25 things to do on Morocco tours

25 things to do on a Morocco tours

25 things to do on Morocco tours

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Morocco is a multifaceted North African country. This Arab country is full of hidden treasures and tourist attractions that will make your stay a joy. Visiting Morocco is a great idea that you’re sure to enjoy. While there are many things to see and do, we’ve put together a list of those that are well worth the effort. It’s up to you to make the most of every moment of your stay. That said, in the rest of this article, discover 25 ideas for activities to do during a trip to Morocco. Read on!

25- Visit Oasiria

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Your stay in Morocco will take you to spend some quality time in the incredible Oasiria park in Marrakech. This 10-hectare leisure park was opened in July 2005. Oasiria is home to a myriad of water attractions, including a wave pool, Rio Tranquille and Toboggans. The park also boasts a fitness room for getting back into shape.

And that’s not all: Oasiria is also home to a number of green spaces for relaxing outdoor activities. Garden lovers will also find plenty to do. There are also a variety of flowers and trees to provide shade. Oasiria offers a wonderful walk to all its visitors. And if you’re feeling hungry, just choose one of the park’s 5 restaurants for a tasty meal.

24- Stroll through Marrakech’s thrilling palm grove

During your stay in Morocco, a stroll through the palm grove is a good idea. This area of vegetation covers 15,000 hectares and was created in the 11th century by Sultan Youssef Ben Tachfine. Discover no fewer than 100,000 palm trees, the source of palm oil, palm wine and, above all, dates. From these palm trees, wood is also extracted for a variety of uses.

So, are you seduced by this fabulous ecosystem? There are many ways to discover it. You can discover this historic Moroccan natural heritage by car or camel. But you can also enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or on a quad bike. Many hotels have been built in the vicinity of the palm grove. You can also stop off for a cup of tea.

23- Visit Fès and its cultural events

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Located in the south of Morocco, Fès is a city founded in 789 that traces the country’s history. The Athens of Africa has become one of the country’s leading tourist attractions. Indeed, if you want to discover Moroccan culture, this is the place to go. Many tourists attest to the charm of the various cultural events held here. These include the Fez Festival of Sufi Culture, which takes place every October.

It’s an artistic event in the sense that it allows visitors to discover Sufi art through cinema, painting and architecture. It’s also an opportunity to take part in invocations within various brotherhoods. Fès is also appreciated for its rich heritage. Explore its castles, mosques, legendary gates and souks. And don’t forget to stroll its lively streets.

22- Visit the famous village of Tafraoute

It’s impossible to talk about Morocco without mentioning the main towns of the Anti-Atlas and the cradle of Amazigh culture. Located south-east of Agadir, Tafraoute, meaning “which hides between the mountains”, is known for its peaceful valley and sublime landscape. Here, a handful of villagers live in pink houses blending with the pink of the granite rocks. It’s one of the few places where you can experience pink twilight.

Indeed, visiting this village is like discovering a landscape made up of color palettes. With their pink-tinted peaks, the mountains offer a unique panorama. Tafraoute also offers a marvellous display of color from the vegetation in spring. Throughout your visit, admire orchards of almond, argan and even olive trees. Marvel at the colors of these flowers while hiking or paragliding.

21- Wonderful hiking in Zagora

25 things to do on Morocco tours: In the south of Morocco, there’s another town that should be a must on your trip. This is Zagora, a town that is ideal for numerous hikes to the oases of the Draa Valley. Zagora is also the ideal base for excursions into the Sahara desert. Dromedaries and 4X4 cars are the perfect vehicles for this. However, while there are plenty of hiking trails to discover Zagora, this one may be just what you’re looking for.

Indeed, a hike from the south-east of the town has a few surprises in store. The route leads, of course, up the slopes of Djebel Zagora. This is a magnificent spot from which to watch the breathtaking sunrise. It’s also a great vantage point from which to enjoy a panoramic view of Zagora and the surrounding area.

20- Discover Tamegroute pottery

20 kilometers from Zagora lies the town of Tamegroute. Like its neighbor, Tamegroute is home to a vast expanse of green vegetation. Famous for its pottery, the town is well worth a visit. What makes it so special is the pottery that is made here. It’s an age-old craft that’s still very much in vogue. And while it’s not the only region in Morocco to practice pottery, it’s still the one with a style all its own.

