The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco: Do you dream of a thousand and one nights, of tales and wonders, of enchantment and change of scenery? Then let yourself be transported to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco.

Close your eyes. Just imagine. It’s a hot day. All around you, architecture bursting with detail and color, squares brimming with life, stalls piled high in alleyways, tantalizing smells, spices tickling your taste buds, friendly people at every door.

Travel a little further afield. Huge dunes, breathtaking mountains, sea as far as the eye can see, ochre lands, rock houses, goat herds in the villages.

You’re in Morocco.

The good news? Dreams can easily become reality. The bad news? There’s so much to discover, it’s hard to decide which places to visit in Morocco. But don’t panic, we’re here to offer you a mini guide to the twelve most beautiful places in Morocco.

1. Toudgha Gorge

In southern Morocco, explore the Atlas Mountains. Take to the road in the heart of the Toudgha valley. Cut through 300-meter-high limestone cliffs along the way. Enter the Todgha lodges.

The Toudgha Gorge is one of the most fabulous ways to experience the grandeur of Morocco’s landscapes. You’ll have the sensation of being engulfed by these giants of nature. The center of the gorge is also within walking distance. You can take a dip in the water of Oued Toudgha, the river that feeds the valley and gives it its amazing fertility. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled! Don’t be surprised to find rock climbers clinging to the sides of the cliffs.

2. Dades Gorge

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco: In an equivalent style, the Dades Gorge is just as spectacular. They lie further west than the Todgha Gorge. Once again, they bear witness to the incredible beauty of southern Morocco. The dwellings blend into the rock, the views are breathtaking, the geological formations fascinating and the colors scarcely believable. For those wishing to visit the Grand Canyon of Morocco, this is a place not to be missed.

For an unforgettable experience, admire the immensity of the Dades Gorge at sunset from one of the highest points above the road. Last but not least, you’ll notice that the gorges are also a playground for hikers and climbers.

3. Merzouga and the Sahara dunes

When visiting Morocco, it’s hard not to pass through the Sahara. The Saharan village of Merzouga is located in the southeast of the country. It’s the ideal gateway for exploring Morocco’s largest dunes. Also known as Erg Chebbi, this lunar massif in the Sahara offers a truly picture-postcard landscape. This is desert, dunes and camels as you’ve always imagined them! As far as the eye can see, all you’ll find is a sea of golden sand.

To make the most of this exceptional place during your stay in Morocco, there are plenty of activities on offer: camel rides, spending the night under the stars with Saharoui nomads, spending the night in Berber bivouacs or simply enjoying a sporty walk.

4. Paradise Valley

A place that lives up to its name! Although it’s a well-known tourist itinerary, we still recommend a visit to this valley. Visiting Morocco also means discovering sumptuous oases. Paradise Valley is one of the most sublime. On the outskirts of Agadir, this natural wonder offers streams, waterfalls, natural turquoise pools, stunning gorges and great biodiversity. Don’t hesitate to ask about the hiking trails. With or without a guide, don’t hesitate to explore the less-traveled paths. An opportunity to awaken your inner adventurer on a trip to Morocco.

5. Aït-ben-Haddou

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco: Aït-ben-Haddou stands in the province of Ouarzazate. It’s a Moroccan Ksar: a fortified village typical of the Maghreb, built here on a hillside. Its value and preservation are so exceptional that the village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No wonder it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco.

Aït-ben-Haddou is a heap of red earthen dwellings and corner towers surrounded by defensive walls. The ochre and caramel colors of the brickwork are breathtaking.

The little extra? The Ksar has been the location of many film shoots: Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Prince of Persia and Game of Thrones. It’s up to you to find those cult scenes!

6. Fint Oasis

South of Ouarzazate, discover the Fint Oasis. Meaning “hidden” in Berber, this enclave opens the doors to a veritable paradise. Once you’ve visited Morocco, you’ll realize that it’s a land of striking contrasts.

Here, lush palm groves contrast with blushing cliffs. The Frint Oasis is another marvellous example of Moroccan ingenuity. The irrigation system allows vegetation to flourish in a harsh environment. What’s more, the plantings in the palm grove are never random…

7. Ouzoud waterfalls

Looking for something to visit in Morocco after enjoying the hustle and bustle of one of the imperial capitals? The Ouzoud waterfalls will make you happy! This is undeniably one of Morocco’s most beautiful natural sites.

The hundred-and-ten-meter-high waterfalls cascade down three levels carved out of the rock. To visit the Ouzoud waterfalls, follow a hiking trail through the forest, where you’ll meet merchants of all kinds and monkeys. Watch out, they’re real poopers!

By the time you reach the foot of the waterfalls, you’ll feel so tiny you won’t be able to resist the urge to get up close and personal. Take a funny boat to the other side and enjoy a tajine break facing the gigantic falls. On the way back, the views are just as breathtaking. Look for the spot where you can see the rainbow over the waterfalls.

8. Chefchaouen

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco: If you want to visit Morocco by way of its towns, there are several not-to-be-missed places. Among them: is Chefchaouen, or the blue city. Highly photogenic, this small town is known for its facades, arches, alleyways and houses painted entirely in blue.

