12 day trips from Marrakech

12 day trips from Marrakech

12 day trips from Marrakech

12 day trips from Marrakech: Get away from the hustle and bustle and sweltering heat of the Red City. Discover 12 day trips from Marrakech.

From Jamaâ el-Fna square to the Saadian tombs, palaces, and dazzling gardens, Marrakech is already a feast for the senses. However, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its sometimes tourist-inundated neighborhoods opens the door to other splendid discoveries. Taking a break just a few kilometers from Marrakech brings you into contact with breathtaking wilderness and villages that have lost none of their authenticity.

Thirty minutes to just over two hours is all it takes. Before setting off, take a look at the weather forecast to ensure good conditions on the mountain roads. While there are a few bus routes serving certain destinations, the safest and easiest way is to take a tour organized by a tourist agency. What’s more, you’ll be guaranteed the company of a real guide.

1. Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate is probably one of the most popular day trips from Marrakech. Indeed, this jewel is considered “the gateway to the Atlas Mountains”. It’s the perfect starting point for a camel ride through the High Atlas.

But Ouarzazate is also a film location. Visit Studios Atlas, the well-known movie studios from the 1990s and 2000s, to learn more about this aspect of the city. Masterpieces such as The Mummy, Gladiator, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra and Games of Thrones have all shot scenes in Moroccan heights.

Finally, end your visit with a more authentic Ouarzazate, with a stroll through the souks. Between stalls of spices and handicrafts, you can immortalize your visit with a little souvenir.

2. Essaouira

Essaouira is a major trading port. And has been since the Middle Ages. It’s also a city of cosmopolitan inspiration, as many different peoples have lived harmoniously within its walls. Take a stroll through the narrow streets, souks, and waterfront to discover this rich past.

And before returning to the port for sunset, you could also visit the women’s argan oil cooperatives. Located just a few kilometers from Essaouira, a visit will enable you to meet the women who perpetuate this tradition.

3. The Berber villages of Arempt, Imlil and Ouirgane

A day trip from Marrakech to a number of Berber villages offers a unique and profound insight into the country. Visit the villages of Arempt, Imlil, and Ouirgane in the Atlas Mountains. These mountain hamlets are still untouched by tourism and deeply rooted in tradition.

You’ll breathe pure air, very different from that of the Red City, embraced by the peaks. The village of Imlil is the best known. Surrounded by chocolate-colored hills and resembling a mosaic of small pink cubes, it’s the starting point for hikes up Mount Toubkal.

4. Ouzoud Waterfalls

This long excursion from Marrakech through the Middle Atlas finally leads to one of the most spectacular spots in the Moroccan mountains. The hundred-and-ten-metre-high Ouzoud waterfalls roar through a densely vegetated natural setting. You’re sure to be visited by some curious inhabitants: monkeys (a little too used to visitors’ food…).

What’s more, the path leading up to the remarkable falls is littered with pools, small streams, and breathtaking panoramas. And let’s not forget the little traders’ gargotes and the Argan oil factory.

5. Aït Oucheg Valley

Although the Ourika Valley overshadows the Aït Oucheg Valley, the latter is definitely worth a visit. Especially if you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary excursion from Marrakech. This glowing Garden of Eden is a blessed land for trekking enthusiasts. Along the way, villagers on donkeys will be happy to walk a few meters alongside you. A kaleidoscope of small streams and refreshing waterfalls will also accompany you.

6. The Kik Plateau

Day trips from Marrakech to the southwest are plentiful. On the way to Lake Lalla Takerkoust, to the Berber villages at the foot of Mount Toubkal, or even on a visit in its own right, the Kik landscapes are a marvel. This plateau, topped by the snow-capped High Atlas range, lies just above the village of Asni. This Berber village, set in a spectacular cirque, is also well worth a visit.

Let yourself be charmed by the welcome of its farmers, who, despite their harsh living conditions, will be delighted to offer you a mint tea. Then take a stroll along the dreamy curves of the Kik Plateau. While its limestone topography, sandwiched by a few rivers, is a fabulous playground for walkers, it’s also a favorite spot for paragliders.

