Best tours in Marrakech

Best tours in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the main historical and cultural centers of Morocco. The main aim of the program is to promote the unforgettable atmosphere of the Orient and the incredible colors. Only an hour drive from the city there is a ski resort, and a couple of hours there are great beaches. The main tourist attraction in Marrakech is the city’s ski resort which is located only an hour away, and a couple of hours away from the magnificent beaches.

The main highlight of the city is the Jamaa el-Fna Square, where the real Oriental life is boiling! Numerous artists, magicians, merchants, musicians and singers, fortune tellers and fakirs create a unique atmosphere of celebration. The splendid architectural forms, intricate patterns and ornaments lend a special flavor. Strolling through the intricate narrow streets of the medina, and looking at the traditional riads, you can plunge into the distant past of this glorious city. The local cuisine abounds with spices and spices. If you want to buy a souvenir, you will find millions of beautiful gifts in Marrakech, including caskets, amulets, pottery, sabers and jugs.

Where to buy tours in Marrakech

Walking through the beautiful original Moroccan streets you can not only enjoy their charming flavor, but it is easy to get lost. And to pass by the intrusive sellers is not so easy, and without an experienced guide will be difficult to do. Therefore, the best option for tourists from the former Soviet Union will be a Russian-speaking guide in Marrakech, who will show the beauty of the city, and acquaint you with its main attractions, and help to choose the necessary souvenirs, and teach to navigate in the city. But where can you find excursions in Marrakech.

Of course, hardly anyone would want to wander around an unfamiliar city in far away Morocco in search of a trustworthy guide. Therefore we recommend you services for tourists Sahara Moroccco Tours, on the sites of which there is a great choice of excursions for all tastes. You can in the comfort of your own conditions, without the rush, quietly read the descriptions of the programs and choose for yourself the best option, and book on a day that suits you.

Unusual excursions in Marrakech

Prices for excursions in Marrakech for 2023

Among the useful information about the excursion programs themselves on the service you can find out the prices for excursions in Marrakech for 2023. The sites set exactly the current price with an indication of how many people a particular program is designed for and what exactly is included in the declared cost. In general, prices can vary significantly depending on the entertainment program, service, transportation used, places visited and the duration of the trip or outing itself, as the site has both one-day tours in Marrakech and programs designed for several days.

Prices for programs start at €249 for the entire tour. That is the price of the program “Marrakech – First Date”, which is held for groups of no more than 6 people. The most expensive is the ethnographic journey “The Valley of the Urica. The kingdom you didn’t know”.. Now you know how much are the tours in Marrakech and you can roughly estimate how much it can cost to get acquainted with this amazing city or parts of the country.

Individual excursions in Marrakech

If you value comfort while traveling to different countries and strange cities then your reliable assistant can be individual excursions in Marrakech. What are their advantages? Firstly they are held for 1-2 people or for a small company, respectively, you can forget about awkward situations or even conflicts which sometimes occur during walks in the company of strangers! You are guaranteed a wonderful walk in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Secondly, due to the small number of sections, the guide will be able to talk about the sights visited in a dialogue, rather than shouting down a large group of tourists. You can just chat with the guide and learn interesting information about the city and the whole country.

The advantages of such excursions in Marrakech include the possibility of changing the route. If you already saw some object included in the itinerary, or it is of little interest to you, you can ask your guide not to waste time on getting acquainted with it, and spend more time on other objects. Guide in Marrakech will be able to take into account your wishes, make up itinerary options that suit you and give due attention to each guest. A large selection of customized programs is available on the popular travel Sahara Morocco Tours at this link.

Marrakech sightseeing

If you come to Morocco for the first time and do not know what excursions to visit Marrakech, we recommend you to pay attention to the sightseeing programs. This format is ideal for the first acquaintance, because you can see all the most important and beautiful things and get a general picture and get used to the city. This link will take you to Sahara Morocco Tours section of sightseeing tours, including:

Marrakech for Your Own. Secrets of the old city

Hospitable Marrakech always welcomes travelers, and you will see for yourself during this walk. You will visit the magnificent palace, see rooms decorated with carvings and paintings, enjoy the fountains and gardens, learn about the life of King Mohammed VI, local traditions of culture and art, palace intrigues and significant historical events. Morocco is unthinkable without the boisterous trade, because trade in this country is like a true art. You will not only see how the sellers argue about the price with the buyers, but also you will try to bargain, learn the local tradition of trade and the basic rules which must be adhered to. During this excursion in Marrakech you will learn how to understand the souvenirs, and also expect a walk through the old town square, where the life never stops, a variety of fakirs, trainers, dancers and musicians entertain the public and try to interest passersby. You will see how the local craftsmen create real works of art, you will be able to taste the national dishes, see how ordinary Moroccans live, look into the caravanserais, learn how to properly brew tea and learn about the features of the shawl tagelmust. The tour is for groups of up to 4 tourists and the price is €956. If there are more of you.

