Day Trip to Paradise Valley from Agadir

Excursion to the Paradise Valley from Agadir

On Excursion to the Paradise Valley from Agadir, palm trees and rocks await you in the landscapes of Paradise Valley. Refresh yourself in its famous natural pools with this fun excursion from Agadir.

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At 8:00 am, departure from your hotel in Agadir. We drive up to Essaouira via Aourir after taking the coastal route. Our road winds through the Atlas Mountains, passing through small Berber villages, palm groves, banana fields and gorges… The Paradise Valley, with its road lined with oleanders, pine groves and streams. In winter, almond trees bloom here. We are deep in the gorge, breathing fresh air filtered by the drops of water from the waterfalls… We will now take a break and refuel with tea and the region’s popular tafernout bread with thyme honey. You will then return to Agadir. We return to Agadir at 16:00 hours.

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Paradise valley
Nice and very complete experience where we were picked up at the closest possible place, a very comfortable micro and where we were taken to the women's association where they make the Argel and all kinds of products. They explain what they do and all the benefits you can get. We arrived at the valley of paradise where the guide accompanies you to a fish spa where you can have a relaxing tea or smothies relaxing with your feet in the river. This excursion is very good and a lot of fun.
Beautiful tour
Great tour of Paradise Valley, definitely recommend it. The driver was great and explained everything. He didn't rush us and let us take our time. The botanical garden was excellent and the ladies working there were very informative about the plants and trees used to make products. You also have the opportunity to buy excellent natural products there. The views and scenery on the way to Paradise Valley were absolutely breathtaking. You must see
Excellent trip
The hotel pick up was on time. The guide was very friendly and helpful, she also drives safely. There was water in the smaller valley, but the bigger one was dry. Beautiful place, definitely recommend visiting. I just know they will stop at the Argana store, and give you a tour and you can buy products, but they are very expensive.

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