15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco

15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco

15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco

15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: Legzira is without doubt the most beautiful beach in Morocco. It’s precisely the combination of fine sand, fascinating rock formations and breathtaking ocean views that make this beach an absolute highlight of any trip to Morocco. Explore the magnificent surroundings with a stroll or a swim, and take time to soak up this unique corner of the world.

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Which beach to choose on a Morocco Tours?

1. Legzira Beach

Legzira will take your breath away. Here, golden sandy beaches and the immensity of the Atlantic await you, along with an unforgettable panorama of fantastic ochre cliffs. Stroll beneath the immense natural arches formed by the sea in the cliffs. Listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and let yourself be enchanted by this exceptional environment where 8 km of sandy beach await your discovery. Take the opportunity to swim, stroll or simply relax at Legzira.

Taghazout Beach

Taghazout beach is considered by surfers and water sports enthusiasts to be the absolute highlight of the Moroccan coast. Situated just 20 km from Agadir, the beach boasts fine golden sand and fantastic waves. And even if you don’t want to surf, it’s well worth the visit. At Taghazout, you’ll find plenty of space to relax on the sand, cool off in the water or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings while watching the professionals surf. What’s more, not far from the beach, you’ll find some of the best fish restaurants in the country.

Essaouira Beach

Essaouira is a place that never ceases to attract Moroccan travelers. The historic old town, picturesque port and fascinating architecture of the coastal city are not the only things that enthrall visitors. Essaouira’s beach is also very special. Sports enthusiasts in particular appreciate the strong winds of the Atlantic coast. In fact, few beaches in Morocco lend themselves as well to windsurfing or kitesurfing as Essaouira. If you don’t do windsurfing or kitesurfing, cool off in the Atlantic or explore the beach promenade on a camel ride.

Oualidia Beach

Those wishing to combine beach and gastronomy on their trip to Morocco should visit the spa town of Oualidia. In addition to the almost 3 km of white sandy beach, you’ll find the best oysters in the country. Spend an unforgettable day by the sea, swimming in the azure blue waters, trying out the various water sports on offer or taking a relaxing stroll along the beach. Then recharge your batteries in one of Oualidia’s fantastic fish restaurants.

Dalia Beach

One of Morocco’s undisputed dream beaches. Located between Tangier and Ceuta, it is lined with fine white sand and crystal-clear water. Enjoy the breathtaking ocean views and let the unique contrast between sand, sea and green hills work their magic on you. Find the perfect spot to sunbathe and relax, or cool off with a swim and a snorkel. If you’ve had enough of the shallow water, you can also explore Dalia’s charming beach by taking long walks.

Martil Beach

Located not far from Tetuán, Martil beach promises an unforgettable seaside vacation. The crystal-clear blue waters, fine sand and unique environment are already an indescribable sight. Here, all the comforts you need are provided by parasols and deckchairs that you can rent right on the beach. The vacation atmosphere and relaxation are guaranteed. For those who want to be active in the water, you can easily find the right equipment on Martil beach. And after your day on the water, there are still plenty of restaurants, bars and small villages to discover in the immediate vicinity.

M’Diq Beach

M’Diq beach in Rincón attracts many locals and travellers, especially during the summer months. The turquoise waters and clean stretch of sand offer the ideal combination for relaxing in peace and quiet. And even those who want to be active during their seaside vacation are in the right place. Here, you can snorkel and practice a variety of water sports. In the evening, the beach lends itself to long walks during which you can watch the local fishermen.

Saïdia Beach

Saïdia beach is considered the pearl of the Mediterranean, and for good reason. Not far from Uchda, in the north-east of the country, 14 km of splendid coastline await you. A visit here combines the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean with the fascinating culture of Morocco, while also offering breathtaking panoramic views. Whether it’s a boat or catamaran trip, a swim or a stroll, a seaside vacation in Saidia guarantees unforgettable experiences. Families with children in particular will find plenty to do here.

