11 Must-do things in Nador, Morocco

11 must-do things in Nador, Morocco

Nador – Mediterranean city, located in northeastern Morocco, in the Eastern Rif region. Nador is not yet a major tourist destination, although its airport is the largest and most important in the region. Its economy is also mainly based on fishing and aquaculture, even before tourism or other sectors. In this town, you’ll find magnificent beaches bordered by azure waters and superb places to relax! You can also visit one of the many local restaurants to sample the local cuisine. But that’s not all. Nador is also a city full of attractions, both modern and historic. And if you stray a little from the city center, you can even go hiking in the nearby mountains.

Would you like to discover the wonders of the city while visiting Nador? Here we present 11 must-do things to do in Nador!

1. Nador Lagoon

Nador Lagoon, also known as Mar Chica, is a lagoon on Nador’s Mediterranean coast. It is virtually isolated from the sea by its very small opening and has an area of almost 115 km.

It’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re wondering what to do in Nador. You’ll find beautiful beaches and plenty of hiking opportunities. They take place in the lagoon, as well as on the heights surrounding it.

2. Trekking to Gurugu

Mount Gurugu, located near the Nador lagoon, belongs to the eastern reef. With a fairly low peak, culminating at 800 meters above sea level, it’s a protected but popular site for hiking.

There are several hiking trails starting from Nador, as well as from neighboring towns. You can admire the incredible biodiversity of this area, particularly between March and June when the vegetation is rich. It’s not unusual to find aromatic plants such as thyme, mint and rosemary. Once at the summit, don’t hesitate to take some superb photos of the mountain and its surroundings! You’ll see the view is breathtaking.

3. Kasbah De Seluan

Want to know what to do in Nador to appreciate the historical value of this place? Kasbah De Selouane is the place to go! This is an ancient fortification located in the province of Nador, more precisely in Seluan. It dates back to the 17th century and was built during the reign of Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif, the Alawite sultan.

Take a stroll through the city streets inside the ramparts. Along the way, you’ll see numerous stone buildings built centuries ago, as well as a number of ruins. A real step back in time awaits you! This is definitely a place to see when you decide to visit Nador.

4. Santiago el Mayor Church

Do you like churches? The Church of Santiago el Mayor is one of the city’s few Christian monuments. It was built in the 20th century with eclectic architecture, mixing several styles.

You can see its nave and various false chapels built to give the impression of grandeur. What’s more, once inside, you can admire the antique furniture decorating the room. There are also numerous religious elements such as paintings and frescoes.

5. Cap Three Forks or Cap Tres Forcas

Not sure what to do in and around Nador? Why not take a walk to Cap Tres Forcas? It’s 25 km from the city center and can be reached by rental car in Nador.

This little-frequented tourist spot promises a moment of tranquillity away from the crowds. It’s a very wild place, popular for camping during the best months of the year. There are a few small local villages, but no hotels in the area. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers! And for those who want to take a step back from their current lifestyles, it’s a great place too.

6. Nador’s bazaars

As in every Moroccan city, Nador boasts some magnificent and highly diversified bazaars that are well worth a visit. Admittedly, they’re not as big as the bazaars in Marrakech, but they’re still worth a visit! The most popular are the Oulad-Mimun and Al-Mureqeb bazaars.

A must for anyone visiting Nador! You’ll find an explosion of tastes, smells and colors here. Stroll through the bustling streets of the souks and discover the local spices, dishes and crafts.

7. Corniche de Nador

The Corniche de Nador is a platform along the city’s lagoon. Here, you can take a stroll and enjoy the sea view! The best time is early evening, when the city lights are reflected in the water. Of course, Cornwall has much more to offer. You’ll be able to find plenty of shops as well as restaurants where you’ll have the opportunity to sample the best local dishes.

8. Ifri N’Ammar cave

The Ifri N’Ammar cave, on the outskirts of town, is a must-see if you want to visit Nador. It’s a cave containing numerous testimonies to the Paleolithic era. With its wall paintings and relics, it’s the ideal place for archaeology enthusiasts and the curious!

9. Jebel Oischain

Jebel Oischain, near Nador, rises to an altitude of 674 meters. It’s an ideal place for hiking and camping. A little like Gurugu, but less well known, this mountain is rich in biodiversity. You can admire the flora and fauna and pick fragrant herbs. However, what remains most impressive is the panoramic view over the region. It will make superbes photos !

10. Ras El Ma beach

Ras El Ma, also known as Cap de l’Eau, is a small town in the province of Nador. Quieter than the city of Nador, but very close to it, Ras El Ma boasts superb beaches. The advantage is that few tourists visit the area. So you can lie back in peace on the sand or enjoy walks along the cliffs bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

11. What else to see in Nador

Wondering what else to do in Nador, in addition to the attractions listed above? Then here are a few ideas for visits and events in or around the city:

– Enjoy the red beach;

– Visit the town of Atalayun;

– Stroll along the Caryat Arkmane beach;

– Quad biking on Bokerones beach;

– Take a boat trip on the Nador lagoon.

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