 So it’s easy to distinguish Tamegroute’s creations from those of other potteries. Indeed, Tamegroute pottery features green or brown glazes, depending on the potter. Move from workshop to workshop and observe the manufacturing process of these decorative objects. As souvenirs, you can buy some to embellish your apartments.

19- Enjoy the magnificent Legzira beach

25 things to do on Morocco tours: A major tourist attraction and a true surfer’s paradise, Legzira beach is a marvel to behold. It is the geological result of the mixing of the Anti-Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean. Located near the town of Sidi Ifni, Legzira is one of the country’s most beautiful beaches. It has been subtly sculpted by nature, and is home to 4 exceptional arches.

This is part of its beauty. What’s more, the particularity of this work of art of nature also lies in its color. From afar, the cliffs of this beach are striking in their ochre hue. Take advantage of the ebbing tides and the setting sun to snap some stunning photos of the red-tinted arches. Surf and hike, too.

18- Visit the Hassan II mosque

The second-tallest religious building in the world. The Hassan II Mosque is built on 9 hectares on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Casablanca. This religious complex is the work of Michel Pinseau, a French architect who had the ingenious idea of giving the building a Moorish style. Construction began in July 1986 and was completed on August 30, 1993.

In addition to being a mosque, it is also a tourist attraction in the city. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, its very particular shape and style. The building is actually made of wood, steel and ceramics. It also contains plaster, marble and Moroccan granite. The icing on the cake is a laser beam with a range of 30 metres, enabling visitors to see the direction of Mecca.

17- Kitesurfing on the Merzouga dunes

25 things to do on Morocco tours: When we talk about Morocco, we’re obviously talking about the Merzouga desert. This vast expanse of desert in the south-east of the country is a popular destination for many tourists. The reason is simple. The desert offers a unique experience for everyone. For example, you can hike or ride a camel through the dunes.

But that’s not the only activity on offer. The region’s dunes are also ideal for quad biking, motocross and sandboarding. Better still, you could go kitesurfing. So get equipped and go for it. At the same time, you’ll be able to admire the incredible view of this sandy sea. You can also spend a night in a camp set up in this desert. A sensational experience.

16- Explore the Ouzoud waterfalls

What would you say to admiring Morocco’s highest and most beautiful waterfalls? They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At over 110 meters high, they complement a majestic landscape of almond and olive groves. A visit to these falls is a pure delight, because of the marvellous spectacle they offer.

Every day, the Ouzoud waterfalls discharge huge quantities of water into a natural pool. It’s an ideal setting for tourists in search of a day out, and they’re quick to make the most of it. Many of them spend their leisure time here. Forget Marrakech’s beaches and explore this natural Moroccan site. All you have to do is hire a local boat and visit the Ouzoud spring.

15- Discover Paradise Valley

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Known for its healing waters, Paradise Valley is a much-visited oasis. Indeed, the story told by villagers dates back to the 1960s. During a walk, a German couple discovered the magic of this water source. The sick woman was said to have regained her health after bathing in the spring. Since then, this legend has aroused the curiosity of many people who are also looking for a cure.

However, it would be unfair to praise Paradise Valley solely on account of its spring. In addition to this legend, the valley also holds an incredible charm. It boasts numerous other mineral springs and magnificent waterfalls. Hiking here in springtime is guaranteed to bring the spectacle of color offered by the almond trees. The same goes for autumn, when the oaks are in full color.

14- Admire the beautiful beaches of Dakhla

There’s no doubt about it, Morocco is full of real corners of paradise. The beaches of Dakhla are considered by many to be the most beautiful of all. They are the main tourist attraction of the Pearl of the South in the Dakhla Oued Eddahab region. This is where water sports enthusiasts go for their outdoor activities. Dakhla’s beaches have a special charm.

Indeed, there are kilometers of sandy coastline, some of it white with turquoise waters. There are also many rocky outcrops. Their magnificent spaces are ideal for swimming, surfing or kitesurfing. Their clear blue waters are also ideal for surf-casting. Choose between the beaches of Porto Rico, Foum El Bouir and Dune Blanche.

13- Climb to the summit of Djebel Toubkal

25 things to do on Morocco tours: The highest peak in North Africa, it rises to an altitude of 4,167 and dominates the entire High Atlas region. A trip to Morocco inevitably involves climbing this peak. The roof of North Africa, as it’s known to many, is a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts. Would you like to follow in the footsteps of the Marquis de Segonzac, Vincent Berger and Hubert Dolbeau, the first climbers in 1923, and scale this colossus?

