Exploring Moroccan style Interiors

Exploring Moroccan style Interiors

Moroccan style Interiors

Exploring Moroccan style Interiors: The astounding interior design of Morocco captivates the majority of tourists who come there. “Fairy-like”, “dreamy” and “charming” are among the terms most often used to describe Moroccan design style. Cherished and widely loved, it is copied internationally. From luxury hotels to celebrity residences, Moroccan interior design has become an essential element in making homes warmer, more comfortable and ideal for intimate gatherings.

Reproducing a Moroccan interior is not very difficult. You can choose a full Moroccan style or a light Moroccan touch with a few well-chosen pieces here and there. It’s all about mixing and matching different Moroccan decor items, following some basic guidelines and trusting your own creativity.

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Here are a few tips to help you add a touch of Moroccan interior design to your home:


This is probably the first thing that fascinates travelers when they visit Morocco. Moroccan interior design is closely linked to the use of color. If you walk into a Moroccan home, chances are you’ll find a good dose of color used in pillow covers, rugs, tiles, curtains and even walls.

There’s no singular rule for mixing colors in the Moroccan design style. However, the deepest reds, oranges, pine greens and blues are the most commonly used. They tend to add comfort and closeness.

Colors are also present in Moroccan exterior architecture, particularly in the ancient Moroccan medinas. Some towns, such as Chefchaouen and Marrakech, have colorful, flower-filled exterior walls, making the visitor’s experience even more dreamy and inspiring.


If you take interior design courses, you’ll learn that lighting is one of the pillars of interior design. Lighting can change the style and mood of any room. That’s why Moroccans love to play with lighting and often invest in high-quality lighting that produces the desired effect.

Moroccans like to use soft, subdued lights in shades of red, orange and yellow. Traditional Moroccan glass chandeliers, colored lanterns and leather candleholders are the elements most often used to create this warm Moroccan ambience.

Subdued lighting accompanied by delicate geometric patterns and reflections on the walls help to make spaces pleasant and intimate.


Have you ever bought a beautiful decorative object for your home and been proud of it… until you see exactly the same decor in your friends’ homes? Well, that rarely happens in Morocco. Most of the decor here is handmade and personalized. No two pieces are exactly alike! Moroccans are very involved in the design process. They choose the materials, style, colors and patterns that make each item unique and 100% personalized. Something to think about as you browse the souks.


Copper lanterns, wooden tables, leather poufs, silk curtains, wool carpets – Moroccans like to invest in good-quality, long-lasting decorative items made from natural materials. It’s even common to pass on objects such as tea sets, carpets and chandeliers from generation to generation. Admittedly, they all cost a little more than their IKEA counterparts, but the effect on your home of a few well-chosen pieces in natural materials will be transformative.


The clearest illustration of how Moroccan design incorporates flora is with riads. Decades ago, when Moroccan women spent most of their time in harems, plants were generously used inside homes to create new green spaces. Now, even with most Moroccan women living modern lifestyles and working outside the home, the tradition continues. The use of plants is still widespread, making home interiors more welcoming and refreshing with their splashes of green. Not to mention how plants help to make the air fresher and cleaner.


Geometric patterns are part of Moroccan heritage. Many handcrafted items, such as hand-painted wooden tables, decorative zellij tiles, stucco-adorned plaster and embroidered pillowcases range from the simple to the incredibly complex. Moroccan artisans have mastered the art of pattern-making, creating stunning pieces that can take weeks, months and even years to complete. The end result can add an artistic touch to any room in your home.

Exploring Moroccan style Interiors: HOME:

Moroccans are famous the world over for their openness and welcome. They love to invite people over for mint tea and Moroccan pastries, and are almost always ready to receive guests. That’s why, in most Moroccan homes, you’ll find a special salon that each family will reserve for a special gathering and surprise guests. Typically, this unique salon is the greatest space in the house. It combines the finest design objects to create a warm, intimate atmosphere and show guests just how much their hosts care about their well-being and comfort. Something to think about when creating your own wish spaces.

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