The best attractions in Morocco

The best attractions in Morocco

The unusual kingdom of Morocco is shrouded in a mysterious veil of unexpected surprises. African-Arabic notes will plunge you into a real exotic fairy tale. A look at the most interesting sights in the Kingdom of Morocco.

1. the historic city of Meknes

One of the interesting historical sites is the imperial city of Meknes, which is filled with various ancient monuments and structures. In this place you can see ancient colored arches and gates, the Sultan’s granary, large museums filled with interesting artifacts, and slave dungeons. Walking through the place, you can wander into the lovely gardens, and you can reach a large square where you can see a show of jugglers, snake dancers, and fortune tellers.

2. The Magnificent Gardens of Menard

A soulful and harmonious place in Morocco are the beautiful Menara Gardens. They are located near the Atlas Mountains, 40-45 minutes away from the main square in Jemaa al-Fna. Emerald olive groves, exotic trees and gardens spread their branches in this place. You can also sit and admire the quiet water surface of the lake, where you often see unusual birds. The atmosphere in this place is very calm and comfortable, and panoramic views enchant every tourist in this corner.

3. Blue City Chavin

Enigmatic town of Chavin is painted in shades of blue. This unique place is filled with old houses and interesting structures. According to the accounts of the natives, the blue color symbolizes the divine veil which tells the people about God. By this method, the natives created a religious city painted in this color. The wonderful narrow streets are decorated with greenery and small benches. This is a wonderful city to see only here.

4. Thalassemtane Nature Park

Talassemtane National Park was originally a protected area, which was protected and tried to preserve rare spruce forests. Over time, this place became a landmark of the country and a nature park with picturesque views was created here. It is located in the Rifa Mountains near the town of Chefchaouen. Today in this national park you can stay in a hostel and take a horseback ride in the surrounding area. Walking around the territory one can see mountain peaks, rocky gorges, charming forests and a lot of animals from wild leopards, cute monkeys and other representatives of this region.

5. The ancient earthen city of Ait Ben Haddou

In the south of Morocco an old earthen city is located 29 kilometers from Ouarzazate on the left bank of the river Ouarzarat. This place is imbued with the atmosphere of the ancient people and historical culture. According to the records of the town, it was built in the 11th century. Interesting constructions and half-cave clay houses can impress even the gourmet travelers. It is often used to shoot historical and Oriental movies.

6. Uzud Mountain Falls

A beautiful African cascade of waterfalls is located in the High Atlas Mountains in the region of Tadla-Azilal. The large waterfall reaches a height of 110 meters and at its source the jets diverge into a cascade. A large recreation facility with stunning vistas and unusually lush surroundings is also present in this location.. Here you can watch macaques and other animals. And the wonderful rivers and ponds will leave travelers unmoved by this marvelous place.

7. The picturesque Draa Valley

Against a backdrop of rocky ridges and natural greenery runs the long Draa River that winds its way for a thousand kilometers, where it discharges into its final path the Atlantic Ocean. It is the longest river in the whole country of Morocco. This incredible beauty spot is also home to fertile gardens and groves located near the villages of local farmers. There is also a marvelous mountain gorge that runs among the source of the river, which blends into the overall color of this wonderful place.

8. The Rock Grottoes of Hercules

The nature of Morocco is so rich and rich that it can continue to delight and amaze tourists from all over the world. The grottoes or caves of Hercules are another interesting location.. The rock masterpieces are located in Tangier-Tetouan near the city of Tangier. The gulfs of the sea have chiseled away the rock, thus forming and opening the passages to the underworld of Morocco. Along the cave expanses, the waves of the sea wash over the shores beautifully, giving the place an incredible view. These cave tunnels get their name from one of the legends of Morocco, which says that Hercules spent one of the nights in these caves before performing one of his 12 feats.

