10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: Morocco is one of North Africa’s richest countries in terms of both natural tourist sites and attractive activities. The country welcomes a large number of tourists every year. They go there to discover some of nature’s wonders and meet Moroccans who are always on the lookout for the slightest distraction. For the most part, they leave happy to have experienced their trip. Each time they return to the city, the experience is new and the towns welcome them differently. It’s only natural to adore a country like this and to feel at home, or as if in a dream. The most sublime beauties are on display before the astonished gaze of visitors. For a unique experience, it’s important to know what you can do when you visit Morocco.

Get up close to camels

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: Camels are animals that specialize in desert travel. In Morocco, they are the primary means of transport in remote areas. They enable man to travel long distances in difficult conditions with a certain degree of comfort. With its two humps, the saddle is balanced so that anyone who rides one of these animals will no longer confuse the camel with the horse.

This animal, rare in some parts of the world, is quite common in the Cherifian kingdom. It’s the reason we’re able to visit certain tourist sites that would normally be inaccessible. It’s a stubborn and very temperamental animal. If you get close to them, you’ll fall in love. They are hardy travelling companions, capable of carrying heavy loads.

It’s quite an event to see this type of animal for the first time. Instead of going to the luxurious Arab regions of the world, it’s better to go to Morocco and enjoy an unforgettable experience. It will make you want to stay in the country to get to know every part of it.

Discover life in the souks

Life on the African continent is full of a thousand colors. The souks offer you the opportunity to take a journey into another world. The souk serves as a store and venue for any agency or structure offering a variety of services. In the souks, you’ll be able to enjoy an unrestrained stroll, seeing new things at every turn and every change of area. These are well-appointed, attractive spaces.

It’s advisable to rely on a local guide for a more sensational stroll. There are certain items and objects that you won’t be able to discover on your own. The guide will be able to direct you according to your interests, and show you the best places to buy any item of your choice. You can even try your hand at haggling with the vendors, to keep yourself entertained and up to date with market trends.

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco

In a souk, technology is also well known, so you don’t have to go out with a lot of money in your pocket. All you need is a qr code to make your purchases in total security. Shopping is the activity that most interests tourists. They always want to go home with souvenirs. If you’re almost at the end of your stay and you haven’t made the rounds of the souks, you’re not going home with the right items. There are some that have a direct link with the land and the various sites visited.


It’s not that we want to enjoy ourselves in out-of-the-ordinary places. You only have to visit certain places to realize that Morocco is just as beautiful as any other country in the world. Everything here is a gift of nature enhanced by man.

The Marjorelle garden

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: is one of these magnificent spaces. When you walk through it, you have the feeling that you’re no longer in a noisy city, but in a monastery. Everything around is beautiful and well cared for. The colors have been carefully chosen and the flowers grow as if a supreme gardener were tending the grounds. Life in the garden is desired. It’s almost perfect tranquility. Everything is in its place.

There’s a museum in the middle of the site, which you might like to visit if you’ve finished marvelling (if possible) at the thousands of plant collections available in this garden. There’s also a cafe offering a few treats, in case you’re with the whole family. It’s also a good time to chat and relax, to relieve the stress accumulated during the trip.

Treat yourself to a horse-drawn carriage ride

If you love the sound of the city of a thousand colors and its architecture, if you’re not too keen on nature, get out and meet others. There are numerous approaches to take while doing this. In any case, you can’t go to Morocco and lock yourself away at home. You won’t have the opportunity to keep to yourself with all this magnificence in your environment.

Carriages are like carriages, but in much more cheerful and lively colors. In these practical means of transport, you can tour all the city’s places of interest. For a fee, the drivers are ready to take you wherever you want to go. If you want to make the most of the view, you’ve made the right choice. Now wait for the sun to set before getting on board.

Playing sports

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: Morocco is a country far removed from the problems associated with the Arab Spring and its aftermath. The king of sports remains soccer, which the locals play and follow. The country boasts some of the biggest clubs on the African continent. Raja de Casablanca is just one of the great soccer teams that ignite a passion for the game among young Moroccans. Most of them are undisputed supporters of one team or another, whether at home or abroad. They also keep up to date with sports news from all continents. This makes them fascinating speakers when it comes to discussing the king of sports and its attributes after a game of soccer. The news they can share with you will be far more topical than yours.

The Tour of Morocco included in the calendar of the International Cycling Union proves that the country is not just rooted in the sport. It is also home to many other sporting activities, such as athletics and cycling. These are disciplines that make the country’s sportsmen and women strong contenders on the international stage.


