Mirleft pearl of the Moroccan atlantic

Mirleft Moroccan atlantic

Mirleft pearl of the moroccan atlantic


Mirleft Moroccan atlantic: 130kms from Agadir, Mirleft is located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast between the Anti-Atlas foothills and the Atlantic Ocean.  The cliffside town overlooks the ocean. A fort built in the early 20th century overlooks the small town and its main street with its arcades, where small stalls sell local crafts. In the 70s, Mirleft was a popular spot for hippies. Souk day: Monday

What to see and do in Mirleft

Preparing for your Morocco tours also means knowing what to see and do in Mirleft on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Here’s our guide to what to see and do in Mirleft.

Mirleft is a pearl on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, with its beaches, cliffs and small coves of white sand. The view of the ocean from the cliffs is magnificent, especially from Fort Tidli. Built in 1935, this now-abandoned military fort overlooks the ocean and the town.

Mirleft is renowned as an excellent spot for water sports, thanks to its steady wind and rollers. It also attracts lovers of sea fishing. Local fishermen, perched in a precarious balance on the tiny cliff ledges overlooking the tumultuous ocean, stalk dorados, sea bass and bream.

Mirleft is a less touristy seaside resort than Agadir. This charming town will appeal to lovers of calm and the sea. We’ve found you a superb guest house overlooking the wild Tiboujaratine beach.

Excursions around Mirleft:

Mirleft Moroccan atlantic: The coastal road to the south runs along a beautiful little beach just outside Mirleft. On the cliff stands a pretty white mosque with a green-tiled roof, which is a real eye-catcher.

Don’t miss the small fishing village of Gourizim to the north of Mirleft. The boats here are emerald green, not blue. From here, the coastal road is absolutely magnificent, with some wild little beaches between the black rocks.

From Mirleft:

Visit Tiznit, 90kms from Mirleft. A road lined with argan trees winds between the ocean and the slopes of the Atlas Mountains, offering marvellous wild landscapes.

Go to Guelmim, “the gateway to the desert“. The road passes through no towns; only prickly pear trees dot the landscape. In Guilmin, on Saturdays you can attend the camel market, where a few blue djellabas evoke neighboring Mauritania. Picturesque scenes in a friendly atmosphere.

Access & Practical info:

Mirleft Moroccan atlantic: Agadir’s Al Massira airport is 140 km from Mirleft. Shared cabs and buses run regularly, or for easy access to Mirleft, rent a car in Agadir. We’ve got some great places to stay in Mirleft.

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