9. The sandy land of Erg Chebbi

In addition to mountain ranges, verdant forests, wonderful valleys and beautiful waterfalls, Morocco is also inhabited by sandy massifs. One such amazing place is, the sand dune Erg-Shebbi which is located in southeastern Morocco. In this desolate place you can travel on camels on the sand dunes. Also, fans of extreme and nature travel will be able to stop in the middle of such a desert and spend the night in tents. Another unique delicacy will be the national cuisine of the indigenous Berbers, who live in the desert

10. The main square of Morocco Jemaa el Fna

Well, the most important thing in the journey through the country is the city’s main attraction in the form of a large square in Morocco. In this place, the notes of Oriental culture play in vivid colors. Here daily street performers hold their performances, pleasant aromas entice street food stalls, and the noises of the oriental bazaar entice so and so look into the market. It is definitely worth a tour in such a place to get acquainted with the culture and the people of this Eastern country.

What to bring from Morocco as a gift for friends There are a lot of handmade things in Morocco that are popular all over the world. To go to Morocco and not buy souvenirs 🎁 almost a crime against friends and relatives. Argan oil is known all over the world, but only here will you buy it inexpensively and be sure that it is real, the same goes for bags, famous lamps, ceramic tableware, you can even buy a carpet if you know how to bring it back home

A country located in northwest Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Sahara Desert, the ruins of Volubilis, the garden of Majorelles and local markets are to be seen by the tourist. Morocco’s folk crafts are more than a thousand years old. The counters of the markets abound with works of art Berbers and Arabs. Everyone wants to take from the country not only experiences but also souvenirs for themselves and their loved ones.

Gifts for friends

Every tourist considers it his or her duty to visit the Sahara Desert. Locals sell small, elegant bottles for $5. In them vacationers pour the reddish desert sand and take home. Such a vessel with sand looks very beautiful. It makes a great souvenir for your friends.

From Morocco they take fossils of ancient creatures and druse of quartz. “Druse” translates from German as “brush.” It is a cluster of many crystals on a base. The druse looks stunning in the light. Sweet tooth will not pass by the Moroccan sweets: khelwa, baklava, honeydew, fkas, crislet, amlu. They contain peanuts, almonds, walnuts, dates and honey. The most delicious desserts are handmade by women, recipes passed down from generation to generation. Skilled cooks give an intricate form to sweets, adding spices and bright food dyes.

Memories of Morocco

People go to Morocco for carpets. They are made from the natural wool of camel and sheep. Berber carpets are bright and colorful with floral and geometric designs. They are sold in the markets of Medina, Rabat and Ouarzazate. Don’t buy a rug at the first shop, compare prices with those next door and always haggle. Oriental tableware made of metal and ceramic will not leave anyone indifferent. Copper and silver teapots, plates with intricate patterns, and exquisite tea sets are filled with oriental flavor. Fruit platters, cups are handmade masterpieces. Inimitable Moroccan style, the elegance of the lines captivates and gives aesthetic pleasure. Meat-painting tajines will suit the taste of cooks, lovers of the exotic. Tagin is a clay pan, covered with a lid in the form of a cone. Moisture evaporates during cooking, settles on the lid and flows back into the dish. You can buy quality pottery in Safi and Fez. Moroccan Mint Tea Berber green tea with the addition of mint and sugar is served in local establishments and called whiskey. The drink tastes pleasant, invigorating and thirst-quenching. Morocco is considered a major supplier of tea around the world. Tea packaged in a cube-shaped box can be bought in any store. Moroccan kits with teapot, tea and glasses are sold as souvenirs. At home they are a wonderful reminder of the oriental country.

Babushi shoes resemble slippers with a pointed toe and a glued back. They are lightweight, soft shoes for adults and children. They are made of leather and suede. Decorated with engraved ornaments, beaded embroidery. Children’s grandmothers are the brightest and most beautiful. Buy them as a gift for children. Dzhellaba – dress robe with a hood, national dress of men and women of Morocco. Will not suit the taste of every tourist because of the simplicity of cut, rough, monochrome fabric. The neckline and hem of the djellaba is decorated to protect against evil spirits.

Moroccan products for women

Women will love the original Spanish-Moorish style jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets with semi-precious stones made of gold, silver and wood are sold in the markets of Fez and Tiznit. Prices start at $1.50. Cosmetics made with argan, rose, olive oil and herbs are known worldwide. It is bought for yourself or as a gift. The cream, soap, shampoo are made according to ancient recipes. Moorish ochre and poppy petals pomade surprises many with its clay cone shape. You need to drop water on the ceramic vessel of the lipstick and apply it with a brush. Be careful, the lipstick is very persistent it will be difficult to wash the skin. Pashmina shawls, a popular souvenir from Morocco Shawls, stoles in stunning colors composed of 70% pashmina and 30% silk. Pashmina is a soft, thin, warm fabric made of the fur of cashmere goats. The average price of a wrap is $25.

