The 14 most beautiful beaches in AI Hoceïma

The 14 most beautiful beaches in AI Hoceïma

The 14 most beautiful beaches in AI Hoceïma

The 14 most beautiful beaches in AI Hoceïma: If you’ve always dreamed of visiting an oasis of paradise on earth, this article will help you choose. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of these paradises. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 14 beaches in the province of AI Hoceima that are hard to resist and that will relax your spirit.

1. Calabonita Beach

If you’re looking for a beach getaway, Plage Calabonita AI Hoceïma is the place to be. This beach is located in the town of Hoceïma and is accessible by car or public transport.

The sun shines all year round on this Moroccan beach. The sand is soft and white, offering plenty of space to relax on your towel or blanket. The water is clear and warm, making it ideal for swimming or snorkeling. If you like to play in the waves, this beach has plenty of them!

If you’d like to spend some time exploring during your stay in Morocco, there are plenty of activities available nearby. You can go shopping at the nearby market or visit one of the local attractions such as the Museum of Modern Art or the National Museum of Archaeology and Art.

2. Matadero Beach

Matadero Beach is a beautiful beach in Hoceima, Morocco. The beach is characterized by its white sand and crystal-clear water. It’s an ideal place to spend a vacation with family and friends.

The beach offers numerous facilities for visitors, including toilets and showers. Lifeguards ensure the safety of visitors during their stay at the beach.

Matadero beach has become a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists due to its natural beauty and accessibility from different parts of the country.

3. Sfiha Beach

Sfiha AI Hoceïma beach is a hidden gem on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The water is crystal clear, there’s a small village nearby with a few restaurants and cafés, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see dolphins swimming in the distance. An ideal place to relax and enjoy nature!

4. Morro Viejo Corniche

Corniche Morro Viejo is a sandy beach bordered by turquoise waters. It lies a few kilometers south of Hoceima and offers panoramic views of the sea and mountains. The Morro Viejo Corniche is a favorite summer vacation destination for locals and tourists from all over the world.

The Corniche is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sea air. You’ll find restaurants and cafés where you can eat or have a drink while watching the sun set over the sea.

If you like water sports, you can take part in surfing lessons or buy a new board in the stores that sell these items.

5. Matadero Beach

Matadero beach is a beautiful beach in Hoceima, Morocco. It’s a well-liked vacation spot for both locals and tourists. The beach is surrounded by mountains and pine-covered rocks, making it an ideal place to relax while enjoying the views and scenery.

Matadero beach is a large sandy beach with calm waters. The water can sometimes be rough, so it’s best to check the weather conditions before heading to this beach. The water can be too cold in winter, but it can also be very hot in summer. There are no facilities on the beach itself, so be sure to bring your own food and drink if you plan to spend the whole day there.

There are a few restaurants nearby where you can buy food and drink, or even rent umbrellas to protect yourself from the sun if you’d rather not spend money renting an umbrella on the beach itself.

6. Quemado Beach

The beach is located in the town of Hoceima on the Atlantic Ocean, about 40 km from Tangier. The name “Quemado” means “burnt” in Spanish and refers to the dark color of the sand.

The water is very clear and warm, especially in summer. The beach is well equipped with restaurants, bars and other services for tourists and locals alike.

7. Isri Beach

This beach is located in the town of Isri, which is famous for its beautiful beaches. Isri AI Hoceïma beach is one of the best beaches in Morocco and is also considered one of the most visited beaches.

The beach is surrounded by palm trees and has a small harbor for boat access. The beach boasts a variety of fish and coral species, making it more attractive to tourists.

The Isri AI Hoceïma beach offers various services such as diving courses, snorkeling courses and other water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing.

8. Souani Beach

Souani AI Hoceïma is one of Morocco’s finest beaches. Located close to a fishing village, it boasts a beautiful sandy beach and clear blue water. The beach is close to the port of Hoceïma, which is a popular destination for divers.

Numerous restaurants and hotels are located close to the beach. The area is very quiet and relaxing, making it ideal for families or couples looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

9. Rmod beach

Rmod AI Hoceïma beach is located in the town of Hoceïma, Morocco. It’s one of Morocco’s most popular beaches, and there are several reasons for this.

The first is that it’s a beautiful beach with white sand and clear blue water. The water temperature is always warm and pleasant to swim in.

The second reason is that there’s a lot to do when you visit this beach. You can swim, surf, sunbathe, play on the beach or simply take photos of the beautiful scenery around you. The beach also has pleasant cafés where you can get food or drinks if you get hungry or thirsty while you’re having fun at the beach.

10. Thara Youssef beach

Thara Youssef beach, in the village of Hoceima, is one of Morocco’s most beautiful beaches. The beach is surrounded by rocks, making it even more spectacular.

Thara Youssef beach offers all kinds of water sports and activities: surfing, body boarding, sailing and kayaking.

You can also enjoy different types of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing.

11. Sfiha Beach

Sfiha AI Hoceïma beach in Morocco is one of the locals’ favorite destinations. It’s just a short drive from the city center. This beach of white sand and clear water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are plenty of places to eat and drink on site and in the surrounding area.

Plage De Sfiha AI Hoceïma, Morocco is located in downtown Agadir. It is a 2-minute walk from the train station and around 5 minutes from the bus station.

12. Boussekour beach

Boussekour beach is located just south of the port, near the lighthouse. It is easily accessible on foot or by cab from any of the city’s hotels. It’s easily accessible on foot or by cab from any of the city’s hotels. The beach has white sand and crystal-clear water, with plenty of shade trees under which you can relax if you want to escape the sun or have some privacy while you sunbathe.

13. Corniche Sabadia

Corniche Sabadia AI Hoceïma is a paradise for beach lovers. Located 15 minutes from Hoceïma, this beach has everything you need for an unforgettable experience: a large expanse of fine sand, turquoise water and crystal-clear waters. The Corniche Sabadia AI Hoceïma is the ideal place for water activities such as swimming and water sports.

The Corniche du Sahara is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco’s northeastern region. It boasts spectacular scenery, cultural diversity and a rich history. Its official name is “Corniche Sabadia”, which means “rocky coast” in Arabic.

14. Isly Beach

The 14 most beautiful beaches in AI Hoceïma: Plage Isly AI Hoceïma is a beach located in the town of Al Hoceima, Morocco. The beach is around 10 kilometers long. The beach was created in 1984. It has been fitted out with modern facilities and equipment. It is surrounded by numerous hotels and restaurants.

The beach is very well located, as it is close to the city center (less than 30 minutes). The scenery is beautiful and there are also some good restaurants nearby if you want something to eat after spending time on this beach.

If you like beach vacations, AI Hoceïma is a smart choice. Its beaches are always so beautiful that it’s hard to believe your own eyes. If you go there, it’s a good idea to take a day off and enjoy the sun, swimming or whatever else takes your fancy.

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