As you stroll through Chefchaouen, you’ll discover a city of surrealistic scenery and immediate charm. The tangled streets give the impression of an enchanted labyrinth. It’s impossible not to be captivated by this indigo maze, sometimes bright and electric, sometimes pale and soft.

As you climb higher, the city’s bluish hues offer a magical panorama. When you’re in Chefchaouen, don’t miss this view at sunset.

9. Marrakech

Of course you’ll think of Marrakech if you’re asked what to visit in Morocco. But in case you’ve missed it, we can confirm that the tourist capital is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. Day or night, the red city is an incredible attraction:

The crazy atmosphere of Jamaa El-Fna square;

the superb Jardin Marjorelle

The wonderful maze of the souks;

The itinerant shops ;

Marrakech’s unmissable Palmeraie

The omnipresent colors and lights;

Couscous à tire larigot ;

Exotic, majestic gardens;

Palaces bursting with ornament and detail;

Historic buildings and the Koutoubia Mosque;

Refined secret raids;

rooftops overlooking the incredible Medina.

In short, in Marrakech, you’ll find the atmosphere of a thousand and one nights.

10. Fez

Would you like to visit refined, historic and artistic Morocco? Then head for Fès, a mythical city brimming with attractions.

The Medina, or old town, of Fès is reputed to be the most beautiful in the country. Its charm comes from the omnipresent traces of the past. The imprint of history can be seen on every school, mosque and alleyway. The best thing to do is to lose yourself in the colors of time.

A visit to the Chouara tannery in Fez is also a must. Take a stroll between the basins and then climb up onto the colorful terraces. One of the most beautiful sights to behold during your stay with the fassis.

Morocco is also famous for its ceramics, and it’s in Fès that you’ll find the finest works. What makes them special? This piercing blue, the recipe for which remains a secret. A piece of Fès pottery is one of the best souvenirs to bring back from a trip to Morocco.

11. Essaouira

For a Moroccan holiday, why not visit Morocco by the sea? Essaouira is a port town with a fresh, authentic atmosphere. Stroll along its harbour, where hundreds of boats bob, take a tour of its ramparts and savour the delicious produce straight from the sea.

Essaouira is an ideal destination to visit in Morocco if you’re looking for peace and quiet. The general atmosphere is enveloping, the colors soft, although you’ll find a certain effervescence at the fishermen’s auction or in the souks. Essaouira is also a pearl for photographers, as its sunsets are reputed to be among the most beautiful in Morocco.

12. Dakhla

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco: Dakhla is synonymous with immensity and pristine land. It’s an ideal place to visit Morocco off the beaten track. At the southernmost tip of Morocco, the place merges desert and ocean. The sand dunes are white, the landscapes sometimes lunar, the waters crystal-clear, the beaches wild and it’s an Eden for water sports enthusiasts. Apart from them, few people know about this jewel on the Moroccan coast.

The Dakhla lagoon, its wild beaches and the Dragon Island are paradises for sunbathing, discovering natural pools or camping under the stars. Around Dakhla, you can also enjoy a desert excursion, a free fish pedicure at Imlili or the Asmaa hot springs.

13. Visit the Hassan II Mosque

It’s impossible for non-Muslims to visit a mosque in Morocco, except in Casablanca. The Hassan II mosque is open to everyone, all year round, outside prayer times. A beautiful Moroccan achievement on the water’s edge, it can be visited with the help of a guide to learn a great deal about the Muslim religion and how mosques are built.

14. Lodging exclusively in kasbahs

What could be more authentic and supportive than supporting, through your choice of accommodation, the all-too-few local initiatives to preserve and promote the extraordinary architectural heritage of the earthen kasbah? Ait Benhaddou, Skoura, Ouled Driss, Timidarte, and Oulad Othmane, among others. each offer a very different setting, the chance to meet the local people in charge, and a deep immersion in the culture of southern Morocco.

15. Touring the Tizi n’Tichka by car

Despite its complicated name, the Tizi n’Tichka is actually a pass at an altitude of 2,260 meters in the High Atlas Mountains. This road links Marrakech to Ouarzazate, and offers breathtaking scenery. There are numerous vantage points from which to admire different panoramas. In winter, the snow often invites itself to the top of the pass, and in summer, the traffic on this zigzagging road is quite heavy – a real adventure!

16. Bivouac in the Sahara dunes on camelback

The 16 most beautiful places to visit in Morocco: Erg Chebbi, also known as the Merzouga dunes, is a desert of golden dunes. The spectacular Erg Chebbi is one of Morocco’s two largest Sahara deserts, with dunes reaching heights of up to 150 meters. The best way to discover them to the full is to spend several days bivouacking on the back of a camel. The experience involves crossing several dunes to reach an ephemeral tent camp, spending the night in the middle of the desert and living as the Berbers traditionally do. The desert is renowned as one of the top locations on earth for viewing the Milky Way and stars with the unaided eye.

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