In the markets you will find spices familiar (saffron, rosemary, turmeric) and quite unfamiliar. Moroccan spice blends are fragrant and not very spicy, and they often contain flower buds and lemon peel. Mixes are created specifically for dishes: meat, fish, lamb, vegetables, sweets. Ras al-khanut spice is good for cooking tagine. Argan oil is a unique product. It is rich in carotene and unsaturated fatty acids. It is used in Moroccan cuisine and cosmetology. The Argan tree grows only in Morocco. Argan oil normalizes cholesterol, cures eczema and atopy, restores hair, gives it a lively shine. Beware of fakes in the form of olive oil with added argan oil. The real oil is sold only in glass containers, has a reddish hue and a persistent nutty aroma with the scent of almonds.

Morocco – all about holidays in Morocco: where to go, whether you need a visa, what the weather is like there

An overview of the Kingdom of Morocco for tourists who have decided to go on holiday to this African country, which at one time was Carthage and Mauritania. And that means one thing, there is definitely something to see and do, the abundance of attractions 🏛️ great, and low prices. Let’s talk about the weather and climate in Morocco, too, show the country on a map of the world, interesting photos and video review

Morocco is an ancient country that dates back to the period of the first use of stone tools by man. The history of the country, the architecture of the cities and the peculiarities of life of the local population are the main components of the exploration of this place. WellTAM will now tell you everything in detail, and immerse you in the world of Morocco. The country is of great interest because of its unusual nature, beautiful and rare architecture, as well as the abundance of various beautiful places. Morocco has gained its fame not only because of its religion, but also because of its vast territory in the Western Sahara.

General information about Morocco The famous blue city The country is a densely populated place, and has 36,326,632 inhabitants (as of October 2018). The population has different names, but the natives are called Berbers. Due to the rapid passage of time and the simplification of obsolete words, residents are now divided into names of the same name. The men are Moroccans and the women are Moroccan. The currency is the Moroccan dirham, which was introduced in 1961. As of August 2019, 1 Moroccan dirham is equal to 6.9 rubles ($0.1). The form of government in the country is a dual monarchy, which means that the power of the monarch is limited by the constitution and constitutional acts, but the monarch is actually the ruler of the state. The official languages are Arabic, Spanish, Berber and Tamazight. The country’s religious preference remains Islam. Almost the entire population is Sunni Muslims, and only the remaining 1% follow the Christian faith. The country’s telephone code is +212 (entered both when calling from a cell phone and from a landline).

Where is Morocco

The state occupies a territory in North – West Africa. The cities of this country are located along the ocean (one of the four – the Atlantic), and the northern part is the Mediterranean Sea. Also from the territory of Morocco you can find yourself in Algeria, and through the Strait of Gibraltar you can visit Spain. Also the country borders with Mauritania and Western Sahara.

The country includes 12 regions, which received their division since 2015. Popular cities in Morocco include: Essaouira Medina, the famous blue boats of Marrakech. The medina of this city is a World Heritage Site. Casablanca. It is the center of trade fairs and a major tourist attraction, which is why there is such an abundance of tourists. Agadir. The city is the best resort in Morocco because of the abundance of beaches. There are few attractions, but the climatic conditions are excellent for sunbathing and swimming in the country’s waters. Fes. is rich in the presence of old places in the city, and got its great fame after being mentioned in the Brazilian TV series “Clone”. After the show there was a big influx of tourists, and so far the city is still full of them. Rabat. Additionally, this city serves as the state capital.. It is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, and is a favorite tourist destination. The main tourist centers are Tangier, Tafraut, and Agadir. Hotel reservations are made well in advance and itinerary maps are also made as soon as tourists plan their vacation. In addition to the popularity and crowdedness of the cities, there are the largest areas. These include cities such as: Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Fez and Tangier. That is, all those places that tourists visit most often, there is a large population.