No problem. In fact, in order to make things easier for those who haven’t mastered the art of mountaineering, we’ve gone to great lengths. Take advantage of the assistance of local muleteers and climb to the summit of Djebel Toubkal. However, before reaching this stage, you’ll have to hike a long way from the village of Imlil to the foot of Toubkal. Make the most of it and admire the jovial landscape.

12- Take a descent into the Valley of the Roses

Lovers of roses and romance, this is the place for you. Beyond the winding rivers and steep ravines, succeeded by restful spots of shade, the Valley of the Roses appears on the horizon. No, you’re not in a fairy tale, you’re in a verdant natural setting strewn with roses. Stand in awe of these fragrant petals, magnificent to behold. Admire the landscape and immortalize these beautiful moments by taking photos.

It’s well worth the effort, because these roses won’t be around for long. In fact, they’re picked and processed into perfume at the Klaat M’Gouna factories to produce a wide range of products. So, for example, make sure you take care of your skin and buy some rose oil. It’s a way of getting home with these roses, but in a transformed form.

11- Try the hammam

25 things to do on Morocco tours: One of the ways Moroccans look after their bodies is through the Moroccan hammam. This is a bath that provides moist heat. It’s a habit rooted in long-standing Moroccan tradition, and has now become a religious and social rite. As a result, integrating into Moroccan society inevitably involves this tradition, which you’re sure to appreciate. So, when you visit Morocco, you’ll have the chance to experience it for yourself.

In fact, many public hammams are built separately for men and women, offering the chance to purify yourself with a bath. These are cafe-like places where you can meet new people. Chatting and bonding with new acquaintances. But where better than Marrakech to enjoy this purifying bath? In Marrakech, you’ll find numerous hammams, carefully designed for an unforgettable bath.

10- Exploration in Agadir

Destroyed by a violent earthquake in 1960, Agadir has risen from the ashes. The capital of Sous Massa is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean for more than 10 km and is renowned as a pleasant seaside resort. Although the city has undergone considerable urban development, this has not prevented nature from continuing to expand. Agadir is a city where modern luxury buildings and lush green spaces exist side by side.

And while it has many tourist attractions, the one that stands out and never ceases to attract is its beach. Spend some quality time on its beautiful shores. On the sand or stretched out on a chair, admire the magnificent view of infinity. And if you’d like to take your time, the crystal-clear waters will be delighted to transport you to the waves for a spot of surfing.

9- Discover Tetouan

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Tetouan is located in northern Morocco, not far from the Strait of Gibraltar. If you’re dreaming of a Spanish holiday on Moroccan soil, you’ve come to the right place. Very close to Spain, “the white dove” in its history had been in Spanish hands. This was a major factor in its Hispanicization. Today, the city’s Medina is notable for its Andalusian architecture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To continue discovering the Spanish side of Tetouan, head for the El Ensanche district, dominated by Spanish architecture. Among the buildings to admire is the Notre-Dame des Victoires church, with its impressive Mediterranean architecture. And, of course, don’t forget to sample Tetouan gastronomy, a blend of Spanish, Algerian, Andalusian and Moroccan flavors. Go and see for yourself.

8- See Rabat’s historic monuments

Located in northwest Morocco, Rabat is the country’s capital. A visit to this historic and cultural city is no mean feat. And with good reason, it’s home to many UNESCO World Heritage monuments. Start your exploration with the Kasbah des Oudayas, a 12th-century military base and home to the kingdom’s very first royal palaces.

Then move on to the narrow streets of this small town, which have something very special about them. Moorish coffee is served here, a real treat. Another monument to discover in Rabat is the Hassan Tower. It is to Morocco what the Sagrada Familia basilica is to Spain. Although construction of the tower began in the 12th century, it has yet to reach the 60-metre height it was originally designed for.

7- Learn about Moroccan history in Meknes

25 things to do on Morocco tours: In northern Morocco, 130 kilometers from the capital Rabat, lies Meknes, the city of many charms. Both neglected and overlooked by many tourists, Meknes is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities. The city was once an impregnable fortress, with its walls criss-crossed by giant gates. And that’s still what makes it so special. Just explore the city and you’ll see the forty-kilometer walls that protected the inhabitants from invaders.

