The best 30 attractions in Morocco

The best 30 attractions in Morocco

The best 30 attractions in Morocco

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: This country of contrasts on the coast of North Africa opens to guests a completely new and unusual world, so each of the guests coming here independently decides what to see in Morocco tous, we describe the main attractions of this amazing country.

What to see in Morocco in 1 day

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: This country is an ancient monarchy of the Muslim world, here ancient history is now found at every turn. Therefore, the question of what to visit in Morocco for visitors, and where to visit for tourists, is always relevant. The architecture of the country, which is called the gateway of the African Arab world, is monumental and mysterious – there are many places that tourists should definitely visit to get in touch with the millennia-old secrets of Eastern culture.

The capital has many museums that attract foreign tourists. Advertising brochures popularly explain to guests where to go and what should be seen first of all: the Royal Palace, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, built of snow-white marble.

El Badi Palace

In Marrakech, the ruins of a formerly luxurious palace have been preserved. The unique architectural structure was created 25 years at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries. Archaeologists consider it a model of Maghreb architecture, about which ancient poets wrote poems. Photography is prohibited.

Bahia Palace

Among the attractions for tourists in the city of Marrakech – and this ancient relic, built by order of the Grand Vizier Si Ahmed bin Moussa. During the construction of the ruler gave “valuable instructions”, which resulted in a confusing labyrinth, but some researchers put forward an interesting opinion – this was the plan. The palace is located opposite the city’s jewelry market on Riad Zitoun el Jdid.

Ait Ben Haddou

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: The fortress city from a fairy tale is located in the south of the country. First of all, tourists are attracted by the original architecture – numerous tiers of clay rectangular houses with flat roofs surrounded by palm trees with growing dates. Until the middle of the last century, this place was rarely visited by visitors, but after the historical movie “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed, the flow of tourists greatly increased.

How to get there: from the city of Ouarzazate to Ait-Ben-Haddou 32 km, you can get there by bus. Those who like a convenience can order a “grand cab”. In the vicinity of the fortress city, there is no transportation, all movements are carried out on foot.

Mahkama du Pacha

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: There are also interesting places in Casablanca, such as the magnificent palace located in the historic Habbous quarter. There, the oriental look of the beautiful streets is combined with the architecture of the French Middle Ages. This historic building formerly housed the Palace of Justice and now houses the city’s municipality and court.

Koutoubia Mosque

This is the most popular place in the city of Marrakech, made in the traditional style of Mauritania, but also includes elements of Spanish architecture. What the mosque is famous for is its 77-meter-high minaret, which is visible from any part of the city, so it serves as a landmark for tourists.

Hassan II Mosque

Tourists can see a grandiose monument to Islam by visiting this construction – the record height of the minaret of 210 meters is fascinating. For the construction of the mosque brought from Italy 65 thousand tons of marble, was built 2.5 thousand columns and installed 50 lights from Venetian glass, the weight of each – 50 tons.

Djemaa al Fna Square

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: The Djemaa al Fna Square is Marrakech’s famed venue, a zoo, circus, orchestra pit, and exotic oriental market: snake charmers, acrobats, and magicians, and vendors of spices, spices, and medicinal herbs. Here you can taste seafood at a modest price.

Agadir’s Kasbah

The city fortress was built in the 40s of the XVI century by the first Sultan of Morocco Mohammed al-Sheikh al-Mahdi.

A terrible earthquake in the 1960s wiped out the city and the fortress. Only the fortress wall and the main gate, where the bilingual inscription “Fear God and Honor the King” has been preserved from the former grandeur. From the high hill, you can enjoy picturesque views of the city and the Bay of Agadir.

Morocco’s Blue City

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: Chefchaouen is spread out at the foot of the mountains called Rif and amazes tourists with the bright colors of painted pots against the original blue painted walls. Medina, or Old Town, which is painted in the color of the sky, is located above, on the mountainside – this is where tourists need to go to take pictures to remember.