7. Oukaïmeden rock engravings

Oukaïmeden is first and foremost one of the country’s most famous ski resorts. Ideal for an excursion from Marrakech if you’re looking for the ultimate snow experience in Morocco. Perched at an altitude of 3,000 meters, the Oukaïmeden resort can also be visited in fine weather. It’s a paradise for trekking and nature-watching enthusiasts.

In the heart of the site, don’t miss the enigmatic rock engravings that bear witness to the passage of nomadic peoples. Have fun guessing the animals engraved in the smooth sandstone.

8. The Zat Valley and the village of Tighdouine

If you’re looking for an excursion from Marrakech that’s off the beaten track, take the road to the Zat Valley. In the High Atlas, it winds its way past adorable Berber villages that you’ll fall in love with in a split second. The hospitality of the locals is unstinting. The landscapes are breathtaking, far from what you’d imagine Morocco to be. Palm trees, flowerbeds sprinkled with low-growing vegetation, and verdant settings follow one another along confidential paths.

The highlight of your day will probably be a visit to Tighdouine. Its traditional souk is a delight for the senses. It’s also the starting point for a hike to the seven springs. A natural place where healing waters flow.

9. The Agafay Desert

12 day trips from Marrakech: An unmissable day trip from Marrakech: a trip into the desert. Admittedly, it’s not the Sahara. But the Agafay Desert is a true natural gem. No sand here, but a rocky desert, cut into golden and white dunes. The colors and optical effects are incredible.

As is the permanent backdrop: the immaculate peaks of the Atlas Mountains. This enchanted oasis, where the wadi meanders, is also the guardian of rare flora and fauna. In this austere yet fascinating natural setting, a few Berbers live in harmony with the elements.

10. Ourika Valley

The Ourika Valley is one of the best preserved in Morocco. It’s a top destination for those who want a taste of Atlas’ geography. Dotted with Berber tribes, the Ourika takes you from bend to bend in an authentic, green walk.

On this day trip from Marrakech, take the time to stop off in the popular adobe hamlets. Their commercial centers, their crafts, their crumbling old walls: they’re brimming with charm and tradition. Along the winding roads, the landscape unfolds in lush vegetation. A dense natural environment occasionally gives way to minarets, mineral merchants, and market gardens.

Follow the river, climb to higher altitudes, and hike in the mountains – it’s a far cry from the tourist capital.

11. Lalla Takerkoust village and lake

Before Lalla Takerkoust was a village licked by a magnificent lake, it was home to a mosque and the mausoleum of the woman of the same name. A Koranic figure celebrated for her kindness and fertility powers. As soon as you arrive, the azure of the lake in which the Atlas dances is obvious. The panorama is magical, perfect for a day in exile, far from the hustle and bustle and heat of Marrakech. Hotels and restaurants dot the shores, offering moments of relaxation and idleness.

But some of you will prefer to plant your towel directly on the lakeside beach. The more adventurous can opt for a donkey ride, a quad, a buggy or even a trek around the water’s edge.

12. The Desert of the Jbilets

12 day trips from Marrakech: North of the Red City, the Jbilets Desert is a well-kept secret among Marrakchis. Its lunar setting, crowned by the Atlas Mountains, offers a wealth of activities. Its rugged hills are not sandy but made up of stones of extraordinary geology. The folds, faults, and crevasses guarantee unparalleled thrills on quad bikes or buggies. Photography enthusiasts will also be delighted by the ochre-colored palette and the sometimes phantasmagorical shapes of the rocks.

On this excursion from Marrakech, you can enjoy the unusual experience of a sunrise hot-air balloon flight over a stony desert.

The 6 best villa rentals in Marrakech

Looking for a relaxing sun destination just three hours from France? Don’t hesitate: fly to the famous city of Marrakech! The city of Ochre is a place of history, romance, and adventure. Ideal for lovers of travel and the Orient! For an exceptional stay, discover our selection of 6 villa rentals in Marrakech.

Villa des Roses

Looking for a vacation in Marrakech where you can get together with friends and spend some timeless moments? Then Villa des Roses is for you! This sumptuous building is reminiscent of the Arab palaces of yesteryear, with their 1001 meeting places. Inside and out, everything has been designed to enable you to meet and share rejuvenating moments with family and friends.

