The 8 best walks to explore Morocco

The 8 best walks to explore Morocco's natural beauty

The 8 best walks to explore Morocco’s natural beauty

The 8 best walks to explore Morocco: Would you like to discover Morocco in a different way? Find out about the best hikes for exploring the country’s natural majesty on foot.

Morocco is a sought-after destination for hiking enthusiasts. From the majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the vast desert expanses and picturesque coastlines, this North African country boasts an incredible diversity of natural gems.

To help you on your adventure, we present our selection of the best hiking spots in Morocco. These invite you to rub shoulders with resounding landscapes, refreshing waterfalls, impressive canyons and verdant valleys. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a passionate amateur, Morocco has everything to seduce you. So get your hiking boots ready and let’s set off together to discover the kingdom’s treasures!

Contemplate centuries-old trees in Ifrane National Park

Nicknamed Morocco’s “Little Switzerland”, Ifrane National Park will amaze you with its architectural heritage and snow-covered winter landscapes. Located at an altitude of 1713 m in the Middle Atlas mountains, it’s the ideal starting point for some of the best hiking in Morocco. Here, enter the largest cedar forest in the Maghreb, covering over 500 km². You’ll be able to admire century-old trees, including the famous 800-year-old Gouraud Cedar.

One of the trails not to be missed is the Linnk Look trail, an easy 5.8 km loop through the forest. In just 1.5 hours, you’ll soak up the beauty of this area and may even catch a glimpse of monkeys, foxes and wild boar. If you’d prefer a slightly longer hike, choose the Azrou trail of almost 10 km. This will take you effortlessly to less touristy spots, offering great opportunities to spot monkeys and enjoy panoramic views from the Azrou cliff.

As for the more adventurous, the Monkey trail is for you. With its 7.4 km of moderate trail, this hike will take you close to the cedar forests and give you the chance to spot Barbary macaques.

Overlook the Mediterranean Sea at Al Hoceima National Park

The Al Hoceima National Park has two must-sees. Firstly, the hike from Taoussarte to Tikkit takes you through a variety of landscapes. Starting from the charming village of Taoussarte, you’ll cross hills, arid canyons and almond and olive orchards. Along the corniche, you’ll have a prodigious view of the sea and the cultivated terraces below. Further on, you’ll venture into a veritable canyon to reach the gravel beach of Tikkit, where charming fishermen’s huts nestle on the cliffside. This hike is also the perfect way to immerse yourself in the rural life of the region, meeting shepherds and farmers along the way.

Then, extend the pleasure by taking the 700 Steps Beach hike, ideal for enjoying breathtaking sea views. This more affordable trail takes you straight to the coast, where you can indulge in a variety of water activities, such as sailing or diving. As well as offering splendid panoramic views, this path also takes you out into the surrounding countryside, allowing you to take full advantage of the magnificence of Al Hoceima National Park.

Birdwatching at Talassemtane National Park

Talassemtane National Park, a 58,000-hectare protected area, is the perfect place to get up close and personal with Morocco’s only fir forest, home to over 700 plant species. You’ll also find a variety of wildlife, including the magot monkey, otter and genet. This enchanting park also boasts caves, vast valleys and magnificent waterfalls. Finally, you’ll be amazed by the presence of over a hundred species of birds, including the impressive golden eagle.

Start your expedition by conquering Mount Lakraa. This moderate hike, lasting around 5 hours, will take you to the summit at an altitude of 2,159 m. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with breathtaking views of forested hills and limestone cliffs. At the end of your ascent, the Rif mountains and surrounding fir forest unfold before your eyes.

Alternatively, the Zawiya trail can take you up to Mount Tissouka, the second highest peak in the Chefchaouen mountains, culminating at 2122 m. This 7-hour trek takes you through mountainous landscapes and picturesque villages. Along the way, you’ll be enchanted by the rich biodiversity and have the privilege of sampling the hospitality of the local people.

Climb to the roof of the Atlas Mountains on Mount Toubkal

The 8 best walks to explore Morocco: The ascent of Mont Toubkal has the distinction of being the highest peak in North Africa. This exceptional two-day escapade will take you up to an altitude of 4167 m, with a 2000 m vertical drop. Despite the difficulty of this challenge, every step you take will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas. Swing between lush green valleys, arid high-mountain landscapes and hilltop villages.

