Experience Moroccan luxury

Experience Moroccan luxury

Experience Moroccan luxury

Experience Moroccan luxury: Morocco is a country rich in culture, history and natural beauty. With a large number of hotels, riads and restaurants as diverse as they are varied. So, if you’re interested in a luxury travel experience, Morocco has exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to stay in the desert in large luxury tents or in refined hotels and riads, our agency will know exactly what you need to make your luxury tours through Morocco as comfortable as possible. What’s more, all our luxury tours offer round-trip transfers from either the airport or your residence in Morocco to the various places to be discovered.

A unique luxury experience in the Moroccan desert

If you’re looking for both a luxury experience and a change of scenery during your trip to Morocco, a bivouac in the desert is an opportunity not to be missed. As soon as you’re picked up, you’ll be taken to the desert in a comfortable, air-conditioned 4×4, driven by a friendly driver. Once you’ve arrived at the desert camp, you’ll discover the large luxury tent that awaits you.

As its name suggests, this tent is quite spacious and includes all the amenities that will ensure that your stay is spent pleasantly and in luxury. The various amenities of the large desert tent can vary. Here are just a few examples: a bed (or more) available in normal or King Size, a private bathroom with or without a bathtub and bidet… As well as all the equipment necessary for your comfort and hygiene, such as WIFI, towels, hot water in the bathroom, and more…

Bivouacs in the desert also mean meals in the desert. During your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to sample excellent, refined dishes from Moroccan or foreign gastronomy. Menus can also be adapted to suit your personalities. So whether you’re vegetarian, gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant, you’ll be served dishes to suit you.  After your meal, or more precisely your dinner, you’re sure to enjoy a traditional song and dance show around a campfire, adding a great deal to the magical desert atmosphere. And then contemplate the billions of stars that make up the desert sky before spending the night in the desert.

Visit Morocco in a comfortable luxury vehicle

Morocco has a multitude of landscapes to visit. So you won’t be in the desert all the time. That’s why we offer you luxury hotels and riads in several Moroccan cities. As mentioned above, you’ll always be travelling in a luxury vehicle of various makes, including Mercedes, Land Rover and Jeep. Models range from the Mercedes Sprint (14 or 17 seats) to the Toyota TX 4×4 (for 1 to 4 passengers). What’s more, the choice of vehicle for your tours is entirely up to you. All our vehicles are air-conditioned and have comfortable seats.

Experience Morocco’s luxury hotels and riads

For all your tours, we can book you into a luxury hotel or riad available in the city you’ll be visiting. Each of these hotels offers a range of services, including swimming pools (private or not), single rooms or suites, a bar, a casino or access to the beach. Here are just a few examples: Riad Villa Blanche in Agadir, Sofitel Jardin des Roses in Rabat, Selman in Marrakech, Palais Faraj Suites & Spa in Fez, Four Seasons Hotel in Casablanca and Le Berbère Palace in Ouarzazate. In addition to these, a large number of high-standard establishments are available in Morocco’s cities.

Take your meals in Moroccan luxury restaurants

Experience Moroccan luxury: Good accommodation is nothing without good food. And although the vast majority of luxury hotels have restaurants. You can still take advantage of the luxury restaurants available in Morocco through our services. Most of these restaurants offer everything from a wide variety of dishes (Moroccan, European, Mediterranean, African and others) to live music and the ability to adapt dishes to your diet (vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, halal or kosher). Some establishments where you can enjoy a meal: Jardin des Aromes in Ouarzazate, Dar Zellij in Marrakech, Boccaccio in Casablanca, Jardins de Sheherazade in Fez and Golden Fish in Rabat.

Enjoy moments of relaxation on your trip to Morocco

At certain times during your trip, you can take a moment to relax and pamper yourself. Moroccan tradition abounds in products that have been used for centuries to relax and care for your skin. Your visit to a hammam/spa during your tour of Morocco will be an opportunity to benefit from all this. In reputable establishments with top-quality, attentive staff, you can enjoy a massage and the benefits of the hammam.

To see the landscape from a different angle, you can also take a hot-air balloon ride. Take advantage of this flight in the Moroccan sky to have your breakfast. You’ll rise into the sky, watch the sun rise and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Better still, you can go out in the evening and take part in a dinner show in one of the city’s restaurants. There, you’ll eat a typical Moroccan dish and enjoy the general atmosphere of the place.

