Cheap travel to Morocco: our tips

Cheap travel to Morocco: our tips

Cheap travel to Morocco: our tips

Cheap travel to Morocco: our tips: Discover this magnificent country without breaking the bank, thanks to our tips for cheap travel to Morocco! Whether you’re dreaming of exploring the bustling souks of Marrakech, getting lost in the spellbinding landscapes of the Sahara Desert or marvelling at the majestic Atlas Mountains, we’ve put together some practical tips for you to make the most of your Moroccan adventure while staying within your budget.

And for your accommodation in Morocco, why not opt for HomeExchange? We explain it all in our first tip for your cheap trip to Morocco: avoid hotels and rent.

1 – Avoid hotels and rentals: go home swapping

For your accommodation in Morocco, we offer you an alternative to hotels and rentals: home exchange.

Not only will you save considerably on accommodation costs, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a unique and authentic experience: by staying with local people, you’ll be able to discover Moroccan life in a more immersive way, and live like a local. Your hosts will be sure to communicate with you, giving you their shopping tips, pointing out places not to be missed, and sharing their favorite restaurants, far from mass tourism and at reasonable prices.

Home exchange is also a very practical formula, because you can find the ideal house to suit your needs: with a swimming pool, with equipment for your baby, with games for the older ones…

Home exchange also means you can enjoy accommodation with a kitchen. This means you can prepare your own meals from time to time, which is cheaper than eating out twice a day. It’s also an opportunity to explore local markets and cook with fresh Moroccan produce.

2 – When to go to Morocco: go during the low season

By traveling to Morocco during the low season, you’ll avoid peak tourist periods and get better rates on air tickets and even activities on site. The low season in Morocco is generally between May and September. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also benefit from less crowded destinations. Of course, it’s very hot in Morocco during the summer, but you can choose a seaside destination like Essaouira or Casablanca, where it’s less hot and you can enjoy the sea air.

3 – Compare and find the ideal means of transport for your cheap trip to Morocco

Find a cheap flight to Morocco

To search for cheap flights to Morocco, use online flight comparators to find the best deals (such as Skyscanner and Google Flights). These sites allow you to enter your travel details, such as departure airport, destination (e.g. Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, etc.), desired departure and return dates, and will then provide you with a list of available flights with their respective prices.

Flight prices may vary depending on a number of factors, such as booking period, departure date and other conditions. Don’t forget to check each airline’s terms and conditions, such as baggage fees, on-board services and meal options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We also advise you to be flexible with your travel dates: leaving on a Tuesday may cost less than leaving on a Saturday, for example. Also keep an eye out for promotional offers and flash sales.

The average price to Morocco is not very expensive: from France, count €182 (round trip). It varies from €126 (Tangier) to €313 (Ouarzazate).

Getting to Morocco by train

Yes, it’s possible! You can travel to Morocco by train! Travelling to Morocco by train and ferry from Europe is a great option if you are eligible for discounts on your train tickets, if you don’t like flying, or if you prefer a more environmentally-friendly mode of transport than air travel. You can travel by train from Paris to Tangier via Madrid and Algeciras. An overnight train departs daily from Paris-Austerlitz to Madrid station. From there, you’ll head for Algeciras, where you’ll board a ferry to Tangier. For further information, contact SNCF or Renfe (Spanish railroads).

Driving to Morocco

Cheap travel to Morocco: our tips: If you’re dreaming of a long, adventurous road trip, you can of course travel to Morocco by car. This round trip is expensive (the average budget for driving to Morocco is around €900 round trip), but you’ll save a lot on your carbon footprint compared to flying!

4 – Plan your activities in advance

Plan your itinerary carefully: planning your trip in advance can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Determine the activities you want to do and the sights you absolutely must see, then draw up a realistic itinerary, taking into account distances and transport costs. Having a clear idea of your itinerary will help you manage your budget.

5 – Take public transport

Public transport in Morocco, such as trains and buses, is generally cheap and reliable. Opt for these means of transport rather than renting a car or taking cabs, which can be more expensive. Train journeys are particularly convenient for connecting major cities such as Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca.

6 – Explore free attractions

Morocco is full of free natural and cultural sites to visit. Many parks, gardens, medinas and historic squares are open to the public with no entrance fees. For example, you can discover the beauty of Marrakech in the Majorelle gardens, explore the alleyways of the Fez medina or stroll along the Casablanca corniche without spending a penny.

In addition to free attractions, Morocco also offers a variety of affordable activities. Find out what festivals, cultural events and local markets are taking place during your stay. This way, you can immerse yourself in Moroccan culture without spending a fortune.

7 – Avoid overpriced tourist areas

Popular tourist areas, such as certain districts of major cities or popular seaside resorts, can be more expensive in terms of restaurants and activities. Instead, explore lesser-known places, such as mountain villages, desert oases or small coastal towns, where prices are often much more affordable.

8 – Haggle in the souks

Moroccan markets and souks are renowned for their lively atmosphere and the art of bargaining. When shopping, don’t hesitate to haggle over prices to get discounts. Be friendly, but firm, and set yourself a maximum budget for each item. Bargaining is an integral part of Moroccan culture, so make the most of it to get a good deal.

When buying souvenirs and handicrafts, also give preference to local cooperatives and associations rather than tourist stores. This will enable you to buy directly from the artisans and get quality products at fairer prices, while supporting local communities.

9 – Opt for group excursions

If you want to visit popular destinations such as the Sahara Desert or the Atlas Mountains, joining group tours can be more economical than organizing them individually. By sharing transportation and guide fees with other travelers, you can cut costs while enjoying a rewarding experience.

10 – Eat like a local

Cheap travel to Morocco: our tips: Moroccan cuisine is delicious and affordable. Avoid touristy restaurants and look instead for restaurants frequented by locals. Small street stalls and market stalls often offer tasty dishes at reasonable prices. Try local specialties such as tajines, couscous and kebabs. Don’t forget that drinking sealed bottled water is recommended to avoid stomach problems.

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