Beautiful places in Morocco

Beautiful places in Morocco. The amazing Kingdom of Morocco means sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and waves of the Atlantic Ocean, bustling oriental bazaars, medieval medinas, blue houses and terracotta fortresses, neighborhoods of artisans, endless dunes of the Sahara … Read More

When is the best time to visit Morocco?

Touring the cities of Morocco is relatively an agreeable experience, most especially during holidays. However, choosing the perfect time to visit this captivating Northern African country is essential to ensure you have a pleasant and indelible moment. With its diverse … Read More

The Best Places for Honeymoon in Morocco

The Best Places for Honeymoon in Morocco A honeymoon in Morocco is an extraordinary experience that marks the beginning of a beautiful journey as a couple. If you’re searching for a destination that combines enchanting landscapes, rich culture, and a … Read More

The 10 main dishes of Moroccan cuisine

In Morocco, you can try the classic Arabian dishes – aromatic-spicy, incredibly tasty, always appetizing and very hearty. However, the national cuisine of the country is unique in many ways. We will tell you what to try in Morocco first … Read More

Erfoud dates Festival

Erfoud dates Festival, dates are historically considered one of the oldest fruits grown by man. The first mention of dates dates dates back seven thousand years ago, and their images are marked on the wall paintings of the tombs of … Read More

History of Morocco

History of Morocco… The name alone conjures up palaces, lush gardens, aromatic spices, colorful markets and an Arabian fairy tale. But the idyllic picture is far from complete. The country in North Africa has a rich history, stunning cultural and … Read More

Moroccan Traditions Wedding

Although it is the twenty-first century, the culture of family formation and family life itself in Morocco is subject to a strictly traditional pattern and has not changed much over the past centuries. Men and women play the roles assigned … Read More

Things to Do in Fes, Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is an interesting ancient country located on the northern coast of Africa. And like any country, Morocco has its heart – the ancient city of Fez. Our article is about it. Getting to know Fez. Fez … Read More

The City of Meknes in Morocco

Meknes is a city in northern Morocco, located 140 km from the capital Rabat and 60 km from Fez. It is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, a World Heritage Site. Its population is 985,000 (2010).    Like many … Read More

Things to Do in Ifrane

It is not for nothing that knowledgeable people say that Morocco is a country of contrasts. The whole world knows its fragrant spices, oriental flavor, cozy courtyard-patios, chic beaches. Probably no mystery to anyone that on the territory of this … Read More

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