Morocco Family TourOver the last twenty years or so, Morocco has become a leading tourist destination, thanks to its magnificent and diverse landscapes and its history dating back more than two thousand years. This sublime country has adapted to all forms of tourism, and now offers a wide range of possibilities for family trips to Morocco.

Family travel to Morocco in a vacation club

During your family trip to Morocco, you can try out everything from traditional holiday clubs to family tours. Of course, the sea always attracts children, and Morocco’s seaside resorts, whether on the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean, offer very comfortable, even luxury, hotels with all the services for families and children. Just as on the beaches of the Côte d’Azur or the Landes, Moroccan hotel clubs are perfectly equipped to welcome you on your family trip to Morocco. Children’s clubs are available to entertain your little ones with a wide range of activities. Baby-sitting and day-care services are also often available, should you wish to take advantage of your family Morocco tour to visit the surrounding area in peace and quiet, with your parents, and recharge your batteries. You can entrust your children to the care of specialized, qualified activity leaders, so that they can have fun and be well looked after in complete safety.

A trip to Morocco offers activities for the whole family

Experience Moroccan luxury: You can also take your children with you on a tour or hike to discover Morocco’s splendid landscapes or the life of the inhabitants of remote villages. There are easy routes to choose from, as well as playful treetop adventure courses and mazes specially designed to make the whole family laugh. And what about a camel ride to completely charm your children! Depending on the hotel booked, water sports activities are also available for the older and more athletic guests. As for meals and medical services, once again, everything is taken care of so that you can make the most of your family trip to Morocco.

Family trips to Morocco in magical settings

Morocco also offers families pleasant stays in Marrakech or Ouarzazate, allowing them to discover enchanting scenery and, why not, nights under the stars among the immense dunes? Your children will return from their trip to Morocco with stars in their eyes! Don’t hesitate to consult all the family travel offers in Morocco proposed by Maroc Voyages. Our agency, with its strong local presence and unrivalled network of tourist service providers, is at your service to design a tailor-made family trip to Morocco!

Morocco Discovery Tour

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, separated from neighboring countries by mountains and desert, Morocco is traditionally a land where ethnic groups, tribes, peoples, civilizations and religions have succeeded one another, and where people have traveled and lived together since ancient times. A land of passage, a land of encounters, Morocco is a land of contrasts, where hospitality is not an empty word: you’ll experience it for yourself on a voyage of discovery in Morocco.

Travel and discover Morocco in sublime landscapes

Morocco is a constant invitation to discover, and the country’s varied landscapes are ideal for a wide range of journeys. During your trip, you can discover Morocco through nature or adventure tours in the vastness of southern Morocco, excursions and hikes in the Atlas mountains, vacations on the sandy beaches of Atlantic or Mediterranean resorts, encounters with the flora and fauna of nature parks, mountains or oases… Maroc Voyages will send you to places where landscapes are adorned with a multitude of colors. Morocco’s Deep South, for example, has many treasures to discover, from the mountains to the deep gorges of the Todra and the beautiful waterfalls and oases. Your discovery trip to Morocco will take you to the lush green palm groves that stretch along the Draa valley and into the desert, home to numerous villages where you can enjoy privileged encounters with the local population. In the desert, you can discover camel trekking, travel in a 4X4 and fall asleep under the stars in a Moroccan tent, admiring a magnificent sunset over the immense dunes of Erg Chebbi. An unforgettable experience!

Discover Morocco’s imperial cities

Four imperial cities await you in Morocco: Fez (the oldest, dating from the 8th century), Marrakech (the most popular with tourists), Meknes (built in the 17th century by Moulay Ismail, Morocco’s Louis XIV) and Rabat (the current capital), all of which ruled the kingdom at one time or another. Here you can visit some of the most beautiful monuments, with architecture influenced by various currents and built by the different Moroccan dynasties. The imperial cities, protected by ramparts, include a great mosque inside, a kasbah or prince’s citadel outside, a medina with colorful, noisy souks and numerous craftsmen. It’s in the heart of these cities that a voyage of discovery in Morocco will take you back in time. And don’t miss the Roman archaeological site of Volubilis near Meknes: a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its remains have stood the test of time.

Raid and Adventure Tour in Morocco

Experience Moroccan luxury: A raid in Morocco can be a long-distance endurance challenge, or a journey of discovery and adventure. You can use several means of transport to discover Morocco on an adventure tour, combining them as you wish. A raid in Morocco by 4×4, motorcycle or quad could end with a camel trek or an excursion on foot along small mountain trails, for example.