Features Castle in Morocco The existence of the country is considered a mark of more than 300 thousand years ago. The history of the state developed long and with complex features, but the final independence it received in 1956, when it was separated from France, and became an independent country. The cultural heritage of the inhabitants of Morocco collected piece by piece for many decades and centuries, but in the end have developed their own characteristics. They observe religion, have their own traditional dress and festivals, and Moroccan traditional cuisine is drooling. The abundance of dishes, the aroma and taste of the food is indescribably pleasant. Once you try it, you will want Moroccan food again. On the economic side of the state can be seen in two ways. First, most people in the country live frugally, modestly and not accustomed to showing their achievements in public view. But secondly, when a resident of Morocco has a good fortune, it is an honor to point out his wealth. Entertainment in the country is quite expensive, but the sights are often free, as almost every building in the country has access to it.

The observance of customs and culture applies not only to residents of the country, but also to its visitors. If a tourist has entered the country, he is obliged to behave according to local traditions. Girls should preferably wear a headscarf, and married men should not be alone with girls, even in a store. There are prohibitions on all this in the religion, which Moroccans worship sacredly. An interesting fact about Morocco is that it is customary here to bargain, and everywhere: in the store, the market, in the cafe. If you come to this country and do not haggle, the locals may think they have no respect at all. Whether you are a tourist or a local, but the talk about bargaining must come up. The price of goods is most often inflated, not so that the seller can recoup the cost of goods, but so that haggling can happen. And it is this ritual that is the highest degree of respect among the local population.

Climate in Morocco

The temperature is the same every year: in summer the air heats up to +30 – +35, and in winter it reaches +10 – +12 degrees. The best months to visit the country are from April to October. During this time, the country’s waters are warm, the beaches start active and the tourist season is in full force. Winter holidays in the country are also common, but it may not be as warm as in summer, but there are daredevils, who just want to give water, and they dive as they know how.

What kind of vacation to choose

Because of its climatic features Morocco has received its fame as a beach holiday. Many cities in the country have equipped beaches, there are all conditions for recreation, both tourists and locals. Beach volleyball, photo shoots, walking along the promenade – all this and much more awaits you on a beach holiday. The next type of vacation is to walk around the sights of the city. Places such as Fes or Marrakech can captivate with the beauty of the city and the abundance of ancient buildings. Lovers of ancient architecture will enjoy walking through these cities, and it is no problem to arrange trips to other cities in the state. Camel Caravan in the Sahara Desert The next popular recreation in Morocco is a safari. Renting jeeps, driving around the state and relaxing in pleasant company all become part of the cultural program. The Sahara Desert has endowed the state with a huge amount of sand, so a visit to the expanse of the country should not only take place in the cities, but also outside the cities.

Thalassotherapy is great for SPA lovers. Water gymnastics, massage and mud baths are the priority of this rest. Morocco has become an extensive development of this industry, and it is in great demand among tourists. Compared with holidays in other countries, spending time in Morocco is that there is restraint with religion. You can not openly go to a club, as in Turkey, or go shopping for expensive purchases, as in France. Restraint of leisure perfectly suits Morocco, because the mentality of this country does not allow to do otherwise.

National Holidays Celebrated exclusively in Morocco European New Year, January 1; Declaration of Independence Day, January 11; All Workers’ Day, May 1; National Day Celebration, May 23; Throne Day, July 30; Revolutionary Day, August 20; Youth Day, August 21; Green March Memorial Day, November 6; Independence Day, November 18.

In addition to national holidays, Morocco has religious holidays such as the Muslim New Year; the birthday of Prophet Mohammed; the end of the month, when Muslims stopped eating certain foods, drinking, smoking, and having an intimate life; and the Eid- Bairam holiday.