A monument of Moorish architecture is the fortress of Udaya, where the tools of the XII century and houses of inhabitants without windows are preserved. Tourists prefer to come to the northern territory of the ancient citadel, as there is a viewing platform overlooking the mouth of the Bu Regreg River, where you can take memorable photos against the backdrop of the picturesque view. There is a museum of Moorish culture on the territory of the citadel.


The inhabitants of the city were protected from nomadic raids by a fortress wall 2 meters high and 40 powerful bastions, and around the fortress grew olive groves and vineyards. The powerful columns of the capitol and basilica, the Arc de Triomphe, and the paved forum grounds are reminders of the former greatness. The beauty of the ancient city is reflected in the layout and arrangement of the streets, and the harmony of the proportions of the buildings with patios, where the rich citizens lived.

Sidi Abdurahman Temple

The cult building is built on a rocky island not far from the shore, previously it was possible to get there only at low tide, but now a bridge has been built. Muslims are allowed inside the temple, while other tourists can only view the surroundings from afar and walk along the majestic walls.

Where to go in Morocco for a tourist, interesting places

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: There are many parks and gardens in the country, where everyone can walk and see rare exotic plants.

Talassemtane National Park

To preserve the country’s spruce forests, a 589.5 square kilometer reserve was created. The park is a place for hiking and horseback riding. All this splendor is located in the mountains, so from the observation decks there are picturesque views. Special hostels are open for numerous tourists, where they can rest from steep ascents and descents.

Address: Tangier-Tetouan district, Talassemtane National Park.

How to get there: by bus to the city of Tetouan, it will take less than an hour to get to the reserve, there are shuttle buses five times a day.

Arab League Park

It was created by designers from France in the 30s of the last century, so the luxury of the East and the sophistication of Europe were mixed. Citizens and visitors love to stroll along the shady alleys, enjoying the view of neatly trimmed lawns, or relax from the heat in the shade of palm trees

Crocodile Park

There is free parking in front of the park, which is convenient for tourists traveling around Morocco in private vehicles. This farm is not to be confused with others – the entrance is decorated in the form of a huge crocodile head. Visitors enter the park bypassing its open mouth with large teeth.

Menard Gardens

One of the most visited parks in Marrakech is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The date of creation of the garden dates back to the beginning of the 12th century. The area of artificially planted gardens is 100 hectares. An artificial pond with fish was not forgotten, and there are pavilions for visitors’ rest. According to some sources, the sultan buried all the treasures collected during military campaigns somewhere in the gardens.

Address: Marrakech Les Jardin De La،.

Mode of operation: open from 8.00 to 19.00.

How to get there: tourists can take bus L13, stop at Bab Doukala, or walk from the Koutoubia Mosque in the center of the old city along Avenue Amir Moulay Rachid.

Majorelle Garden

The picturesque corner is located between the new city and the medina of Marrakech, the author is Jacques Majorelle, who created a cozy garden in the early 20s of the last century. The French artist embodied in his creation the culture and life of the country, using the natural colors of nature.

Address: Rue Yves St Laurent.

Working hours: from 1.10 to 30.04 – 8.00-17.30, and from 1.05 to 30.09 – 8.00-18.00. In the holy month of Ramadan – 9.00-17.00.

How to get there: take bus number 4 to Boukar-Majorelle stop or call a cab, exoticists can order an ancient carriage.

Toubkal National Park

This natural park is located on the slopes of Mount Jbel Toubkal (4615 m). The oldest park in the country, with an area of 380 square kilometers, is wave-shaped. It will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2022. In addition to simple hiking trails, there are trekking and challenging paths for novice outdoor enthusiasts.

Address: High Atlas Mountains, 70 km from the city of Marrakech.

How to get there: the village of Imlil is located 3 km from the reserve, but the starting point of the trip is Marrakech – suburban buses depart from the bus station, but they pass by the town of Asni. Cab drivers are on duty near the stop.

