The best places to stay in Agadir

The best places to stay in Agadir

Agadir, Morocco’s largest seaside resort, is one of the country’s most popular destinations. This dynamic city on the Atlantic coast is particularly appreciated for its atmosphere, climate and beaches.

If you too have decided to take a trip to Agadir, or have opted for a road trip in Morocco, knowing a few of the city’s particularities could be important in helping you choose where to put down your suitcases. In this post, I tell you about the best places to stay in Agadir.

How to choose your accommodation in Agadir?

Choosing the right place to stay in Agadir during your stay will depend essentially on your desires and expectations. Agadir is an extremely popular seaside destination, renowned for its long, beautiful sandy beaches, but the city also has many other assets to offer, including a wealth of tourist attractions and a lively nightlife in certain districts.

Most visitors choose to settle in Agadir‘s tourist sector, the central area where part of the beach is located and which is home to numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Hotels are plentiful and often affordable. But other areas may also be of particular interest to holidaymakers. The right destination will also depend on your budget and the type of accommodation you’re looking for: oceanfront resort, bed & breakfast, classic hotel, authentic riad…

In the rest of this post, I’m going to introduce you to all these different places where you can spend a very pleasant stay, as well as a few examples of establishments that have already seduced many travelers.

Once you’ve made your choice, don’t wait too long to make your reservation. In and around Agadir, there are a lot of tourists, not only during the high season, but also during the rest of the year, and you won’t be able to get to the most interesting places if you wait too long.

Agadir city center

Agadir’s tourist area stretches between the marina and the river, and includes much of the city center and Agadir beach. It’s the most popular spot for tourists for a number of reasons.

It’s perfectly situated, with a wealth of shops, restaurants and establishments of all kinds. Downtown Agadir is quite different from what you’d expect from a Moroccan city. Here, the historical heritage is far less important than in the country’s other major cities, as Agadir was largely devastated by an earthquake in 1960. Since then, the city has been rebuilt with a focus on tourism, although there are still some very interesting sites and monuments to discover, such as the Loubnane mosque and Place Salam.

Agadir’s city center is a large, young and modern district, criss-crossed by avenues that are often partly pedestrianized and where you can enjoy pleasant strolls. Avenue des FAR, in particular, is undoubtedly Agadir’s liveliest spot. Around the beach, the atmosphere is a little calmer.

The city center is suitable for virtually all visitors, whether they’re looking for a family holiday, a beach break or a party. This is where you’ll find the largest choice of accommodation.

Where to stay in downtown Agadir?

Atlantic Hotel Agadir is a 4-star hotel with a traditional Moroccan style and modern facilities, located in the city center just a ten-minute walk from the beach. It features a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, and rooms for two start from

80 per night, including breakfast.

Résidence Hotelière Fleurie is a 3-star hotel with outdoor pool, offering comfortable, air-conditioned studios with private kitchenette and balcony. The staff is helpful and courteous, and the location is excellent.. A studio for two people costs around €50 per night, including breakfast.

La cité Suisse

La cité Suisse, located in the northwest of Agadir, is the city’s oldest district. Quite conveniently located, just over a ten-minute walk from Agadir beach. It was after the earthquake that the Swiss Committee decided to build this district to help the victims. It’s a residential area where you can still find some of the oldest buildings, which withstood the earthquake, as well as a few official buildings.

La cité suisse is a charming area with few establishments, but will appeal to those wishing to spend their stay in a quiet, pleasant setting, close to the beach and all the establishments in the town center.

Where to stay in Agadir? In the Swiss City, of course

Villa Agadir is a superb 200 m² villa with 3 bedrooms. It has a garden with terrace and private parking, and is about 1 km from the beach. It can be rented by the day from around €120.

Hotel Aferni is located in a quiet, residential area just ten minutes from the beach. This hotel with swimming pool, garden and traditional restaurant offers beautiful rooms with balcony and garden view, for around €45 a night, including breakfast.


Just south of the city center and tourist area lies Founty. The other part of Agadir’s beach is located in this rather upmarket district. On the whole, it’s much quieter than the tourist area, but it’s still home to plenty of stores, bars and restaurants.

It’s also conveniently located, with the beach just a stone’s throw away and the city center within easy reach. Accommodation here is generally more luxurious and therefore also more expensive than in other parts of the city.

Founty is the perfect place to spend a relaxing beach holiday, provided you have a comfortable budget.

Where to stay in Founty?

Hotel Timoulay and Spa Agadir is a beautiful 4-star establishment with seawater pool, spa, gym, bar and restaurant, just 5 minutes from the beach. The location is quiet and the service is perfect. Comfortable, spacious double rooms start at around €65 a night, including breakfast.