This unforgettable experience will delight challenge seekers and those in good physical condition. Don’t forget to bring enough water and comfortable walking shoes to make the most of this wonderful expedition. A guide is also required for this ascent of the Atlas summit. Discover the Atlas and the best hikes in this part of Morocco!

Enter the enchanting sanctuary of the Valley of the Roses

The Valley of the Roses is naturally one of the best hikes in Morocco. Indeed, it promises an unparalleled experience within the majestic High Atlas mountain range. Its arid, dry landscape contrasts with the green valleys of neighboring Dades. What’s more, along the way you’ll pass through charming Berber villages lining the river and discover magnificent citadels of remarkable architecture. You’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of the Route of 1000 Kasbahs and the Saghro djebel, which rises to an altitude of 2712 m. Terraced gardens, oleander forests and fields of rose, walnut and fig trees add a touch of poetry to this unforgettable hike.

With a duration of 5 hours and an ascent of 500 m, this itinerary is perfect for nature lovers. Its low approach difficulty means it can even be done by children who are good walkers. In the Rose Valley, stroll through the many kasbahs and admire the fields of roses used to make delicate products. Spring, particularly April and May, is the best time to enjoy the heady scent of roses.

Wind your way between the red cliffs of the Gorges du Dadès

The Dades Gorges are undoubtedly some of the best walks in Morocco. It’s an absolute must to explore on foot, on an exquisite walk lasting around 2h30. Along the Dades River, you’ll be overwhelmed by orchards of almond, argan, walnut, palm and poplar trees. But that’s not all! At the Tamalt cliffs, just 9 km after Boumalne, you can admire the sculpted landscapes of the “doigts de singe”, with their formidable rocky peaks.

For the more adventurous among you, the Dades Gorges also offer a 3h30 hike. You’ll reach the ruins of an ancient kasbah on the other side of the wadi. Also, following the course of the Dades, you’ll come across the charming village of Aït Oudinar, ideal for picnicking, fishing or simply relaxing by the water. This medium-difficulty trail will reveal some unique landscapes and allow you to fully immerse yourself in Morocco’s natural beauty.

Sail between ocean, desert and lagoon in Khenifiss National Park

Embark on a sensational journey between desert and ocean, in the heart of Khenifiss National Park. Your 5-6 day epic takes shape in the village of Tiznit in the Souss-Massa-Draa region. You’ll fall under the spell of the Naïla lagoon, an ecological treasure of Saharan Morocco. This medium-difficulty hike will delight you with its varied panoramas.

You can then continue your exploration towards Cap Draa, where you’ll come face to face with a splendid lagoon of brilliant blue waters, overlooked by majestic dunes. Take this opportunity to observe wild birds in their natural habitat and discover ancient archaeological remains that bear witness to the region’s rich history. In the middle of this remote desert, you’ll feel transported to another world, surrounded by wildlife and lulled by the cacophony of birds. And to top it all off

Visit Berber villages in the Aït Bouguemez Valley

The 8 best walks to explore Morocco: Welcome to the remarkable Aït Bouguemez Valley, also known as the “Happy Valley”. Here, you’ll be surrounded by Berber villages of ancestral architecture nestled at the foot of the majestic walls of the Jebel M’goun. A fantastic hike awaits you, suitable for all levels of fitness. Explore these authentic landscapes, accessible only on foot or by mule, and discover the charms of the villages nestled in the mountains. You’ll be warmly welcomed by the smiling local communities, who will open their doors to you for a stay in a home-stay gîte. This is the time to relax over a cup of mint tea and savour tasty traditional tajines.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to admire the play of light and shadow in the High Atlas mountains, a breathtaking visual spectacle. The Aït Bouguemez Valley, designated a “Global Geopark” by UNESCO, is rich in natural, geological, cultural and architectural heritage. What’s more, this destination benefits from a development strategy based on sustainable tourism, where the preservation of nature and the enhancement of local heritage are priorities.

So, what do you say to this suggestion of the best hikes in Morocco? Now it’s your turn to share your favorite trails in the comments below. Get ready to be thrilled and challenged – you won’t be disappointed by your Moroccan adventure!

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