Day trip to Marrakech from Agadir

Day trip to Marrakech from Agadir

Day trip to Marrakech from Agadir, Enjoy a guided walk inside the old medina of Marrakech and visit the most beautiful architectural sites.

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Depart from your hotel in Agadir at 8:00 am and start your amazing day trip to Marrakech from Agadir in the first part of the day by taking the quick way of Marrakech Excursion from Agadir. After a total of 3 hours drive with some transit stops, while crossing the High Atlas Mountains, you will land in Marrakech.

When you arrive in Marrakech, you meet your neighborhood tour guide and start a walking tour of Medina (the old city of Marrakech ). The city of Marrakech is located in the south of the Kingdom of Morocco, 30 km from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, its height is 450 m above sea level and its surface is estimated at approximately 230 km.
In the afternoon we return to Agadir and end of our Day trip to Marrakech from Agadir.

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Only recommend!!!
We were in Agadir for a few days earlier this year and happened to meet the team from Sahara Morocco Tours. We had a city tour in Agadir, a quad tour in the desert, and a day tour to Marrakech. Everything was top. In Marrakesh Mohammed showed us a lot of things and could bring us closer to his culture. Simply a wonderful country! I can only recommend Sahara Morocco Tours! The team can speak great German and shows you everything that is worth seeing at a fair price.
Morocco with Mohamed
We took a day trip to Marrakech with Sahara Morocco Tours. Our guide Mohamed taught us a lot about culture, country and life in very good German. Even in the short time he could bring us closer to the colorful life in Marrakech. A highlight was the private Rhiad that we were allowed to see due to Mohamed's good contacts. Absolutely recommend!
Fabiola N
Day trip to Marrakech
We booked the trip well in advance of our vacation in Agadir. Our guide Salem was great and informative. It took about 4 hours from Agadir to Marrakech, but that included a 20-minute stop at a gas station, which is clean and offers coffee and a store. We dropped off at the main mosque and Salem guided us through the souk of the old town, which is an experience with its little alleyways and all sorts of handicrafts. Quick stop at a women's cooperative before a delicious lunch in a rooftop restaurant. You then have 2 hours to explore, so we sat in a rooftop café for a while and took in the sights of the main square. It was a long day, but well worth it.
Andrew K
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