Visiting Oujda in Morocco

Visiting Oujda in Morocco

Visiting Oujda in Morocco: tips for preparing your trip

Visiting Oujda in Morocco: This wonderful Moroccan city is located in northeastern Morocco near the Moroccan-Algerian was founded by the Zenata Berber tribe with a long heritage in the year 944 A.D., and so there are many historical monuments from that era that visitors can immerse themselves in its breathtaking beauty and rich history.

Numerous wars have been fought in this city, and the Arabs, Turks, Spanish and French have all seized it at different periods in history. As a result, there are many historic monuments from these eras. In addition to its rich history, this city also has a modern atmosphere, with huge avenues, vast parks and many luxurious shopping malls. These historical and modern factors have made the city a popular destination for tourists coming to Morocco.

A trip to Oujda, Morocco, is just one of the adventures you can enjoy as you discover oriental culture. Perhaps Oujda fascinates you with its Mediterranean Sea, its mountains and its warm sand? The following lines will give you more reasons to visit Oujda and guide you in preparing your trip.

A brief history of Oujda

Oujda is located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Morocco. More simply, Oujda is located in north-west Morocco. It was founded in 944 by Ziri Ibn Attia, near the plain of the Angads. Although more than a thousand years old, the medina of Oujda remains a city rooted in its rich history, marked by several dynasties.

Strategically located in the middle of West and East Africa, Oujda experienced a remarkable boom in the 11th century. This was made possible by the trade in precious materials and slaves.

Oujda’s geographical assets

The thousand-year-old city is located 100 km from Nador, famous for its lagoon and magnificent beaches, and 115 km from Melilla, the medina on the Spanish border. Since 2011, Fès can be reached in less than 3 hours by car. This proximity to Morocco’s other major cities makes Oujda a crossroads of cultural and tourist variety.

If you want to enjoy your visit in complete freedom, choose the option of a rental car in Oujda. Oujda’s medina is overlooked to the north by the Beni-Snassen mountains, one of Morocco’s natural wonders. It’s a chain of massifs stretching over approximately 7,000 ha. The Mediterranean Sea is more than 60 km away. Oujda is a charming oasis of lush greenery, thanks to the springs in the mountains above.

Places to visit in Oujda

The choice is vast, so you can start with :

Visiting Oujda in Morocco: Mosques

Nicknamed the City of Mosques, Oujda is said to have the second most mosques in the world. These include the Mohammed 6 Mosque, the Taiba Mosque, the Ibn Hazm Mosque and the grand Al Jamaa Al Kabir Mosque. As well as being one of the oldest mosques in the thousand-year-old city, the latter is also one of the oldest monuments in the city and in Morocco. Built in the 13th century, it is an imposing edifice with a simple yet breathtaking architecture in the Moroccan-Andalusian style.

Visiting Oujda in Morocco: Oujda Souk

Take pleasure in visiting the Oujda souk, a medina transformed into a market, on a pedestrian stroll and admire the stores and stalls. The Oujda souk will dazzle and seduce you with its colorful array of shops and the wide variety of products on offer. It’s a mecca for Moroccan craftsmanship, where you’ll find typical Moroccan vegetables, spices, perfumes and textiles. Don’t forget to take a break and sip a cup of tea.

Other ideas for outings in Oujda

The Lalla Aicha municipal park welcomes children and adults alike to enjoy the thrills and spills of the city with family and friends. You can go clubbing or book a ticket for the cinema. In July, discover Moroccan musical culture with the annual rai festival. For an original trip into the desert, take a camel to admire the scenery.

Preparing your stay in Oujda

To make the most of your Oujda adventure, take the time to choose the tourist season that suits you best. Keep an eye on the weather to ensure a pleasant stay. Buy your tickets and book your hotel in the low season for affordable prices. Remember to plan your activities and, if possible, find out the main costs so you can budget for your trip. Book in advance the means of transport you’ll need to get around Oujda.