Marrakech – a first date

The first part of the program is dedicated to getting acquainted with one of the most famous sights of the city – the Majorelle Garden. You will learn how this magnificent garden was created, how Jacques Majorelle came to Morocco in the first place and why he chose this place to create his work, admire the magnificent plants, flowers and trees that the French artist brought from all over the world. In the garden you will see unique colored vases, a bamboo alley, a beautiful gazebo, and a picturesque pond. The second part of the tour in Marrakech includes a walk through the medina, the old part of the city. You will visit one of the most beautiful palaces Bahia, and learn about its rich history and admire its beautiful decoration. You will also see the Qutubiya Mosque and a walk through the intricate maze of alleyways and market places where you can feel the atmosphere of oriental trade and walk through Jamaa Al Fna Square where you will enjoy the great atmosphere and performances of numerous dancers, charmer, musicians and magicians. This sightseeing tour of Marrakech.

Excursion from Marrakech with overnight stay in the Sahara

The endless dunes and sand “waves” always remain interesting for travelers, and many visitors to Morocco try to necessarily enjoy the inexpressible atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the famous Sahara. An unforgettable night in the Sahara (Marrakech-Zagora) is a unique experience! An amazing journey into the world of sand and sunshine awaits you, where you can enjoy the silence and the grandiose view of a vast desert. The excursion from Marrakech with overnight stay in the Sahara desert is designed for 2 days during which you will visit Ouarzazate and spend a whole night in the desert in a traditional Arab tent. The highlight of the tour from Marrakech to the Sahara is meeting the sunrise. This magnificent action will remain forever in your memory! The cost of this excursion to the desert from Marrakech is $370 for 1 person.

Ballooning in Marrakech

If you are a brave person who loves thrills and exciting adventures, you will definitely enjoy a hot air balloon flight in Marrakech. To soar into the clouds and take a bird’s eye view of the beauty of Marrakech you just need to book a Hot Air Balloon Flight (Marrakech, Palmeri)! A team of experienced instructors will ensure you a safe and exciting adventure, you will reach for the clouds and feel the excitement of Icarus as it rises into the air like a bird. In addition to flying in a balloon and meeting the dawn, you will enjoy delicious Berber cuisine, ride a camel and if you want you can ride with the wind on quad bikes. Tour price per person is $250.

Excursions from Marrakech for a few days

Very popular with tourists and those programs that are designed for several days. And it is not surprising, because it is a multi-day format allows maximum immersion in the mysterious and elegant Moroccan world. Here are some of the most popular tours of Marrakech for a few days:

Overview tour of Marrakech and its surroundings (Berber village and more)

This program is designed for 6 days, the first 2 of which are devoted to seeing the main sights of Marrakech itself. You will see the Bahia Palace, the magnificent Dar Si Said Museum, the Koutoubia Mosque, walk through the Majorelle Garden and see many other beautiful “business cards”. In between excursions there is a relaxation during which you will be able to taste the most delicious local cuisine. Day 3 will take you to the Atlas Mountains, with the climb being on muleback! The highlight of the walk will be a visit to an authentic Berber village where you will see how the indigenous people of Morocco live, what they do and what they eat. Day 4 is an introduction to Essouveir, where in addition to traditional tours you will be able to ride powerful quad bikes, and see the process of making products from the famous argon oil. On day 5 you will go to the waterfall Uzud, and the final chord will be a visit to the town of Urzazate. The price of the tour is $1108 for 1 person.

The Great Cities in Morocco (Marrakech, Essaouira, Casablanca, Rabat, Volubilis, Meknes, Fez).

During six unforgettable days you will get acquainted with the most interesting cities of Morocco, and your tour can start from any city of your choice. Moreover, a team of guides will be able to build the best route for you and show you the sites that interest you most, depending on your wishes. Thanks to this you will see not only the main Moroccan “business card”, but also particularly interesting sights. The price of a six-day tour for 1 person is $1186.

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