Cool and Unusual Things to do in Morocco

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco

Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Morocco

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Morocco is not only an ideal destination for relaxing on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches or discovering a fascinating culture. You can also go there for adventure, between the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains. It’s an ideal vacation choice for adrenaline-seekers: in Morocco, you can conquer the highest peaks, go quad biking in the dunes, go paragliding… Here is our selection of the best unusual activities to do on a trip to Morocco, to help you discover the country in a different way and make the most of your stay:


Morocco is the perfect destination for hikers. There are tours to suit all levels, and a wide variety of landscapes. Between desert dunes and snow-capped mountains, you can wander through magnificent gorges or oases… The choice is yours. And it’s not just an opportunity to be at one with nature: hiking in Morocco also gives you the chance to meet the Berber people, to set off on camel, horse or quad through unforgettable landscapes, to discover the local culture, to sleep in bivouacs… For the more adventurous, there’s nothing like a climb to the highest peak in Morocco and North Africa, Jebel Toubkal, at 4167m.

Water sports

Well-known for its fine sandy beaches, Morocco also offers thrills for water sports enthusiasts. Surfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, windsurfing… You’ll be able to indulge yourself in Morocco’s major seaside resorts! In fact, Morocco is home to some of the world’s best spots for these adrenaline-fuelled activities, including Sidi Bouzid, which offers superb waves, according to the professionals. Head to Essaouira for a great beach and a wide range of activities. The city is known for its pleasant year-round temperatures (25C average) and strong winds from April to October. For beginners, the Dakhla and Oualidia sites are very pleasant with their protected bays.

Board sports on the sand

And don’t forget that these activities can be enjoyed far from the sea, in the desert! Yes, there’s nothing quite like descending the dunes on a snowboard (or rather sandboard) or kitesurf… It’s a unique experience, and Morocco is the perfect place to try it out.

Skiing in the Atlas mountains

Skiing in Morocco? It may sound surprising, but in winter it’s quite possible! Morocco has a number of attractive family ski resorts nestled in the Atlas mountains, so you can really add an unusual touch to your stay in Morocco. After a trek through the desert, put on your skis in an idyllic setting of cedar forests, and finish the day with a tajine or couscous. Don’t expect huge resorts, as the largest, Oukaimeden, only has four lifts, but it’s a great way to add a little spice to your trip.

Camp like the Berbers

You can pitch your tent just about anywhere in Morocco: in the desert, on the beach or in the high Atlas mountains. But for a truly original experience, try a night in a Berber bivouac. In the Merzouga desert in southern Morocco, local people offer more or less comfortable campsites in traditional Berber tents made of carpet, a very good insulator. This is an opportunity to experience the life of local nomads, share a friendly moment over mint tea, and of course enjoy a breathtaking starry sky.

Cross the desert on a quad or camel

Still in the desert, adventures abound. Of course, a camel ride in the Moroccan desert is a must on any trip to Morocco. Nothing could be more traditional and unforgettable for discovering this beautiful country and its culture. But you can also discover the desert on a quad bike or buggy, giving you the chance to venture into otherwise inaccessible corners and get your adrenalin pumping. Thrills guaranteed!

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Embark on a rafting trip

With its beautiful gorges and rivers, Morocco has some ideal sites for rafting enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Morocco’s wadis. The rivers range in length from short to long, offering rafting descents lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. The best rafting sites near Marrakech are the Oued Ourika and the Oued N’fiss.

Take to the skies in a hot-air balloon

Seeing the Moroccan desert from the sky is a magnificent experience. The endless expanse of sand, the dromedaries, the shepherds, who alone populate these surprising landscapes… Everyone can enjoy this incredible view of Morocco, thanks to the growing number of hot-air balloon trips. It’s an opportunity to combine a childhood dream with an incredible desert experience, and to experience Morocco in an unprecedented calm and magical atmosphere. If you’re a thrill-seeker, opt for paragliding, which can be practised all over the country’s mountains.

Overcome your fears with accrobranche

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Tree climbing is the perfect activity for families and friends. In Morocco, an accrobranche course is not only an opportunity to have fun during your stay, but also to plunge into the heart of an incredible landscape. In the Terres d’Amanar nature reserve, for example, a large course awaits you nestled in the heart of a forest, surrounded by rocky peaks.