Imsouane beach

Here, Morocco offers a dream natural beach with a breathtaking view of the sea. Situated just 70 km from Agadir, Imsouane boasts fantastic scenery and ideal conditions for windsurfing. Rent the necessary equipment from one of the local surf schools and show off your surfing skills in the picturesque bay. Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to discover the fabulous Moroccan cuisine in one of the typical restaurants and learn more about the country and its people.

Quemado Beach

The sandy beach of Quemado in Al Hoceima is another Moroccan gem. Nestled in a picturesque bay, its turquoise waters, fine sand and incomparable scenery are sure to please. Whether you simply want to sunbathe, relax, swim or dive : Quemado is well worth a visit. What’s more, you can easily sample the country’s countless delicacies in the various restaurants located close to the beach, before setting off on new adventures such as visiting the region’s 200-plus caves or the fantastic Al Hoceima National Park.

Sidi Bouzid Beach

Not far from El Yadida, Sidi Bouzid beach attracts sea lovers. Fine white sand, crystal-clear water and fantastic ocean views make this beach one of the highlights of every Moroccan seaside holiday. Here, you can relax, cool off in the clean water, dive, snorkel or surf, but that’s not all! A visit to Sidi Bouzid is also an opportunity to take long walks along the coast or ride a horse directly on the beach. What’s more, this lively coastal town boasts a host of local restaurants.

Dragon Island

The Sahara also seduces with its unique beaches. Thanks to its constant temperatures of around 25°C and optimal conditions for water sports, Dragon Island, not far from Dakhla, attracts visitors all year round. Faced with a panorama of immense sand dunes, surfers in particular appreciate the giant waves. But it’s also well worth a visit to stroll, relax or simply admire the fascinating scenery. And don’t miss the many restaurants in the area where you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood dishes in Moroccan style.

Oued Laou Beach

From the very first glance, Oued Laou immerses visitors in a vacation atmosphere. A vast beach surrounded by picturesque hills and views of the deep blue sea invite you to relax and enjoy. Located just 40 km from Tetuán, fine sand, clean water and plenty of peace and quiet await you here. It’s the ideal place to soak up the sun, swim or stroll along the beach. For those wishing to sample typical Moroccan dishes, Oued Laou also offers a fantastic choice of restaurants, bars and small boutiques.

Kaf lahmam

Fine sand and craggy rocks create an impressive backdrop at Kaf Lahmam, not far from Arcila. To reach this dream beach, you first have to hike through the green hills or ride a mule. Only then can you enjoy the fantastic view of the ocean and the seemingly endless sandy beach. You can swim at Kaf Lahmam, relax in the shade of the parasols on offer or explore the surrounding area on a camel ride. Finally, round off your day with one of Morocco’s most spectacular sunsets.

Tamuda Bay

Not far from Tangier, Tamuda Bay is a fantastic spot on the Mediterranean coast. Crystal-clear water, a magnificent sandy beach and a striking contrast with the green hills will enchant you. Indeed, this seaside resort offers a multitude of leisure activities and optimal conditions for swimming and sunbathing, with the Rif mountains as a backdrop. You can also explore Morocco’s underwater world by snorkeling, or take an unforgettable horseback ride right on the beach.

Why visit Marrakech?

In no other Moroccan city is the magic of the Orient as alive as it is here. The historic atmosphere can be felt around every corner and has inspired many poets and artists. Sumptuous palaces, bustling markets, hidden gardens and luxurious riads: this city has a lot to offer in a small space. Lose yourself in the winding alleyways, relax in one of the many hammams and sip a refreshing mint tea while listening to the call of the muezzin echoing over the rooftops. Marrakech is an experience for all the senses.

What to visit in Marrakech


Simply divine blue! The magic of color awaits you in this jewel. The brilliant blue is particularly famous. You’ll often see it on pavilions, fountains and vases – don’t forget to take photos! Painter Jacques Majorelle opened this haven of peace to the public in 1947. After his death, the garden was abandoned for several years, until Yves Saint Laurent bought it and set about restoring it. Take a stroll and admire the fascinating interplay of light and shadow.

