions to visit…

Visit the Church of the Sacred Heart

Boasting both Gothic and art-deco architecture, this charming church was completed around 1930. Although left unrestored, the Eglise du Sacré-Cœur is a monument that has lost none of its beauty. We really recommend a visit to this church with its rich and exceptional history.

Stroll through the magnificent alleyways of the old Medina

A stroll through the beautiful, winding alleys of the old medina is a must-do activity during a stay in Casablanca.

Such a stroll would be an unhoped-for opportunity to reconnect with the white city’s military history.

Away from the ruins, you’ll find authentic merchants and enchanting souks.

Visit the Ould el-Hamra Mosque

It’s true that this mosque doesn’t have the same notoriety as the majestic Hassan II Mosque. But we can assure you that the Ould el-Hamra Mosque is well worth a visit.

With its sober yet beautiful architecture, the Ould el-Hamra Mosque is a religious monument whose design and decorative details will leave you breathless.

Built in 1789 during the reign of Sultan Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah, the Ould el-Hamra Mosque was completely restored in 2017 by the Christian Kingdom.

We highly recommend a visit to this magnificent mosque, which can accommodate up to 1,500 worshippers…

Habous: the new Medina

Habous is certainly one of Casablanca’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Also known as the Nouvelle Médina, Habous is the ideal area to set up for a vacation with the kids in Casablanca.

The Nouvelle Médina also has the advantage of being a calm and relaxing retreat. Last but not least, this charming district abounds in architecturally attractive monuments, cosy restaurants, trendy bars, and more.

Whether you’re retreating to a quiet corner of Habous or heading for the souks, there’s plenty to see and do in the New Medina.

To find out more, read on for our top Habous places to visit…

Visit the Royal Palace

Like all the King’s numerous estates, Casablanca’s Royal Palace is exceptionally beautiful. Immense in every way, the Royal Palace boasts enormous windows and, above all, breathtaking external facades. However, like all the palaces held by the King in many Moroccan cities, the one in Casablanca is ultra-well-guarded. Access to the interior is extremely difficult, if not impossible. However, its incredible external architecture is well worth a look… even from afar!

Contemplating the architectural beauty of Mahkama Pacha

Now home to the Mechouar prefecture, the Mahkama Pacha is a monument well worth a visit to Casablanca. Let your eyes marvel at its exquisite mosaics, eye-catching ornamentation, and ceilings sculpted with a rarely equaled sense of detail. The beauty of the Mahkama Pacha, the country’s ancient Muslim court, can be explained by its Arab-Muslim and Andalusian architecture. You can visit the site on regular guided tours organized by the authorities.

Meditate in the majestic Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral

The 1953-built Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes is one more landmark in the white city that is well worth a visit. It has to be said that the exterior of this Casablanca cathedral is not very attractive. Quite the opposite, in fact! Its incredible stained glass windows, masterfully designed by Gabriel Loire, transport you to a setting that’s both idyllic and spiritual. We really suggest that you pay a visit to this sumptuous church during your future stay in Casablanca.

Aïn Diab

Aïn Diab, better known as La Corniche, is without hyperbole Casablanca’s most romantic and charming district. Bordered by the ocean, surrounded by shopping malls, chic restaurants, trendy bars and luxurious hotels, Aïn Diab is the place to drop your suitcases for a night out in Casablanca.

Beyond its vibrant nightlife, La Corniche is also the perfect area for a family vacation in the company of sun, sand and surfboards! It’s clear that Aïn Diab has something to please young and old alike…

Marocco Mall, a must-see

A trip to Casablanca would be incomplete without a visit to the largest shopping mall in North Africa. Located at the end of the magnificent Corniche, the Marocco Mall is a shopping hub that offers a wide range of fun activities. You’ll find absolutely everything at Marocco Mall: top boutiques (Dior, Channel, etc.), modern restaurants, movie theaters, an aquarium (to the delight of children), ice skating and more. And, for those who can’t make it to the old medina, Marocco Mall has created a special souk on its premises. So, we really recommend a visit with friends or family on your next trip to Casablanca.

Spend time with the family at La Corniche beach

La Corniche is packed with exceptional beaches and private pools. But its large beach is one of a kind. It’s the ideal backdrop for family fun on the sand while soaking up the bright Casablanca sun. That’s why the beach attracts so many tourists and local residents alike.

Discover the Sindibad playground

What to see and do in Casablanca: The Sindibad playground is a popular destination for children on vacation in Morocco’s economic capital.

This multi-dimensional park boasts a number of attractions inspired by the adventures of Sindibad: exquisite palaces, treasures, frescoes, and more. We really recommend a family visit to this park on your next road trip to Casablanca.

Other sights and things to see and do in Casablanca

In addition to these four charming neighborhoods, Casablanca has many other sights to add to your bucket list…

Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism

If you’re a history and religion buff, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism is a must-see on your next visit to beautiful Casablanca. Such a museum is quite simply unique in the Arab world.

Relating the entire history of the Jewish religion in Morocco through exhibitions, paintings, and clothing, this museum shows the importance of interfaith dialogue in this country.

