Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Travel inward and strengthen our identity while we share places and moments. The Practice of Yoga, Meditation, and Full Attention (Mindfulness) are our allies in this beautiful adventure.

In the desert you will learn what it means to be “Present” in the Here and Now, which leads you to a clear mind, awakened senses and an existence lived in acceptance and gratitude.

A yoga retreat in Morocco for you, who is looking for a different way of traveling. We will create spaces for growth and reflection so that you can share your concerns with the group as well as work on yourself.

You can take a trip to Fes and a retreat in the Sahara you will meet other people who, like you, are also looking for a trip inland.

Do you want to visit Morocco differently? 

Do you dream of going to Morocco and visiting the most authentic places? Come to know the most unique country differently, you will see medinas and souks but you will also do yoga, and meditation, following our philosophy of slow travel or mindfulness travel. We invite you to take a trip through Morocco in a unique way! It will be a getaway of growth, reflection, and a journey toward your desires and your dreams to fulfill.

We are experts in creating experiences that will change your life. Our  Retreats and Transformational Journeys encompass a transformation experience with which you will deepen your true self and your personal growth. We choose authentic places off the beaten track, prefer organic food, mix with local communities, go on adventures, and enjoy holistic experiences.

You do not need to have experience in Yoga or Meditation to travel with us. The holidays are an ideal time to learn or deepen your practice. We are here to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and awakening. Our mission is to help you to know or deepen these techniques for your well-being so that you can find your peace, relax and get to know yourself better.

Yoga Trip to Morocco


We have prepared this trip to Fes and yoga retreat in the Sahara with great care so that you can enjoy Morocco specially and differently, participating in the local culture and contributing to its development sustainably.

We offer you the to visit Morocco in a different way, not from the rush and stress of traditional tourist circuits but visiting each place with the Full Attention of Mindfulness. Every day we will have our Yoga and Meditation Practices in unique places that you will remember for life. Here we leave you the detailed tour that we will follow, we have prepared it with a lot of love to share it with our tribe!

Travel with the guide of your travel coach 

It is the mission of Transformational Journeys to work only with the best yoga, meditation, and coaching teachers. Genuine and inspiring people who lead the way in personal growth and transformation.

We work with each travel coach to create a unique, profound, and inspiring program that allows each traveler to deeply transform their body, mind, and spirit while setting the stage for a deeper connection to the land, fellow travelers, and the culture where they live. want us to go

Our Philosophy

Live your adventure. Dare to change concepts and return to your essence to be free and unique. Yoga, hiking, coaching, connection with nature, meditation, conscious nutrition, empowerment, mindfulness, purposeful entrepreneurship, and much more.

We transmit Transformational Yoga that has nothing to do with being flexible or doing impossible postures. We understand Yoga as a philosophy of life that has to do with stopping and finding your peace, breathing, feeling, knowing yourself, connecting with your essence, and giving your best self to the world. Come take this trip to Fes and retreat in the Sahara to learn the philosophy and practice of yoga that transforms you.

We organize trips for people like you who are looking for a different way of traveling. We select innovative and transformative travel ideas to help you learn, grow, change, and undertake with purpose. No matter what your destination is, we want to offer you something that you have not experienced until now. Our mission is to guide you so that you learn or discover something new that will lead you to your personal and professional reinvention and above all, to the conquest of yourself.

We want to motivate you to discover what your passion is and to grow as a person in body, mind, and spirit. To travel as a group, we constantly organize transformational retreats to places that have marked us personally and have transformed us. If you let us, we will do everything possible so that this trip marks a before and after in your life. No risk, no fun, live your adventure! 

What will you find on a trip like this?

We focus on the well-being of your body, mind, and soul

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, coaching, and personal development

Personal growth and transformation, your inner journey

Places that we select according to our principles of sustainability and ethics

Fresh and delicious food, always looking for organic, from the field to the table

Experiential and unique adventures, off the beaten track

A community of conscious people, a tribe of friends for life

What includes?

Activities based on our Transformation and Personal Development Program

local escort guide

Yogi Travel Coach assisting and accompanying the group from arrival to departure

Guided Meditations in the Desert at Sunrise and Sunset at the Departure

2 nights in Fes in a charming Riad (incl. breakfast), 1 night in a Hotel on the way to the Desert (incl. breakfast), 4 nights in Haimas fully equipped in the desert with Full Board.

Excursion in a 4×4 vehicle with driver.

camel ride

Berber concert

Yoga and meditation classes 

Coaching Workshop

There will be daily practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation

Living with the Berber family in the desert

Transfer and Pick up from the Airport on recommended flights

Not included 

Travel assistance insurance. Mandatory. (between €15 and €30 depending on the coverage chosen).