2. 15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: PLACE JEMAA EL-FNA

“You’ll hear many legends about the origin of this square’s name. What is certain is that this place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, has for centuries been a meeting place and a place of exchange. Previously, caravans would halt here to sell their wares.. Today, you’ll smell fresh orange juice in the morning and eat al fresco in the evening. You’ll also meet storytellers, snake charmers and fortune-tellers…

3. 15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: SOUKS OF THE MEDINA

Marrakech is a shopper’s paradise. The best places for this are the vast souks of the old town. A visit to the bazaar is a must on any stay in Marrakech. There are hundreds of specialized souks, whether for brightly-colored leather babouches, wool, lamps, spices, silk scarves or furniture – the list is endless. That’s why we recommend a local guide who knows the best merchants. Don’t forget to haggle: it’s the local sport!

4. 15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: BEN YOUSSEF MEDERSA

A place of contemplation and meditation, this 14th-century Koranic school seems far removed from the hustle and bustle of the medina. In the inner courtyard, the symmetry impresses visitors. The arabesques and ornamentation typical of Islamic art are here at their finest. Let your gaze wander over the cedar wood carvings and admire the beautifully calligraphed suras from the Koran on the walls.

5. 15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: DAR SI SAÏD

This palace is a worthy representative of Moorish architecture. Sit for a while in one of the lush gardens of the inner courtyards, listen to the birds and admire the colorful wall decorations. You may even be greeted by one of the palace cats. The building houses Morocco’s most important museum, focusing on Berber craftsmanship. Here you can discover the culture and way of life of this nomadic people.

Why visit Rabat?

Morocco is brimming with oriental traditions and rituals. Rabat, the kingdom’s capital, attracts visitors with its sumptuous squares, majestic gardens, tombs and old town. What’s more, here in northwest Morocco, music plays a central role. So you’ll often hear joyful sounds and rhythms punctuating the day. To visit Rabat is to discover a charming city, where treasures of the past and modern buildings form a successful whole.

What to visit in Rabat


The Oudayas fortress is a “city within a city” located at the mouth of the Bouregreg river. Since the 12th century, this strategically placed castle has played host to Arab tribes, Andalusian immigrants and some of Morocco’s most powerful sultans. The imposing entrance, with its long staircase, will transport you back in time. The interior of the kasbah is equally impressive. Stroll the winding streets, visit Rabat’s oldest mosque, one of the magnificent gardens or one of the fascinating museums. A must-see on your Rabat vacation!


The 44-metre-high Hassan Tower is the minaret of an unfinished mosque that was to be built in the 12th century to become the second largest in the world. The vast marble floor and columns beside the tower indicate that the planned dimensions were monumental. The exterior of the minaret features magnificent Islamic calligraphy. The interior was fitted with ramps rather than staircases, allowing animals to be used to transport building materials. The unfinished tower stands in stark contrast to the sumptuous and complete mausoleum next door, built in honor of the late King Mohammed V. Both sites are well worth a visit.


In the middle of the kasbah, you’ll find a small oasis of greenery. Between the limestone and cobbled streets, you can explore the carefully landscaped Andalusian garden. The paths are lined with red hibiscus, hedges, palms, date palms and vines. The garden is part of the former palace estate, where you’ll also find a museum. The park is an ideal place to relax. Enjoy the fragrant flowers of oleanders, orange, lemon and banana trees.

4. 15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: CHELLAH

Morocco is not just about picturesque mountain ranges, sand dunes and excellent cuisine. The country also boasts ancient sites that are well worth a visit. The ruins of the ancient Roman city of Sala Colonia (known as Chellah) are a perfect example. Unlike Rabat, Chellah’s stones are not painted blue and white. Even though the ruins date back centuries, many ancient sculptures can still be admired. What’s more, the decorative arches and tiles have remained intact. What’s more, this peaceful environment, with its extensive gardens and water springs, has become an ideal breeding ground for storks.

5. 15 most beautiful beaches in Moroccco: MÉCHOUAR

The Méchouar is the square in front of Rabat’s royal palace, where you can relax and admire the building. The palace was built in 1864 and is the principal residence of the King of Morocco. Place du Méchouar is also used for public meetings and festivals. The royal guards, who watch over the palace, are said to be much friendlier and more helpful than their English counterparts.

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