Visiting Oujda in Morocco: In conclusion

Oujda is an oasis over a thousand years old, with a rich cultural and natural heritage, tradition and art. To visit Oujda is to be seduced by a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Information about Bab Sidi Abdel Wahab

Among Oujda’s historic treasures, Bab Sidi Abdel Wahhab, which dates back to 1325 A.D., features a unique Islamic architectural style, with distinctive inscriptions and decorations. The gate was built as part of the city wall, which served to protect the old city within, and markets are held Popular cafés and local restaurants near the gate, making it one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the country.

Information about Parc Lalla Aicha

This magnificent park is located in the heart of the lively city of Oujda. Here, in this park, young people gather and have fun in the play areas available, parents relax while their children play in the child-safe areas, and workers rest and have lunch. It’s this mix of cultures and generations that makes the park so special and full of life. There are several facilities in the garden, including a wonderful restaurant serving fresh food all day long.

Information about SIDI MAAFA Forest

A huge national park covering an area of 12 km. In the opinion of many of its visitors, it is the ideal place to practice various sports such as jogging, cycling and hiking, as it contains many beautiful paths surrounded by dense trees and beautiful flowers of different colors. The garden also boasts numerous meeting places for families, where they can relax, picnic and grill in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Another special feature of this park is that admission is free.

Information about Oujda Environmental Park

Oujda Environmental Park is located 5 km from the center of the city of Oujda, within the Jabal Al-Hamra forest.The park is known as Sidi Mafa Environmental Park by local residents.It covers an area of 12 km, and includes a variety of trees and plants, including pines, acacias, cypresses and others.Adventurers can take long walks on designated trails, cycle or do other various activities.

Information about Parc Lalla Meriem

A stunning park in the city of Oujda, located between the intersection of two main streets, which has made it one of the city’s most famous parks. It’s a unique park with lush trees of many colors, unique plant-based sculptures, several small cafés serving the best snacks and drinks, and many monuments. Thousands of tourists visit this park every year because of its splendor, and it can be the starting point for tourists on their trips to Oujda, as it is strategically located with public transport available to all parts of the city and its suburbs.

More information about Morocco

Information about Grand Mosque

This mosque is located near the city center and is the city’s largest and most famous mosque. The history of this mosque dates back to the 15th century, when it was built by the grandson of the founder of Medina.

The mosque is distinguished by its striking Moroccan-style architecture, which combines Andalusian and Spanish elements. The mosque is dominated by the color of light clay from the outside, but from the inside, the mosque is filled with decorations and many stunning mosaics.

Information about Heri es-Souani

The early 18th century is when the Hari al-Sawani ruins first appeared. At that time, they were regarded as one of the architectural marvels that Sultan Moulay Ismail had commissioned for construction.. Today, it is considered an important archaeological relic, bearing witness to the ancient civilizational development of the city of Meknes.

Information about Bab Mansour Laleuj

One of the biggest and most stunning gates in the Arab world is Bab Mansour Laalj.. It is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. It is also one of the most important monuments in the historic city of Meknes. Bab Al-Mansour is a symbol of the city of Meknes, as it is one of the few monuments to have managed to retain its overall design and structure.

Information about Aït Benhaddou

One of the country’s most important historical monuments, the Ait Ben Haddou palace, which is made of mud and was used in the past as a traditional desert dwelling, is still preserved in every detail. and features, despite the harsh environmental conditions, and the palace has been used as a filming location for many of the most famous cinematic works, such as Game of Thrones and Lawrence of Arabia, and others, and visitors can wander around discovering the palace’s corners for themselves during the tour.

Information about Tifoultoute Kasbah

The Tivolt Kasbah buildings’ stunning architecture makes them one of the most notable historical attractions not just in the city of Ouarzazate but also in the entire magnificent country of Morocco., and tourists come from all over the world to see the buildings’ dusty sand formation and carved wooden doors, unique window designs and many other special details.

Visiting Oujda Morocco: Information about Essaouira Beach

Essaouira Beach is one of Morocco’s most famous and beautiful beaches, as it includes the walls of charming houses, as well as the city’s harbor. It’s also one of the most distinctive and beautiful natural areas, and the most relaxing and comfortable place to be. It’s also one of the most distinctive and beautiful natural areas, and the most relaxing and comfortable place to be. Essaouira beach also offers you the chance to practice surfing If you’re a fan of this beautiful sport, this beach is definitely the ideal place to spend the most beautiful moments with family and friends under the warm sun.