Meals not specified in the program.

Air tickets. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will advise you on which flight to buy to travel in a group.

That you take back home

First, you will have reinvented yourself into a new you, full of energy to start a new life fuller, fuller, and with more meaning!

Secondly, with a lot of peace and relaxation, you will have reset your body, mind, and soul, Also all the magic of traveling in a group: new friends, deep conversations with people who have the same interests as you…

Unforgettable photos or videos shared with special people in unique places!

New flavors, enjoyed unknown smells…

In addition to a life backpack with memories of incalculable value… You will remember this experience all your life because it will be different from everything you have lived so far!

Likewise, you will have much more energy after having detoxified your body and having kept fit, Likewise, you will have developed new skills and many personal growth resources to practice on your day back home.

And finally, the most important thing: you will experience a transformation, the first step of your new life. What will it be? That only depends on you!

Why should you come

Morocco will not leave you indifferent. It is a universe of colors, smells, and flavors that transport you to another world.

Fes is the spiritual capital of Morocco, and visiting it is a new and fascinating sensory experience. The attraction of Fes is the daily events of its inhabitants; you will undoubtedly believe that you have traveled in time and space. One of the greatest pleasures of Fes is walking through the narrow streets of its enormous Medina, a world heritage site, and its surroundings. A whole explosion of movement, beauty, smells, and colors.

On the excursion to the Desert, the silence, the immensity, the sand, or the stars are just some of the elements that could best define this mindfulness experience. You will learn the art of living in the Present and that for this purpose nothing more is needed than cultivating full attention and learning to appreciate the possibilities that the moment offers us here now.

Your learning 

You will travel alone, but you will share your trip with people who are very similar to you, who have the same interests, and lifestyle, and who, above all, are like you in a process of change and evolution. They will become your new friends for long talks and confessable secrets…

We will carry out coaching workshops for personal growth and spiritual development to learn to live from our passion and connect with our essence.

You will have a travel coach at your disposal, he will accompany the group in general and attend to the needs of each one in particular

You will learn to travel “outwards” while you travel “inwards”: how to see the beauty in everything that surrounds you, how to live with a loving and compassionate attitude, how to see the opportunities in the obstacles, how to develop the contemplation to see that we are all one, how to live from serenity and calm.

You will expand your mind with learning that will develop new abilities in you beyond your fears or your limiting beliefs.

You will take care of your body with a very healthy diet and physical activities that keep us in shape!

You will participate in activities and exercises that will help you reinvent yourself and grow personally and spiritually.


We will travel “slowly”. The idea is to travel slowly to absorb the experience to the fullest, with all your senses.

Meditation and mindfulness will be our best allies. If you have never meditated, it does not matter, you will learn with us!

You will learn or improve your yoga practice, as well as the philosophy of this ancient science. It’s time to start if you haven’t done it!

We will do joint group sessions to review the day, we will share situations that we have experienced and what we have learned.

Group Coaching workshops that will transform you

You will have free moments for yourself, for your introspection or to do whatever you want!

You will live many adventures that will make you grow by continually being out of your comfort zone!


Excess work and worries, stress, and eating an unbalanced diet affect our health and quality of life, and course our productivity. Our transformational program will allow you to recover your energy and learn useful basic tools to maintain and improve your health and quality of life.

By traveling, you open yourself up to fresh encounters, various cultures, people, and thought processes. Expand your mind and increase your creativity. You stop being afraid of the unknown. Spread your wings to fly towards your destination and make your dreams come true.

During the trip to Fes and retreat in the Sahara, you will go beyond your limits and challenge your physical condition to learn a healthier lifestyle. We will connect with mother earth and nature. In addition, you will learn to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Contact with the Silence of the Desert contributes to rediscovering our essence, what was always there, and sometimes we forget. Leave the backpack of worries, and the superficial put fears aside, and simply connect with our most natural, simple, energetic, and sense of adventure selves. One of the key points of our transformational program is this: the need to seek balance and live in the present, not thinking, not judging, just in contact with our deepest being. In summary, a few days of relaxation, in harmony with nature and with oneself.


If we are proud of something, it is that many people have already transformed their lives by introducing new habits that they have learned in our retreats and trips.

We always ask people who share transformational experiences with us to give us their feedback to help people who may have fears, insecurities, or resistance before joining our tribe. Listen to them and overcome your resistance because they always appear when you want to get out of your comfort zone.

Very limited places! 

The fact that the group is small is one of the keys to the success of these transformational trips, so places are very limited.

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