Learn to cook Moroccan cuisine

Are you a fan of Moroccan cuisine, with its succulent, colorful and fragrant dishes? Don’t worry, before you leave Morocco, you can take a cooking class so you can enjoy a delicious meal at home too. Whether with a local family or in a professional workshop, your course will teach you how to select ingredients from the market and cook them. It’s up to you to choose your recipe: couscous, tajine, pastilla, bread…

Try your hand at pottery

When it comes to culture, why not take a pottery class during your Morocco Tours? Local artisans will be delighted to share their skills with you. A true Moroccan art form, the finely decorated and colorful local pottery is highly coveted. Moroccans use ancestral techniques and embellish their work with Islamic or Berber motifs, depending on the region. It’s a skill passed down from generation to generation, but you can also try your hand at it during your trip. It’s the perfect activity for the whole family, to have a good time, meet the locals and discover the country’s culture up close. And there’s nothing better than taking home a souvenir of Morocco made by your own hands!

Relax in thalassotherapy

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: The hammam is undoubtedly an essential part of any stay in Morocco. If you can, set aside a day of your vacation to enjoy a relaxing thalassotherapy treatment. Scrubs, massages with essential oils, mineral baths… everything is possible in an absolutely idyllic setting. You can also take advantage of the hammams, swimming pools or hot springs to come back from your vacation completely rested. Some luxury estates even offer unusual treatments with chocolate or, more traditionally, argan.

7 reasons to travel to MoroccoNeither far nor expensive, Morocco is a dream destination for relaxation or adventure. Treks, cultural visits, camel rides, beaches and sunbathing await you in this colorful country.

A change of scenery close at hand

Morocco offers a real taste of elsewhere, without the need for endless flights, visas or vaccinations. Just a stone’s throw from Europe, Morocco is a gateway to Africa and the Muslim world, where you can learn about a new culture, enjoy colorful landscapes, meet new people and observe local wildlife. In just a few hours by car, go from the world’s largest desert to paradise beaches; camp with the Berbers then have lunch in a luxury hotel; go scuba diving then photograph monkeys in the forest; go trekking then go sandboarding… With its welcoming, French-speaking people, European comforts, authentic culture and diversity, Morocco is the perfect destination for a change of scenery close to home!

Delicious cuisine

For gourmets, a visit to Morocco is a real treat! With its world-famous cuisine, fragrant spices and addictive desserts, Morocco is one of those countries where you spend a lot of time at the table. How can you not try the royal couscous on Fridays? How can you pass up the pastilla, a sweet and savoury cinnamon chicken cake? And how can you resist the thousand and one Moroccan pastries, with their irresistible hints of honey, argan and walnuts? And let’s not forget the famous mint tea, to be shared at will with your hosts. Morocco is a country where you can feast on fresh, fragrant products, and if you like it, don’t hesitate to take a Moroccan cooking class on site!

Desert adventures

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Whether you prefer the sea or the mountains, a trip to the desert is a must at least once in your life! The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert, and a truly sumptuous landscape to behold. In Morocco, there are a number of places like Ouarzazate where you can go on an adventure in the Sahara, on foot, horseback, camel or quad. You can also camp in nomad tents in the Sahara, to share an unusual experience with the locals and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

The world’s most beautiful beaches

With its warm waters and long white sandy beaches, Morocco is the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. Its long coastline offers exceptional sunshine, warm but not stifling temperatures all year round, and great comfort. You can choose from developed seaside resorts with luxury hotels, spas and water sports, such as Essaouira, Qemado or Agadir, or small, intimate coves or wild, romantic beaches, such as Lergiza. Of course, you can go swimming and take a siesta on the beach, but you can also surf, kitesurf, windsurf, dive or go out to sea, depending on your mood. If sunbathing is on your agenda for Morocco, take a look at our selection of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Diversity of activities

In a country as diverse as Morocco, there’s never a dull moment! You can change activity every day, alternating between high-altitude treks, desert hikes, horseback riding, camel rides, rafting, cultural encounters, historical visits, diving, beach, surfing, sandboarding, quad biking, paragliding, hot-air ballooning, and much more. Morocco is a true land of adventure, suitable for every member of the family and every taste, where you can take full advantage of your proximity to nature. For adrenaline-seeking travellers,

Handicrafts and souvenirs

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Did you know that Morocco is also a superb shopping destination? It’s one of the countries where you can buy a wide range of handcrafted souvenirs, from traditional babouches to Berber rugs, perfect for decorating your home. In the old medinas, stalls and artisan workshops follow one another. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s easy to order something made-to-measure, such as leather boots in your own shape or personalized jewelry. What’s more, it would be a pity to take advantage of this rich craft know-how only to bring home souvenirs: take the time to visit workshops and, why not, take art classes during your stay in Morocco.