How about sipping cocktails with your feet in the water? The magnificent lagoon-blue swimming pool is the perfect place to spend a relaxing moment, totally out of time. The Moroccan sun is just waiting for you! This incredible villa has retained a traditional Moroccan style, ideal for spending fabulous, intimate moments together.

Villa Sabrine

12 day trips from Marrakech: It’s no secret that Morocco is renowned for its extraordinary hospitality. This villa is proof of that! Featuring five large sofas in a huge furnished room, its living room leaves no one indifferent. Imagine yourselves gathered in this bright room, enjoying the last rays of sunshine in the Ville d’Ocre over a traditional Moroccan dish.

Is Morocco synonymous with hospitality, reunions, and convivial moments? Opt for this fabulous villa, ideal for recreating the atmosphere of traditional Moroccan banquets. Rest assured: the exterior is just as incredible!

Beautifully decorated and meticulously maintained, you’ll be surrounded by palms and southern trees. All around a lagoon-colored swimming pool. Ideal for cooling off in the Moroccan heat! Would you like to rent a villa in Marrakech, in honor of the famous Moroccan hospitality? Don’t wait any longer!

Villa Dar Giulia

Looking for a villa that’s both modern and traditional? Villa Dar Giulia is for you! This incredible residence plays with tradition and time. The interior combines modernity with traditional Moroccan decor. A real feat! For a refreshing change of scenery, Dar Giulia is the place to be. Marrakech as you’ve never seen it before!

Its huge rooms, magnificent garden with a swimming pool, and ochre colors are undeniably reminiscent of the City of Ochre. Yet the interplay of modern colors and shapes takes guests on a journey from traditional Morocco to the modern kingdom of the Orient. Staying in the Moroccan kingdom without feeling totally out of place? It’s possible, with this villa rental in Marrakech!

With six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and three dining rooms, it’s a breath of fresh air between traditional and modern Marrakech. For a first stay in the Maghreb, this is an ideal villa.

Chahar Mahal Palace

12 day trips from Marrakech: Want to live the life of a Moroccan crown prince? Palais Chahar Mahal is the place to be. The palace, in the color of the City of Ochre, has huge rooms and three common areas, reminiscent of traditional buildings. But don’t be fooled: the real marvel of the Chahar Mahal is its garden.

For nature lovers, this palace is the ideal place to stay. Its incredible exterior is ideal for meditative strolls and contemplation. Imagine walking across its lovely walkway over the water one evening, inhaling the sweet fragrance of its flowers… to end up with your feet in the water in the magnificent pool, beautifully lit at night!

The palace is ideally located, on the way to the Ourika Valley. From the Chahar Mahal garden, you can see the Moroccan High Atlas in the distance. For hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, don’t hesitate: fly to this sumptuous villa in the Ville d’Ocre!

Villa Amelkis One

Would you like to fly away to a truly modern Riyad, right on the doorstep of Marrakech’s famous Amelkis Golf Club? This villa is just waiting for you! Reminiscent of a traditional Riyad, the building’s colorful design makes a modern statement. White, red, black: the Villa Amelkis gives the impression of being in a renowned hotel in the heart of Marrakech.

What’s more? Its proximity to the Amelkis Golf Course. For sports lovers, this villa has it all. One last argument to convince you? The Golf d’Amelkis offers breathtaking views of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains!

Chez Sybille

12 day trips from Marrakech: Live in a luxurious Moroccan oasis for the duration of your trip? It’s possible with this magnificent villa rental in Marrakech. The exterior of the villa has the air of a traditional olive grove. Set in the heart of a vast estate planted with palm and olive trees, the residence is reminiscent of the Morocco of yesteryear.

Don’t let its garden and traditional Marrakech ochre color fool you: the villa is extremely modern. It boasts a communal area with a jacuzzi, massage room, and hammam. The recreational area even includes a pool table! Needless to say, our oasis also boasts a fully-equipped private swimming pool. All the ingredients for a luxurious vacation in a serene, traditional setting.

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