What to do in Casablanca at night

What to do in Casablanca at night

What to do in Casablanca at night

Best neighborhood for partying in Casablanca

What to do in Casablanca at night: Casablanca is a charming Moroccan city with several exciting nightlife districts. While the city center is known for its chic restaurants, enchanting bars and trendy nightclubs, the Ain Diab district is Casablanca’s party hub.

Also known as La Corniche, Ain Diab is certainly the place to go to go out and party. In fact, this exceptionally beautiful district has been specially designed for fun: cafés, private beaches, chic clubs, restaurants of international standing, luxurious hotels and, above all, the unmissable great beach.

Beyond the entertainment, La Corniche is also the ideal place to discover almost all of Casablanca’s monuments during a pleasant stroll.

This district links the majestic Hassan II Mosque to the famous Marocco Mall. Along the way, you’ll also come across the Anfaplace Shopping center and the El Hank lighthouse.

So, if you’re looking for a neighborhood where you can go out and dance until the sun comes up, we really recommend Ain Diab.

Best bars in Casablanca

The White City is famous for having some of the best bars in the Cherifian Kingdom. Casablanca is the place to be if you want to unleash your inner party beast. And to help you party like never before, we’ve selected our top Casablanca bars for you.

Best shisha bars and traditional bars in Casablanca

We’d like to start this review of the best bars in Casablanca with those renowned for their tasty, intoxicating drinks and, above all, the quality of their chicha. But purists are not left out either. For your enjoyment, you’ll discover the best traditional bar in Casablanca…

Best shisha bar in Casablanca: Le Madaloun

Le Madaloun is first and foremost a restaurant with a great reputation in Casablanca. With over 12 years’ experience and impeccable service, Le Madaloun is the ideal place to spend a memorable evening.

In a decor both sober and charming, Le Mandaloun transports you to an oriental universe where you can discover all the tasty secrets of Moroccan gastronomy.

Every evening, four of the finest performers come to this restaurant in Ain Diab (La Corniche). But beyond the warm, festive atmosphere, Mandaloun is best known for its shisha bar.

Best traditional bar in Casablanca: James Rooftop

If you’re looking for a quiet, traditional-style bar, the James Rooftop should be at the top of your short list. This bar’s beautiful, rustic decor has the advantage of being preserved from the urban rush.

Located in Casablanca’s Moulay Youssef district, the James Rooftop is the perfect place to escape to the gentle entertainment of local DJs.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy the tasty beers and, above all, the breathtaking view of the sumptuous Sacré-Coeur Church.

Best cocktail bars and trendy bars in Casablanca

The pulsating white city is packed with bars where you can indulge in delicious cocktails while enjoying comfortable décor and relaxing music.

But beyond the diversity of Casablanca’s cocktail and lounge bars, two stand out…

Peter’s Lounge

An exquisitely beautiful establishment, Peter’s Lounge is an ultra-modern, welcoming bar. Open every day of the week (except Sunday) from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., this bar stands out for its tasty cocktails.

But that’s not all… in this attractively designed bar you’ll also find the finest wines from Morocco and around the world, as well as many other intoxicating liqueurs: spirits, whiskies, champagne, etc.

Le Cabestan

A tour of Casablanca’s best cocktail bars and lounges would be lacking in flavor without a mandatory detour to Le Cabestan. Founded in 1927, Le Cabestan is a lounge bar and restaurant with an elegant, relaxed decor.

Famous in Morocco and especially in Casablanca, the Cabestan has a solid reputation for serving the best cocktails in the region. This explains the incredible popularity of this friendly bar.

From the city’s most eminent personalities to tourists and young locals, everyone comes to Le Cabestan in the evening to revel in the exceptional ocean views and, above all, the uniquely tasty dishes offered by the restaurant’s talented team.

We highly recommend making this lounge bar your favorite stopover on your next visit to Casablanca.