Human encounters

A trip is never complete without the people you meet, and in Morocco, you’ll be well served in this respect. Moroccans are very warm and curious, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of their hospitality, especially if you plan a few homestays. Morocco is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, which means you’ll be in for many discoveries and surprises. Over a cup of mint tea, discover the world of Berber shepherds and immortalize your exchanges with a few photos. Make your way to Marrakech’s Place Jemaa el Fna to discover Moroccan culture at its most festive: snake charmers, dancers, storytellers and many other artists put on a series of shows.

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Our Couscous recipe

A typical Moroccan dish, couscous is eaten mainly on Fridays in the country, or on the occasion of major holidays. You’re sure to want a taste of Morocco when you return from vacation, so here’s an easy-to-make recipe:


200 g semolina

Lamb (or beef) (200-400g)

A few chicken thighs

A few merguez sausages

1 tin of chickpeas

4 onions

2 zucchinis

4 carrots

4 turnips

2 green peppers

2 red peppers

1 celery

1 garlic clove

Tomato paste, or canned tomatoes (with sauce)

Note – You can add or remove vegetables to suit your taste: cabbage, pumpkin, raisins…


Step 1 : Brown the onions

In a deep wok-type frying pan, brown the onions in oil. Remove when golden.

2- Cook the meat

In the same pan, cook the lamb and chicken. Simmer for almost an hour with the garlic, onions and a few spices.

Step 3: Prepare the vegetables

Meanwhile, peel, wash and chop all the vegetables. Add them to the dish, along with the tomatoes and their juice. Add the zucchinis last, just before serving. Chickpeas don’t need to cook for long if they’re canned.

Step 4: Add the spices

Add spices to taste: cumin, saffron, paprika, ginger, cinnamon and Ras el hanout, an essential ingredient… Add water and stir from time to time. Leave to cook for an hour or more.

Step 5 : Cook the merguez sausages

In a separate frying pan, grill the merguez sausages, adding them to the dish at the end.

Step 6: Prepare the semolina

Cook the semolina in a pan according to the instructions on the box. Cooking time depends on the type of semolina chosen.

Step 7 : Serve

When everything is ready, serve the semolina in a large dish. Place the meat and vegetables on top or to one side. Pour the broth directly onto the plates.

Moroccan pastries

Discovering a region’s gastronomy is an integral part of opening up to a different culture. In Morocco, Tajines will amaze you with their diversity, but it’s another area of cuisine that will probably hold your attention: Moroccan pastries.

A pastry for every occasion

Cool and Unusual things to do in Morocco: Your stay in Morocco has given you the opportunity to discover the richness of Moroccan pastries. Morocco has added Berber and European influences to its traditional oriental pastries. Moroccan pastries will remind you of the country’s unique history every time you taste them.

A visit to the center of Marrakech, but also to the southern Saharan cities of Dakhla and Laayoune, will confirm that Moroccan pastries are enjoyed daily. Sitting on a terrace, they’ll be the perfect accompaniment to your mint tea or coffee. These popular Moroccan pastries are available every day for your enjoyment. Sweet couscous and rice pudding are popular desserts here, and are eaten more as a snack than a real dessert.

Moroccan pastries can be eaten at any time of day, although some are reserved for special occasions. For example, weddings are an opportunity to discover one of the most popular Moroccan pastries: MHLENCHA or HALOUL RHIFA (Mhencha can also be salted, making it a very popular dish), while SELLOU or CHEBAKIA are Moroccan pastries served during Ramadan.

Les pâtisseries marocaines

From gazelle horns to almond GHRIBAS, Moroccan pastries are extremely varied. Frequently made with honey or almonds, they are eaten every day, and exceptional recipes mark major events.

Simple to make, Moroccan pastries are still very popular with tourists, and you’ll discover the incomparable taste of CHEBAKIA and HALOUA RHIFA. You’ll also be familiar with other forms of Moroccan pastries, such as typical Moroccan crepes. Baghrir, however, are still in keeping with the taste of the country, as the flour of our traditional crêpes is replaced by fine semolina, which is then cooked to make a fine wafer with an incomparable taste. These Moroccan-style pastries and crêpes are available from street vendors in popular locations.

Zlabia can also be offered with an ingredient that’s very present in Moroccan pastry preparations. It’s a kind of doughnut (always with semolina instead of flour) fried in honey and sprinkled with almonds. Yet another discovery of these Moroccan specialties.

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