Security in Morocco

Security in Morocco

Security in Morocco, a matter of State

Security in Morocco: One of the most recurrent questions that come to our ears is: How is security in Morocco? Is it possible to travel to the country with peace of mind? And despite prejudices, the reality is that it is. And so we prove it to you in this article, showing you an international report that leaves Morocco in a good place.

Morocco among the safest places for tourism

With the data in hand, it can be affirmed that safety in Morocco is at the height of a country that is decidedly open to tourism. This is according to the latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, prepared by the World Economic Forum, an independent international organization based in Switzerland. It assesses the risk of major mishaps, such as terrorist attacks, and according to its analysis, Morocco is the 28th safest country for tourism. This is a very valuable statistic, especially when compared with other European countries that apparently appear to be safer but are in a much lower position. For example, Germany (41st), the United Kingdom (45th) and France (51st).

Security in Morocco, a big gamble

Security in Morocco is a matter of state since tourism has been chosen as one of the strategic sectors of the country’s economy. As a result, the places most frequented by tourists are, in turn, the best protected in the country. And that is why the Moroccan government’s security cooperation with other countries is very fluid. Of course, with its northern neighbor, Spain, but also with the country most concerned about these issues: The United States. In fact, senior military commanders consider Morocco as their great strategic ally in the fight against terrorism, since it is the regional leader in this field.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Security in Morocco: Another interesting aspect is the recommendations made by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its compatriots before traveling. Advice on security in Morocco and that focus on extreme caution in Ketama and its surroundings for drug issues and on the border with Algeria in the Sahara, in case of unconsciously crossing it. Beyond this advice, this ministry does not give further warnings, qualifying the rest of the country as a “no problem zone”.

In any case, if you organize your trip with Sahara Morocco Tours, you will feel even more relaxed, since you will be accompanied by our professionals during the trip, from the very moment you set foot on Moroccan soil. We remind you that our trips will be done mainly in a minivan with a driver, Spanish speaking but also Moroccan speaking, who will know how to communicate with the local authorities and the local people in case of need. In addition, we have a deep knowledge of the country, so we will never take you through the above-mentioned risky areas.

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