 Riad Villa Blanche is just 400 meters from the beach, in a charming street close to all amenities. This luxurious establishment, both traditional and modern, boasts a swimming pool, a wellness center with spa, a cocktail bar and a restaurant serving Moroccan and French dishes. Beautiful rooms for two overlooking the patio are available for around €180 a night.


Anza was for a long time a district of Agadir, but is now an independent town, located north of Agadir along the ocean, on the road to Essaouira.

One of Anza’s great assets is its superb beach. Popular with surfers and all board sports enthusiasts, Anza beach is also a delight for swimmers. It’s also famous for its hundreds of dinosaur footprints, dating back over 85 million years and visible at low tide.

This former industrial district has been renovated and is now one of the best places to stay in the region. It now offers a wide range of accommodation, as well as cafés, bars and restaurants for relaxing after a day on the beach.

Where to stay in Anza?

Palm’s Motel is just a few steps from the beach at Anza, a little over 2 km from Agadir port. This family-run establishment features a restaurant, private parking and a children’s playground. Its double rooms with sea view, very clean and with typical and elegant decoration, are available from around €40 per night.

Anza Sahil Surf Appartement AGADIR is a pleasant two-bedroom, 58 m² apartment with a well-equipped kitchen, terrace and secure parking, just a stone’s throw from the seafront. It can accommodate up to 6 people, from €40 per night.


If you’re not sure where to stay near Agadir, but not necessarily in the city itself, the village of Taghazout (pronounced “Tarazout”) is an alternative that might interest you. This fishing village, some twenty kilometers north of the city, has grown considerably over the last few decades to become a renowned seaside destination. Its development continues to this day, with the arrival of large hotel complexes, which are not necessarily to the taste of all locals.

Taghazout is one of the most popular surfing spots in Morocco. There are spots to suit beginners and advanced surfers alike, and people come from all over the world to enjoy the waves. Since 2016, the town has also been home to a popular golf course.

Hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, campsites, youth hostels… accommodation in Taghazout is varied and growing, and you should be able to find what you’re looking for, whatever your budget.

Where to stay in Agadir? Why not Taghazout!

LOCA BEACH is a campsite located in Taghazout, less than 10 minutes’ walk from the Azazoul beach. It features a restaurant, private parking, soccer pitch, children’s playground and outdoor swimming pool. The staff are friendly and particularly attentive, and numerous activities are organized. You can rent a spacious mobile home with private kitchen, sleeping up to 6 people, for around €60 a night.

Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay is a magnificent, very recent 4-star hotel located just outside the village, around 3 km away. It boasts a large garden, two swimming pools, a wellness center and gym, and private access to the beach. Large double rooms with mountain views start at around €130 per night, including breakfast. You can expect to pay around €20 more for a room with an ocean view.


Tamraght is a small Moroccan Berber village built into the side of a mountain, a good ten kilometers from Agadir on the road to Taghazout. Less touristy than Taghazout, it’s also a popular spot with surfers, but still retains a more authentic feel, where it’s not uncommon to see board sports enthusiasts rubbing shoulders with locals dressed in traditional Berber garb. The beach is less than 5 minutes’ walk from the village center.

Every Wednesday, a large public market brings together the region’s artisans, who come to offer a wide range of Moroccan handicrafts (carpets, leather goods, jewelry), as well as spices and many other local products. Along the main road, you’ll find one small restaurant after another, where you can sample authentic tajine and specialities based on freshly caught fish.

Tamraght is also a good starting point for unforgettable hikes into the hinterland and Paradise Valley.

With luxury hotels, riads, small family hotels and rentals, Tamraght offers a wide range of accommodation.

Where to stay in Tamraght?

The Lunar Surf House is a youth hostel perfectly located in the village, with a large communal lounge and a pleasant terrace. The rooms are clean, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is top-notch. Double rooms start at €40, and dormitory beds are also available for around €15 a night.

Riad dar haven agadir

Riar Dar Haven is a beautiful guesthouse with patio, pool, spa and rooftop terrace offering superb ocean views. The setting is really pleasant, the rooms are clean and spacious, and the bedding is comfortable. Rooms for two start at around €80 a night, including breakfast. If you don’t know where to stay in Agadir, this place is a real gem!

If Agadir has won you over, there are other Moroccan cities you won’t want to miss! In particular, the capital Rabat, where I can give you some advice. Find out, for example, where to sleep in Rabat or what to do in Rabat. Then there’s the best-known city, often mistaken for the capital, Marrakech, where you can discover the best SPAs in Marrakech and the famous riads in Marrakech.

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