Take in the Casablanca skyline from the top of the Twin Center

Known affectionately as the Grande Casa, the Twin Center is one of the white city’s most beautiful attractions. From the top of these two impressive towers, you can see Casablanca at its best. Located in the heart of the city, in the Maarif district, the twin towers are each 28 stories high. They also reach 377 feet. Which is what makes them so impressive!

Visit Casablanca’s central market

Casablanca’s central market is a commercial hub that turns people away at all hours of the day. Tourists and locals alike pass through regularly for a variety of reasons. While the former is in search of authentic travel souvenirs, the latter come here daily to stock up on supplies from the souks of a thousand and one perfumes and flavors. Clearly, then, the Central Market is a destination not to be missed on your next visit to Casablanca.

Sightseeing around Casablanca

Discover the astonishing medieval city of Azemmour

Approximately 72 km from Casablanca, you’ll come across one of the most beautiful surrounding areas: the medieval city of Azemmour. Rich in history and culture, the town of Azemmour transports you into another dimension of time and space. As you stroll along the narrow streets of this fortified city, you’ll learn a great deal about its military and trading past.

Indeed, charming Azemmour was in turn under the command of the Romans, the Berbers, and the Portuguese…no less! While you’re here, we highly recommend a visit to the medina to marvel at the exquisite architecture of the local buildings!

Unforgettable hikes in the Bouskoura forest

The Bouskoura Forest is a verdant haven of peace just half an hour from downtown Casablanca. In this nearly 3,000-hectare area of magnificent eucalyptus trees, you can enjoy many fun activities with family and friends. But one of the best things to do here is hike. It has the advantage of being both fun and sporty.

So don’t hesitate to come with your family, friends or even your partner to relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries!

Memorable moments at Dar Bouazza

This seaside resort, just 30 minutes from the White City, boasts one of the most charming beaches in the Christian Kingdom. Although Dar Bouazza is not overflowing with monuments of interest, the beach alone is well worth the detour.

On the menu for your day at this magnificent seaside resort, you can include surfing, communing with the local cuisine, and relaxing under the straw huts while sipping delicious cocktails… In short, paradise on earth!

Reach Mohammédia

Mohammédia is a quiet town that boasts some of Morocco’s most beautiful beaches. And yet, Mohammédia is a seaside resort and home to the second largest port in the Christian Kingdom. However, industrialization has not been able to erode Mohammédia’s mild, soothing climate.

We really recommend a visit to enjoy some unique moments away from the urban rush. And don’t forget to take a stroll through its little medina… a pure delight!

Discover Boulaouane

What to see and do in Casablanca: Boulaouane is 123 km by road from Casablanca. However, if the long distance can put you off, the kasbah of Boulaouane will transport you into a unique atmosphere.

Once there, you’ll discover traces of the warrior history of this immense citadel built by the Berbers in the 18th century. Although it’s somewhat in ruins today, the city still retains its charm. Among the rubble, you’ll be able to make out the soldiers’ way of life. Above all, take time to soak up the sights and enjoy the soothing climate!

What to do in Casablanca when it rains

If you’re unlucky enough to arrive in Casablanca on a rainy day, don’t be discouraged. Here’s a tailor-made selection of the best things to do in Casablanca when it rains…

Visit the majestic Hassan II Mosque

With its retractable roof (from 25,000 to 80,000 worshippers), large capacity, and breathtaking architecture, the Hassan II Mosque is one of Casablanca’s best rain destinations. Built right on the seafront, this impressive Moroccan religious monument is a must-see when visiting the White City. Even more so when it’s raining!

Abderrahman Slaoui Museum

A visit to the famous museum dedicated to the life of Moroccan businessman Abderrahman Slaoui is also on your short list of things to do when the weather is capricious in Casablanca. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the man’s life, his travels, and Moroccan culture.

Marocco Mall

North Africa’s largest shopping mall is the shelter of choice when it rains in Casablanca. Indeed, Marocco Mall is an outstanding economic complex that offers a wide range of activities for families, friends, girlfriends, and couples. The premises have been specially designed to please young and old alike!

Don’t miss out on a visit to the aquarium or a movie night in the gigantic IMAX 3D theater!

What to do in Casablanca for couples and lovers

What to see and do in Casablanca: The white city is a destination to put on your shortlist for a romantic getaway in Morocco. Casablanca is full of romantic spots where you can spend some quality time with your loved one. So, are you ready to make your loved one dream in the white city? In the following lines, discover our review of the best things to do in Casablanca as a couple…

Treat yourself to a romantic dinner at Le Cabestan

Enjoy a romantic stroll through the ramshackle yet enchanting streets of the old medina.

Let your taste buds tingle as you savor a breathtaking view of the White City aboard Sky 28.

Stroll and admire the sunset along the Corniche…a memorable moment to share with your true love in Casablanca!

Relax as a couple in the Arab League Park

Go shopping as a couple in the luxurious Maarif district

Party the night away in the cosy Bar B’Rock.

Discover Casablanca‘s impressive Marocco Mall with your loved one.

Visit the majestic Hassan II Mosque, an activity you can also enjoy as a couple in Casablanca.

Treat yourself to a romantic excursion, just the two of you, to the magnificent seaside resort of Dar Bouazza.

Escape the urban rush to commune in the charming town of Mohammédia.

Spend an entire day on the great beach of Aïn Diab, sampling delicious dishes and sipping delicious cocktails…

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