They are 15 metres high. It’s also hard to miss the nine monumental gates that run through them. The “city of a hundred minarets” also boasts an impressive number of ancient mosques, including the Great Mosque. Dating from the 12th century, it is an architectural gem. In Meknes, you can also visit the Medina and many other vestiges.

6- Morocco Mall in Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in the Maghreb, with an estimated population of almost 4 million by 2021. It’s also Morocco’s economic capital, given the large-scale economic activity that takes place here. Visiting this city is no easy task. Casablanca boasts many attractions, not least the Hassan II Mosque, the fifth largest mosque in the world.

Morocco’s third-largest tourist city is home to the Morocco Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping malls. It is also the largest shopping mall in Africa. Covering an area of 190,000 m², the complex includes several restaurants, 350 brand-name stores and, above all, leisure facilities. You’ll also find a vast hypermarket for your shopping needs. Morocco Mall is a popular destination, welcoming over 17 million tourists every year.

5- Discover Tangier

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Tangier is a Moroccan city in the north of the country, on the Strait of Gibraltar, 15 km from the Spanish coast. This seaside resort boasts a climate and landscape appreciated by many of the world’s leading personalities. That’s why so many authors and writers come here for inspiration. It is also one of the oldest cities in Morocco and the whole of North Africa.

If you’re wondering what to do in Tangier, rest assured, the city has so much to offer. First of all, a visit to its picturesque beaches with their turquoise waters is a good start. You can enjoy a variety of water sports. Tangier is also famous for its Medina, which attracts many curious visitors. And don’t forget the Mendoubia Park, where you can relax and enjoy a picnic if you’re not alone.

4- Take a guided tour of Chefchaouen

Morocco’s blue city, considered the most touristic, is located in the north. It is surrounded by the 2,000-meter-high Rif mountains. If this city attracts an impressive number of tourists from all over the world, it’s for a good reason. Just stand in front of the Bouzaafar mosque and you’ll see. Chefchaouen really is blue.

The town’s inhabitants have opted for houses with whitewashed walls tinted with smalt blue. These dwellings are a delight for photographers, who are quick to snap beautiful shots from the mountain tops. And don’t forget to head down into the medina to admire the houses built on the slopes and the narrow streets with their staircases. Discover the region’s incredible crafts and gastronomy. And don’t miss the Pont de Dieu.

3- Discover the Bride of the Atlantic, Essaouira

25 things to do on Morocco tours: Essaouira is a Moroccan maritime district with a fishing port, the region’s dominant activity. A stroll around the fishing port will take you to the fish market. It’s a place where you can buy fish and seafood caught the day before. Stop off at one of the many restaurants that specialize in these protein-rich foods.

Continue your exploration in the center of the region, in the Medina, with its surprising alleyways. This has earned it UNESCO World Heritage status. And if you fancy a swim during your stay in Essaouira, there are plenty of beaches to choose from, including Sidi Kaouki. Take advantage of the endless stretches of fine sand, mixed with the blue-green waters that provide great waves for surfers.

2- Marvel at the Dades Gorge

Morocco boasts a wealth of natural sites. The Dades Gorge valley lies between the Imdiazen and Boumalne regions. It’s a natural site littered with many species of plants. These include palm groves and captivating almond trees. The valley is also home to geological rocks such as limestone and sandstone, which enhance the scenery and visual appeal of the area.

But apart from all this, it owes its fame more to its gorges. These are magnificent cliff-like rock formations, most of them 500 m high. These gorges are irresistibly charming. You’ll want to see them up close and personal, by taking the road that winds its way through these marvels. Better still, take a hike through this exceptional landscape to touch the cliffs and appreciate the monkey fingers.

1- Admire Marrakech’s Majorelle Garden

25 things to do on Morocco tours: If you’re dreaming of a natural place to see plants in Marrakech, the Majorelle Garden warmly welcomes you. This tableau d’art vivant, opened in 1947, is a one-hectare natural space housing almost 300 species of plants spread around a villa. Indeed, Jacques Majorelle, a French painter who fell under the spell of Marrakech’s Medina, built himself a beautiful villa here in 1929. As a decorator, he decided to paint the walls of the villa, which served as his living quarters and painting studio, with Majorelle blue.

And to fill the empty spaces, he chose to create a garden with several species of exotic plants in which birds nest. Discover this multicolored oasis of lotus, bamboo, palm, jasmine, water lily, carob, coconut, cactus and banana trees. What’s more, the garden also boasts several fountains, ceramic jars and water basins to give it a spectacular charm.

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