10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: Morocco’s coastline is ideal for water sports. The aquatic environment is quite diverse, with favorable conditions for surfing and many other similar disciplines on the beach. The seashore is quite dangerous, with violent waves. For this reason, beaches are carefully supervised to prevent drowning and other accidents. But these conditions only make surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing easier.

In Morocco, there are also tennis courts where you can enjoy an exciting sport among yourselves. This is your chance to work up a sweat and get back into shape. Bills for paid activities can be paid in this technologically advanced country if your device has a qr code generator. Transactions become easier. In Morocco, there’s no need to carry around pockets full of cash.


10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: Tourism in Morocco is concentrating on the most remote areas. All you have to do is devote your day to a walk in the most picturesque areas of the beautiful Toubkal region. No matter how you get there – on foot, on horseback or on your bike – you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery all around you. Nature comes to meet you and offers you the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever seen. It’s a special adventure that won’t leave you hungry for more. Everything you desire will be right before your eyes. The different mountains of the Atlas Mountains are open to you for a deeper and more scrupulous discovery.

Most of the time, you’ll need to be accompanied by a guide. He’s a rather singular character who can tell you fascinating stories about the region you’re about to explore. It’s very risky to venture into the mountains without an official guide. It could lead to unfortunate events. To ensure that your trip is a pleasant experience without any unfortunate incidents, it’s best to rely on a guide. There are many different kinds of guides, but the most recommended are official guides, because they have the necessary qualifications and have completed the appropriate training.

Skiing if possible

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: Downhill skiing is possible in Morocco. It’s true that it rarely snows, and that depends on the kindness of the skies. But skiing in Morocco has a completely different flavour. It’s like crossing two worlds at once. Morocco presents you with warm beaches and at the same time comes to you with snow for skiing. All the equipment you need is at your fingertips, with qualified staff on hand to make the final adjustments and ensure that everything goes smoothly on the slopes.

Oukaïmeden, south of Marrakech, is home to Africa’s highest ski resort. Here you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the sport of heights and descents, so beloved by visitors from other continents. Good news, then, for downhill skiing enthusiasts. You’ll have the opportunity to have fun with friends and discover some of the most beautiful landscapes with white flakes all around you. It’s a pretty sight. If you have the opportunity to go there in rare snowy weather, don’t hesitate to do so, if only to contemplate the beauty of the show in this part of the world.

Morocco Day trip

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco: For this type of trip, we offer you the chance to take a day trip to one of the country’s unforgettable sites. For example, you can visit the Agafay Desert with its unique landscape, or the Atlas Mountains.

In this case, the company you have chosen provides the transport. You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Marrakech at 9 a.m. and brought back at dusk. On the way, you’ll pass through villages with many things to discover. Among other villages, you’ll see Imlil and Amizmiz. The latter is a meeting point for the region’s Berber villages. You’ll get up close and personal with a people from the depths of Morocco, with their culture, way of life and way of operating. This is how you’ll end up sitting down to dinner in specially prepared tents. The magic of the place will leave you breathless.

Multi-day excursion

You may leave your hotel for several days in the far reaches of the Cherifian kingdom. The trip can be made to a given site, to discover more about the others, and to mingle with all the tourists interested in the same site as you, as well as the locals. You’ll be living the dream the whole way.

For those who have never had the opportunity to see the desert, a three-day Desert Safari to Merzouga should do the trick. The best option is that you don’t go alone, but with a number of tourists who have made the same choice as you. All you can expect is an unforgettable desert trip. You’ll enjoy traversing the arid space of the Sahara in search of the depths of the country.

The tour generally starts in the morning and ends three days later. After registering, the various participants meet up in a shared means of transport. On the menu is a typical Moroccan dinner with Moroccan culinary specialities. Each participant is free to specify his or her type of meal when booking. Certain tourist sites will be visited. During the night at the inn or in the Berber tents, there will also be a magnificent view of the valley and its aesthetic and practical riches.

Go to the beach

Given the strength of the waves on Morocco’s coasts, the authorities have set aside spaces on certain beaches to enable tourists to enjoy the various towns and their coastal potential.

Morocco’s beaches are well-maintained areas offering a different kind of beach experience. Activities are organized all the time, and cleanliness is a must. Everyone enjoys themselves here, and both people and property are kept safe. It’s quite interesting to walk on a beach, even more so when it’s a Moroccan beach.

10 things to do on a holiday in Morocco

Essaouira Beach is one of those places that tourists visiting Morocco must visit if they want to relax their nerves or get a tan. The sea air and the sea are close to users, offering them unrivalled seaside comfort. The town itself is a complete tourist attraction that a day trip would be unable to discover. The beach adds a little splendor to the mix. It’s often best to get there on a full-day excursion.

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