Haut Atlas Oriental National Park

The western park is known to many tourists, it is also located in the High Atlas Mountains and is 490 square kilometers in area. Unlike other similar parks, it has several villages and cultural sites, two forest lakes: Tislit and Easley. The area is home to cedars, oaks, pines, and juniper bushes, while wildlife includes gazelles, Barbary sheep, lizards, snakes, small rodents, and birds.

Lezgir Beach

This beautiful spot on the Atlantic coast is famous for its natural arches near the rocky shore. From afar, they appear to step into the depths of the ocean. These cliffs look especially fabulous when the sun goes down.

Address: 160 km from the city of Agadir.

How to get there: the most convenient way to get to Legzira Beach is by bus from Agadir City to Tiznit or Sidi Ifni, and then by cab. These are free of charge. If you do not want to spend the night in local hotels, then arrange with the driver – he will wait for you, because cabs in this area are not popular.

Oyster Trading Center

A popular resort for seafood lovers, where you can sample freshly caught crabs and oysters. Gourmets come not only from abroad but also from other Moroccan cities. The second reason to visit the small town of Oualidia is to see pink flamingos.

Address: El Jadida, Dukkala Abda. Geographically this resort is located between Casablanca, which is 200 km away, and Essaouira – which is located to the south – 175 km along the ocean.

How to get there: buses go to the town of Safi, and then you need to get to Oualidia.

Beautiful places to visit in Morocco

The North African country is full of natural attractions, but to see some of them, you need to decide to take a long hike, designed for the whole daylight hours.

The dunes at Merzouga

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: Many people imagine the Sahara as a huge pile of hot sand moving in the winds, but in fact, much of it is dry earth and rocks. Only 76 mm of precipitation falls here per year, and not always. You should come in spring or fall, because in summer it is hot here, and in winter it is cold even during the day.

Grottoes of Hercules

These natural caves are located in the rock of Jebel Musa. According to one of the many legends, in ancient times there was a 24 km long underground passage under Gibraltar, through which Berber macaques traveled to Africa.

Ifni lake

The water in the lake warms up well, so tourists swim in it in the afternoon, but you should not dive deep – closer to the bottom the water is icy. Around the lake, there is no vegetation, only bare lifeless rocks with steep impassable slopes. Only from the west, there is a comfortable stone gentle descent.

Todra Gorge

This is the name of the part of the huge canyon made in the rocks by the rivers Todra and Dades. The length of the natural gorge is about 40 km, and there is an asphalt road at the bottom. Of interest to tourists is the section of the road where the distance between steep rocks is only 10 meters. Here everyone disembarks from cars and walks on foot to take a photo as a souvenir. There is another Dades Gorge nearby, so tours are held in both at the same time, so tourists do not have to travel twice.

Paradise Valley

Morocco’s most famous attraction. The valley is immersed in emerald greenery: besides palm trees, there are fruit and almond trees, and it is fed by a full-flowing river with its source high in the mountains. Because of the cascading waterfalls, many tourists come here from February to August, when the water pressure is particularly strong.

Draa Valley

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: This is 200 km of palm groves and ancient villages with fortresses or kasbahs. The most striking mountain scenery in Morocco is concentrated here. Thousands of years ago there was an active life of ancient settlers, as evidenced by a 300-500 thousand-year-old quartzite statue of the goddess Venus found by archaeologists near the town of Tan-Tan.

Uzud Waterfall

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: Crystal-clear waters cascade down to form three independent streams. It is especially beautiful during sunset when transparent splashes burn sparks against the reddish color of the rocks. Olive trees grow on the ledges.

Guro cedar

This 800-meter-tall giant grows in the national park around the town of Ifrane, at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level. The protected zone has an impressive area of 500 square kilometers, where, in addition to cedars protected by law from felling, poplar, and maple forests grow, full-flowing rivers and picturesque lakes flow.

Imi-n-Ifri Natural Bridge

The best 30 attractions in Morocco: This bizarre structure was created by nature – the stone was drained by the water of the river flowing beneath it. This natural wonder is a must-see for all tourists coming to Morocco. You can walk under the bridge and see rare species of migratory birds resting there before heading further along the route taken by their ancestors.

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