Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls

Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls From Marrakech

In the Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls From Marrakech, You will discover the falls from the very beginning. To fully enjoy the panoramic view…

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Early departure from Marrakech to head north towards the Ouzoud waterfalls which are located 160km from Marrakech. After passing through the plain of Marrakech, through a road that passes through olive groves, we will cross the Middle Atlas Mountains to reach the Ouzoud waterfalls. These are the best waterfalls in the country, where we can see waterfalls up to 110 meters high. There you will make a walk of an hour and a half with a local guide who will take you to enjoy the best views of the waterfall.

We will spend the day walking under the waterfalls and we will cross the river with a boat to visit the traditional and ancestral water mills. You can also enjoy a delicious Tajen meal, typical Berber, on a terrace with beautiful views of the waterfalls.

In the afternoon we will return to Marrakech to drop you back at your hotel.

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Perfect excursion

We really liked this experience, the falls are very beautiful, the driver and the guide were very nice and have been attentive at all times. We have paid guide there (it was not included and are 3 euros per person) and the boat (two euros per person) all optional, I recommend it. Then you can eat for 10 € although in our case we took food from home!
Itziar G

Beautiful experience

Lovely experience and friendly staff! I highly recommend this agency for the professionalism and information they provide before the trip. We had an amazing day with breathtaking views; Good value for money at one of the restaurants at the top near the waterfall. Don't miss the boat ride which was the highlight for us! It's also worth getting a guide.
Steven R

Great and cheap

The waterfalls are worth a visit, they are beautiful! We took a walking route that goes all the way around the waterfalls and we saw them from every possible point. Seeing them from below is impressive but when you are at the top the feeling is amazing! The route is very easy so I recommend not to pay attention to the guides, they are not necessary.

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