Information about Erg Chebbi Dunes

Erg Chebbi are sand dunes located in the Merzouga desert in southeastern Morocco, about 50 km from the towns of Erfoud and Rissani.It’s also considered the first pioneer of medical tourism for rheumatic patients, and US magazine Forbes ranked Erg Chebbi as one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations for 2015.

Information about Tazekka National Park

The Tazekka National Park area stretches from the foothills of the great Atlas Mountains to Mount Tazekka and covers 120 square kilometers, highlighting the unique forms of wildlife in the northern region of the country, as it contains various plants and trees that make up the oak and cedar forests, In addition, adventurous visitors to the area can explore the caves and valleys scattered throughout the park, but accompanied by a local guide, to beware of foxes and reptiles.

Visiting Oujda Morocco: Information about Plage Taghazout

Taghazout is a Berber seaside village overlooking the Atlantic coast in southern Morocco, just 20 km south of Agadir, and its inhabitants make their living from sea fishing and tourism. The beach bears its name, and is a public beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, offering visitors an unparalleled view, informing them of some of the secrets and magic of this vast ocean, and allowing them to appreciate its limpid blue, next to which the sky seems pale.

Information about Ifrane Lake

Among the lakes of charming natural beauty in the town of Ifrane, the Ifrane National Lake is one of the most famous and most visited, by tourists or locals alike, and its water surface extends, over an area of 51,800 hectares, surrounded by many large oak or cedar trees, and the lake is 60 km from the town, so it’s best to get there by car.

Visiting Oujda in Morocco: Information about Taroudant

Taroudant is a charming town located in the Souss valley in southeastern Morocco, east of the city of Agadir.The town is known as “Djeddah Marrakech” because it resembles Petit Marrakech with its surrounding walls, and this area has gained great popularity with tourists in particular because of its many colors and the beauty of its charming nature, as it includes many distinctive monuments and ancient buildings that are still standing despite the long years that have followed.

Information about Corniche Sidi Moussa

When tourists travel to the Moroccan city of Salé, the Sidi Moussa Corniche is one of the most significant places they visit.. is one of the most significant locations that provides you with a direct view of the sea and the beach rocks is the corniche of Sidi Moussa, particularly during sunsets when a naturally occurring creative painting of a golden sun and glittering saltwater is created.

Information about Corniche The Coast

Just a 14-minute drive from the center of Agadir, you’ll find the lively Corniche Al Sahel, teeming with locals and tourists alike eager to spend an entertaining and enjoyable time in the fresh air. local singers and musicians, as well as talented artists putting on impressive artistic performances.You can also stroll along the Corniche at any time and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, and you can sit down in one of the nearby cafés or restaurants, specializing in serving dishes from a variety of international Western and Oriental cuisines.

Information about Mausoleum of Mohammad V

The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is located opposite the Hassan Tower on Place Yacoub Al Mansour in Rabat. Its construction was completed in 1971. The mausoleum contains the tombs of the King of Morocco and his two sons, Prince Abdallah and the late King Hassan II, who was buried there after his death in 1999. The building is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture, with a pure white facade topped by sculpted green brick representing the color of Islam, and the reader of the Holy Koran is often present and has his designated seat there.

Information about La galerie de l’aimance

Located on the outskirts of Casablanca, Eminence offers a space dedicated to art and photography in the city, where you can find photographs in modern techniques, paintings, sculptures, as well as temporary exhibitions, and a sales area, with a selection of furniture, jewelry and accessories, as well as clothing for adults and children, where these products display an authentic Moroccan touch, the gallery is also a meeting place for art collectors and artists who wish to share their knowledge and experience with each other.

Information on Hassan II Mosque

Many of the architectural features that distinguish it from other mosques in the Islamic world come together in the Hassan II Mosque, as it is unique in its giant construction above the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and its imposing minaret, in addition to the many educational services it offers. For example, it contains a school of the sciences The Koran aims to teach the new generation legal and linguistic sciences. The mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. A visit to the country’s economic capital cannot be complete without a visit to this religious and architectural monument.

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