Traditional Cuisine

The dishes, which are frequent on the tables of the Moroccans, have an unusual preparation and an equally unusual serving. For tourists, the taste of dishes does not look like anything comparable, and the names of soups (they are the main food of the inhabitants of Morocco) sound special. Traditional Moroccan cuisine The first dish is Chorba soup. Under this exquisite name is hidden chicken broth, cooked with the addition of herbs. The next soup is made of lamb and is called Harira. It also includes beans and a large abundance of seasoning. It is its flavor features that give the dish a bright and rich flavor. The third most popular dish in Morocco is fish soup, which also adds herbs and cloves to taste. Completes the list of dishes that are most often cooked in Morocco is the soup Ebaba. It got its name because of its amazing taste for Europeans. Exotic for the tourist is that the dish is made with bread, and locals advise to try it at least once, especially for tourists.

For the second course Moroccans like to eat kebab, lamb and lamb meat. It is meat that is the main component on the table of the inhabitants of this state. They cook chicken by steaming, adding herbs and spices to taste. Salads, vegetables and fruits are also in high demand, not only on holidays, but also on ordinary days.

At the end of a meal, Moroccans and tourists prefer to eat light snacks, drink tea, and eat sweet treats. Sweets include such foods as bastia (pancakes with aromatic herbs), rgaif (also pancakes, but with a filling), briouate (patties with meat filling), briqui (pancakes with boiled eggs), beshkito (crispy cookies) and avezet (buns stuffed with meat and spices). These are the items that are often used on Moroccan menus. It is best to try the above dishes in cafes and restaurants, but also, if you have the unique opportunity to meet the locals and you have been invited to dinner, do not dare refuse! This is a great chance not only to try traditional Moroccan cuisine, but also to communicate with the people and learn more about their culture. Moroccan spices in the markets of Marrakech The cost of food and dishes in the cafe are different, because by buying everything you need in the store yourself, you can save a lot. But there is no way to do it yourself; you need a professional culinary expert who knows exactly how to make a dish.

Where is the best place to stay

Accommodation in Morocco means living in hotels, hostels and villas (this is more of a beach vacation). The best and most preferable for yourself each tourist chooses, but you must consider several important factors. First, the location of housing. Quickly and comfortably get to all the planned points, the availability of stores and markets, as well as attractions. Second, the view from the window. Of course, it can be a view of the blank wall, but it is much nicer when the window overlooks the ocean or the city. Thirdly, gaining popularity apartments, which rent locals. With them you can negotiate a lower price, or bargain to the best price.

How to get to Morocco

The main factor in visiting the state is that you do not need a visa to enter the country. Therefore, the cost of this document will not be required, and the main costs will fall on the flight. Al-Massira airport (Al-Massira) There are direct flights to Morocco from Russia (major cities). You can buy tickets at any airline ticketing website, their prices range on average from 10 thousand to 25 thousand rubles per person (one way). The main way to get to Morocco is to fly from Moscow, so the price will be exactly as stated above in the text. The flight time from different cities is different. Take the flight from Moscow (capital of Russia) to Rabat (the capital of Morocco) – approximate flight time is 22 hours. From Saint-Petersburg flight time is 1 day and 13 hours. It takes 1 day and 20 hours to get from Kazan to Rabat. From Yekaterinburg, the trip will take 1 day and 5 hours. From Vladivostok, the flight to Rabat will take 2 days and 40 minutes (but the price is quite high – about 88,000 rubles).

Disadvantages: Street photographers with animals are very persistent, can sharply put a snake or a monkey on your shoulder, and then demand payment for the photos taken or not taken; Quite strict laws and regulations, which must be respected in their entirety. Being constantly in the stone walls of the attractions can have a negative impact on the experience, because everything gets boring, so it is better to alternate with a beach holiday, hiking in the mountains, in the desert, and other types of recreation.

For each tourist can be a minus, the pros of being in a particular country, but, nevertheless, you will remain under an indelible impression after visiting Morocco. Abundance of options for recreation, variety of streets of cities and types of recreation can make a visit to this country a special and memorable experience. This country should visit those who have long wanted to try many different dishes, go to the SPA – procedures, to sunbathe and swim in the ocean. All this is possible by coming to Morocco. A special unique opportunity is that there is a chance to delve into the culture of the Moroccans and know all the subtleties of their religion and customs. Be sure to get a ticket to this country, fly, spend your time there with great pleasure, stock up on impressions and emotions. Just remember, spending your last night on the ocean, don’t forget to flip a coin to go back to Morocco again!

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