Morocco – where to go on vacation?

Morocco – where to go on vacation?

Morocco – an amazing and fabulous kingdom at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, for its millennial history has absorbed the best of Berber, Arab, European, Jewish and African traditions. The Romans built their cities here, and pirates who lived here in the Middle Ages, keeping in fear half of Europe, the Moroccan sultans kept here such harems that other playboys envied them. Morocco is a popular holiday destination among tourists all over the world.

Holiday in the resorts of Morocco is a pleasure, thanks to the excellent climate, friendly locals, delicious Moroccan cuisine, cleanest ocean and sea beaches, and stunning beauty of snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains. On the north coast of Morocco is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, on the west – the Atlantic Ocean. Summers are hot and long, with temperatures up to thirty-five degrees and winters are warm, with temperatures ranging from fifteen to twenty degrees, but the higher into the mountains, the colder the winters, and therefore a lot of snow in the mountains in winter. The rainy season here runs from November to April.

Ocean water is usually cool from nineteen to twenty-three degrees, because it is not heated by the cold Canary Current, and the waves are high. The hottest month in Morocco is August, when temperatures soar to forty degrees. The hottest resort in Morocco is Marrakech.

The capital city of Morocco – Rabat, the form of government – a constitutional monarchy under the King – Mohammed the Sixth, who actually has unlimited power and authority over the government. The flight from Moscow to Agadir is six to seven hours. The tourist season in Morocco lasts all year round. The rest of the time is sightseeing and recreation in spas. Windsurfers take advantage of the fact that from November to April there are huge waves in the ocean.

The pluses of leisure in the resorts of Morocco can certainly be called the appeal of golden sandy beaches of natural origin, developed infrastructure, cleanliness, rather European cities than African. Today we will talk about the main resorts in Morocco, with a brief description of their advantages and disadvantages.

So, the main resorts of Morocco are Agadir, Marrakech, Essaouira, Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, Oualidia and El Jadida.

Morocco’s resorts on the Atlantic coast.

The resort of Agadir, which means “City of white” – the center of beach holidays on the Atlantic Ocean, there are three hundred sunny days a year. Tourists love holidays in Agadir, because it is not only to enjoy the sun and a beautiful beach, but also excellent opportunities for sports: surfing, horseback riding, golfing, and, of course, the famous thalassotherapy centers. Almost all local hotels have their own rental units, where holidaymakers can rent equipment for all water sports. City Beach in Agadir is the best Moroccan beach, stretching for almost ten kilometers. There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs near the beach area. In general, if you do not know that you are in Morocco, you might think that you are resting somewhere in the Mediterranean city. Even the local women here do not walk with their faces covered, as in other Muslim countries.

Casablanca is even more democratic, quite a European resort city, but it is also a business city and the economic center of Morocco. The city of avgarde and advanced technology: everyone is in a hurry, and Muslim women not only walk without burqas, but also allow themselves to wear mini-skirts and high heels. The city is a bustling, cheerful and colorful tourist spot, striking for its breadth of views and entertainment options. It has the largest airport in the country with an ultra-modern landing strip. Holidays in Casablanca are possible at any time of year, the climate is quite suitable for it.

The beaches of Casablanca are favored by surfers, because of the high ocean waves. One must say honestly that the city will not impress demanding vacationers and guests with children with a meager beach, but will provide comfort, numerous exciting excursions and various cultural activities. Casablanca has many museums, mosques, there are European boutiques. The minus of leisure in the city is a very high, compared to other resorts in the kingdom, prices.

Marrakech is the vacation resort city where most of the visitors of Morocco go. Marrakech amazes with a huge number of architectural sights and large oriental bazaars. It is as if frozen in the Middle Ages: fire-swallowers, fortune tellers, snake charmers, acrobats, women with their faces covered, and also the enchanting aromas of tea, spices, noise and clamor. All the motifs of the fairy tale “One Thousand and One Nights” are intertwined and concentrated in this mysterious, exotic and African hot Moroccan city. Only here you can feel the essence of this mysterious country. This is probably the reason why Marrakech has attracted Europeans with its uniqueness for centuries.

The ancient city will appeal to lovers of picturesque mountain scenery, because it is located against the backdrop of the enchanting Atlas Mountains, and it will appeal to those who like a measured way of life. It has squat two-storey houses, amazing national cuisine and excellent folk art workshops. I must say that this is not such a democratic place, as the above, so do not attract too much attention, we advise women not to be too naked. Also be careful, there are a lot of street thieves who reap a rich harvest as tourists walk open-mouthed through the bustling crowds of Marrakech bazaars.

Essaouira, or Essaouira, is a small but very picturesque medieval town, very popular with kitesurfers and windsurfers. The town has schools where you will be trained in these sports. Every year, there are international competitions among masters. Fans of surfing say that it has the best wave on the entire coast. If you surf clubs can rent equipment with suits, and for beginners offer their services experienced instructors. Excellent sandy beaches stretch all around the town. The city itself is very beautiful: it is almost completely surrounded by huge battlements, there are many old buildings, mostly white with blue shutters, lots of cozy cafes and shops. Climbing up the fort “The Rock” you can enjoy wonderful views of the port and the cliffs. In the old town there is a very beautiful mosque, and there is a perfectly preserved real slave market. Those tourists who love nature can visit the unique argan groves, you can buy a ticket to the center for the production of argan oil, which is added to many Moroccan beauty products.

The resort of Saidia, located in the north-east of Morocco, despite the fact that it preserved the pristine nature of the amazing beaches, you will not feel isolated from civilization, as it created all the amenities for guests. Excellent developed area for entertainment, there are excellent golf courses, various clubs, a lot of sports complexes, large swimming pools, restaurants for all tastes and the famous oriental cafes. Saidia has a warm and dry Mediterranean climate, and a well-developed transport infrastructure connects the city to all major cities in the world.

In general, Saidia goes to admire the unique nature around the river Muluya, there is a great variety of birds, tourists love to visit the grotto in the valley of the oasis of Zegzel, well, and of course to enjoy the clear and warm sea, lying on the beaches with fine golden sand. Quiet beach Ras el-Ma is beloved by fans of water sports.

Tangier is a resort, known for its mild climate, similar to the climate of the French Cote d’Azur. Nearly fifty yards of beach are located nearby. kilometers.

The main highlight of Tangier is that it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea at the same time. Frankly, within the city of Tangier, the beaches are not entirely clean, and there are constantly snooping local children and begging, and sometimes stealing, what is bad. Therefore, wishing to sunbathe and swim in comfort, it is better to go to the west of Tangier, where at the foot of the hills stretch wide sandy beaches. The color of the sand here grayish, shimmering gold luster, and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are very clean. Tangier has cricket and golf courses, marinas, a large water park and tennis courts.

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