Quad biking and buggy tour in the Desert

Quad biking and buggy tour in the Desert

Quad biking and buggy tour in the Merzouga, Desert Erg Chebbi Dunes, Oasis, Nomadic Families, watch the sunset on the impressive dunes.

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Quad biking and buggy tour:

Specialized in Quad biking and buggy tour in the Desert. Sahara Morocco Tours takes you on a variety of fabulous routes, through Merzouga’s largest golden dunes, oasis, regs and mountains of the deep south for a true discovery of the local Morocco.

We offer customized quad tours in Merzouga or raids combining sightseeing and driving. As a family, with colleagues or friends, you will push yourself to the limit to the sound of engines and strong emotions.

Our quads and buggies are automatic and easy to handle, which makes them accessible to everyone, from beginners to experts. Our outings will delight both nature lovers and motor sports enthusiasts.

At Sahara Morocco Tours, the safety and comfort of our clients is our priority. Before each departure, a detailed briefing on dune driving techniques and the use of the machines is provided. Our excursions in Morocco are well supervised by highly qualified and experienced guides.

Sahara Morocco Tours offers you a quality service, with free transportation to and from your hotel, and is always ready to help you design the excursion of your dreams.


Incredible quad experience

Excellent excursion in the desert near Merzouga. The guide was very good and concerned for everyone's safety. We went through very high dunes and stopped for spectacular photos. It was very worthwhile. Thank you very much Sahara Morocco Tours and Said.
Nabila H

Guided Tour

It was our first time in the Sahara desert and we had read that one of the best experiences we could do there was a quad tour in the dunes... and what a great truth. We chose a one hour tour that took us through large dunes in the middle of the desert, it was my first time on a quad but the ease of driving those quads made me feel very comfortable and I could enjoy the experience.

A great mustdo!

We booked a 1 hour quad tour at sunset, but we were out for 2 hours! Said, our Spanish speaking guide, very friendly and good, took us first through the slightly lower sand dunes. Quite exciting at first, but after a bit of practice we had the quad quite under control and it was really great! We stopped at the highest dune to take pictures, have a drink and watch the sunset. Highly recommended!
Nada S

Great excursion!

Initially, we had booked at 10 am. But after calling the organization, we were able to change the excursion to the afternoon to see the sunset. A great excursion together with my friend and the guide. The guide showed us beautiful places and took pictures and videos. We saw a very beautiful sunset. We were guided very well, so we were able to control the quads very quickly. It was also nice that with this tour you have a private guide at all times, so they could keep a close eye on us and you could drive at your own pace. An adventure you have to experience if you are in Morocco.
Laura M

Adrenaline in the desert

A very cool experience driving quads in the desert. There were two of us and a guide. The guide was really top notch. He explained everything very well in terms of posture and direction. He also took very good pictures and videos. We did 1 hour of quad biking. It was more than enough, as you really drive the quad for the whole hour. Getting ready, dressing up, explaining, etc. took us almost 2 hours in total. It cost 45 euros per hour per person (each person got their own quad). It was definitely worth it, because I won't forget the experience!

A magnificent experience

We did a 7 days tour in Morocco, the best moment and the highest was driving a quad in the Sahara desert, we had a lot of security with Sahara Morocco Tours, I had never driven before, but I felt very safe, we had a person who showed us the way in another Quad, he explained everything, we took pictures,..... It has our seal of quality and safety, experience approved. I consider it was the best money spent in our whole trip. We really appreciate Sahara Morocco Tours.

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