Morocco’s varied landscapes lend themselves to all kinds of raids and all kinds of wilderness aspirations. A raid in Morocco is the assurance of days spent according to your desires in a welcoming and friendly environment, in the heart of breathtaking landscapes.

A raid in Morocco to meet the local population

Raid in Morocco is sure to bring you some amazing encounters that will remain engraved in your memory. During your raid in Morocco, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture, as you’re warmly welcomed by locals in small, remote Berber villages, or by nomads in tents, who still follow the route of the ancient caravans with their camels. You can also meet herders and craftsmen who will share their passions and traditions with you in a simple and genuinely caring way. Sharing a mint tea or their meal, you’ll get closer to these noble, proud and smiling families.

An adventure tour in Morocco, a change of scene

In addition to encounters with Berbers or nomads in the middle of the desert, a raid in Morocco will take you to places of breathtaking beauty. These can be well-known, and easily accessed during your Morocco raid, such as the ksour (fortified villages), pretty oases, verdant valleys like the magnificent Drâa Valley and its thousands of palm trees, long Atlantic beaches, the Atlas Mountains, the canyons of the Dades Valley, or the immense desert dunes. But Maroc Voyages also works with experienced guides who were born on the spot and know the region you want to visit on your Morocco adventure tour. They’ll be able to guide you to places you’ve never been before, off the beaten track.

However, it’s best to be in good physical condition for a sports raid in Morocco, as the stages can be long. Above all, you need to be curious and respectful of the traditions of the people who live in these sometimes wild regions. It’s at this price that you’ll be able to really appreciate a raid in Morocco and completely recharge your batteries during a stay that could last a weekend or several weeks. It’ll be like an unforgettable interlude in your stressful life, and you’ll leave with your head full of memories and your eyes full of dreams.

Incentive travel in Morocco

Experience Moroccan luxury: Give new meaning to teamwork, motivate your staff, thank your customers, an incentive in Morocco will leave a lasting impression on participants, making their incentive trip memorable and beneficial. By “incentive” we mean several different formulas. It can be a work camp, a relaxed seminar, a business trip with clients, or a large-scale company convention with more or less 50 participants.

For an incentive, there’s no better destination than Morocco, with its marvellous landscapes ranging from the mountains of the High Atlas to the sea, ending with the Sahara desert and passing through magnificent imperial cities.

An incentive in Morocco to combine all your events

Avoiding unnecessary detours while combining business events, visits, cultural and sporting activities and relaxation is the aim of the “Incentive” programs offered by Maroc Voyages. A few hours’ work in a modern, well-equipped room will be followed by a host of experiences to make your stay a unique journey. Depending on your chosen destination, you can visit Marrakech, Agadir, Ouarzazate or Essaouira and the surrounding area. A wide range of options are on offer, including helicopter, plane or hot-air balloon flights over splendid landscapes, jet-skiing, paragliding, 4X4 rides, quad biking, camel rides, lunches by the water, on a beach or by a sparkling lake, and much more.

An incentive in Morocco to discover Moroccan charm

An incentive in Morocco will also give you the opportunity to sample authentic Moroccan cuisine in charming restaurants in the medinas, where oriental dancers perform, or to take part in rallies and competitions full of thrills and fun, while meeting the inhabitants of typical small villages and enjoying their warm welcome. You might even stop for lunch in a typical Bedouin tent, where you’ll be treated to a folkloric show. Traditional hammams and massages with the famous argan oil produced near Essaouira, “the well-designed city”, can be offered to your colleagues after a day exploring Morocco in a 4X4 through the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, or admiring a splendid sunset over the bay of Agadir or the jagged rocks of Ouarzazate, the city of Moroccan cinema where many films have been shot. You’ll also visit unusual and extraordinary places, unsuspected by mainstream tourism, including charming little villages in the middle of nowhere.

A creative and responsive team at your service for your incentive in Morocco

Experience Moroccan luxury: During your Morocco incentive with Maroc Voyages, you’ll spend your nights in selected hotels or privatized ryads with every comfort. Your agency will also organize all your gala dinners with memorable surprises, our teams on site using unprecedented means to make you experience exceptional evenings with enthusiasm and professionalism. Maroc Voyages will listen to you, react quickly and creatively, to meet your every need under the warm Moroccan sun.

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