Day Trip to Essaouira

Day Trip to Essaouira from Marrakech

Enjoy a Day Trip to Essaouira from Marrakech to visit the port, sekkala, the old medina, and the Jewish city and enjoy a fish lunch

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Day Trip to Essaouira from Marrakech: Essaouira or the pearl of the Atlantic, this world heritage city, maintains the charm and authenticity of a land lost in time. Essaouira has become an essential visit on a trip to Morocco. The adventurous explorer will be fascinated by the hospitable friendliness of the people of this city, which is not surprising since they have lived for centuries at the crossroads of cultures, civilizations and religions. The city is well known for its wood factories of Tuya and the women’s cooperatives of Argan oil.

On our Day Trip To Essaouira from Marrakech, we propose a stop at a female cooperative to see the demonstration of local women preparing Argan oil.

On arrival in the city, you can take a free walk in the Medina of Essaouira, visit the port, and then enjoy a lunch of fresh grilled fish in the local restaurants of the port. If you wish, we can hire a local guide who will give you a tour of the city.

The excursion from Marrakech to Essaouira starts as early as possible (recommended) to make the most of the day.

Return to Marrakech in the late afternoon, and your complete 1-day excursion to Essaouira will end with a drop-off at your hotel.

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Beautiful place

We really enjoyed this activity. Although Essaouira is quite far away, the organization of the trip, both there and back, was impeccable. They arrived to pick us up at the hotel at the agreed time, the visits on the outward and return trip were as announced, and the travel times were also as expected. I would repeat with this company, although I do not know if I would go to Essaouira again because it was a bit long the round trip for only one day.

Charming city

A very nice excursion. The staff was friendly and punctual. The road to Essaouira normal, but once we arrived we were left four and a half hours to get to know the place. The corners of Essaouira very nice, the beach great. The food was great, we ate at some fresh fish stalls, they brought it to us freshly caught and cooked it for us at the time at a very good price. We paid 70 euros for two people (drink, salad, squid, squid, squid, shrimp, two sea bream ...) To repeat the visit.

Excellent service

The tour consists of a stop at the tree of the goats that ride on it, a visit to a women's cooperative of Argan and the visit to Essaouira. The tour does not include a guide, but they take you and pick you up at the time the driver says. It is a very good option if you want to visit the city on your own. The drivers are very nice and were super punctual!

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