Discover Morocco the Thousand Kasbahs

Discover Morocco the Thousand Kasbahs

Discover Morocco the Thousand Kasbahs

The tourist circuits that we can make in this spectacular North African country are unlimited: the Imperial Cities, the Atlantic Coast, the Atlas, the Rif … and an endless number of interesting places to discover in Morocco, but few tours are as authentic as the one that takes you through the adobe fortifications that are still standing for centuries. Discover Morocco from another point of view with the so-called Route of the Thousand Kasbahs, which will take you to know a typical Moroccan architecture.

What is a Moroccan Kasbah?

The translation of kasbah can be ‘fortress’, although with very well-defined characteristics: they are typically Berber fortresses, erected in the heart of Morocco and built in adobe bricks, mainly with a mixture of clay, straw and manure, which after drying offers great durability. Their silhouette is always of high crenelated walls and their function was not only the protection from enemies, but also from sandstorms coming from the desert. In addition, they had a very good thermal insulation to combat the great oscillation of temperatures in the area.

Ait Ben Haddou, the most ‘Oscared’ kasbah of Morocco

One of the most famous kasbahs in Morocco is that of Ait Ben Haddou, located on the outskirts of Ouarzazate, almost 200 kilometers south of Marrakech. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it takes on a spectacular reddish hue at sunrise and sunset. Although today it no longer has the bustle of centuries ago, there are still some families living inside. Visiting it with a guide is almost a must for lovers of traditional architecture and history. And with it, in addition, one discovers the cinematic Morocco, because here have been filmed movies set in the desert and internationally famous. For example, Lawrence of Arabia, Babel or Gladiator, among others.

Taourirt, the other kasbah of Ouarzazate

The Ait Ben Haddou is not the only visitable kasbah around Ouarzazate: there is also Taourirt, which is located inside the city of Ouarzazate.  Taourirt, is one of the most interesting Kasbahs that we can know in Morocco and also one of the best preserved, both its structure and its interior decoration, showing the wealth and refinement that reached this eighteenth century fortress, which was built as part of the gold route between Marrakech and Timbuktu. You can also take guided tours inside.

And like these kasbahs, there are many others along the route of the thousand kasbahs with which you will enjoy the most authentic and fascinating Morocco you can imagine. In that list can not miss names like “Tifoultoute”, also very close to Ouzarzazate but in a more precarious state, or the “M’Goun”, about 200 km west of Marrakech, rehabilitated for tourist use, in the middle of a spectacular oasis.

Discover Morocco and this route with our travel agency

Our agency discovers Morocco from many points of view, including the Route of the Thousand Kasbahs. One of the packages we offer is the three-day circular trip starting and ending in Marrakech, specifically visiting Ait Ben Haddou and also contemplating many other fortresses along the way. Other unique experiences are also included in this express tour, such as dromedary rides in the dunes of the Sahara desert.

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