Best places to go out with the girls in Casablanca

Attractive by day and lively by night, Casablanca is also a great place for girls’ night out. The white city boasts a number of venues specially created for private girls’ nights out. So, if you’re looking for dream places to party in Casablanca with your girlfriends, here’s our selection of places to put on your agenda…

A Black and White atmosphere at the Sofitel for girls

If you’re looking for a unique girls’ experience in Casablanca, then we really suggest you make a detour to the Sofitel Tour Blanche.

This establishment is the first of its kind to offer exquisite evenings in the dark in Morocco.

Unheard of in Casablanca, such a show was first tried out in Zurich under the guidance of Jorge Spielmann. So, girls, let yourself be drawn into this dark setting, with the only glimmer being the succulent dishes and intoxicating cocktails of the venue’s professionals.

It’s an experience you should try at least once in your life… and what better way to do it than in the magnificent white city!

An unforgettable girls’ night out at Casablanca’s Soft club

The Soft club is also a must on a girls’ night out in Casablanca.

This friendly spot has three areas where you can have fun with your girlfriends: a restaurant with live music, a terrace that can be open or covered depending on the season, and a tapas bar.

Well-established in the festive Corniche district, the soft club is also known for its charming chicha bar. Go there to enjoy delicious Lebanese dishes and scrumptious cocktails.

Best rooftop bar – terrace bar in Casablanca

In just a few decades, the face of Morocco’s economic capital has changed as skyscrapers have emerged. The number of sky-high hotels in Casablanca has increased recently.

And, much to our delight, these establishments have charming rooftop bars where we can spend some quality time. So, are you prepared to reach out and touch the white city’s sky while admiring its most stunning landmarks?

Here’s our selection of the best rooftop bars in Casablanca…soar high and have fun!

Sky 28: a must

If you’re looking for the best rooftop bar in Casablanca, you won’t want to miss the sumptuous Sky 28. Located in the luxurious Maarif district, this rooftop bar with swimming pool is established on the 28th floor of the Kenzi Tower hotel.

With its crazy atmosphere, international DJs, extraordinary drinks, and delicious food, Sky 28 has it all.

But the stunning view of the entire city that this rooftop bar affords is really what makes it our favorite in Casablanca.

Skybar: the romantic

Never before has a rooftop bar lived up to its name in Casablanca. In fact, the Skybar is the ideal place to contemplate the skyline of the white city in all its glory.

Situated on the Corniche, the Skybar is certainly the most popular area of the Villa Blanca hotel.

Elegant and romantic to perfection, the setting of Casablanca’s top relaxation spot will let your eyes travel across the ocean. There’s no greater sight than watching the sun set while savoring delicious sushi.

Best bars for live music in Casablanca

Enjoying a good time over a drink is all very well. But it’s even nicer to do it while enjoying some lovely music! And in Casablanca, there are two must-visit bars where you can listen to live music while sipping sweet cocktails…

La Bodega

Located near the famous Place Mohamed V, La Bodega is the perfect place to enjoy an evening listening to all types of music (from salsa to Arab pop and jazz).

This bar restaurant is famous for its tasty tapas. Every evening, the in-house experts offer guests a tempting menu revolving around French and Spanish gastronomy. And don’t miss their famous Tuesday Jazz night!

Rick’s café

Rick’s café is a romantic venue inspired by the 1942 film Casablanca. With its charming, vintage decor, Rick’s Café will take you back in time to relive the finest eras of the 40s and 50s.

Located opposite the majestic Hassan II Mosque, you’ll have no trouble finding this magnificent restaurant and its sumptuous bar on the second floor.

Last but not least, every evening (Tuesday to Sunday), the talented musician Issam Chabaa plays classical, Brazilian, French and American songs. We highly recommend his renditions of Summertime and Blue Moon.

Best nightclubs and bars for dancing in Casablanca

If you love to dance the night away, the White City also boasts some of the best clubs in the Cherifian Kingdom. Let’s discover two of the best nightclubs and bars for dancing in Casablanca…

The V club

Adored by young people and tourists alike, the V Club is a nightclub with an electric and original decor. It’s a popular spot for dancing in Casablanca to the sounds of the moment, as well as retro hits.

Maison B

With its soft, relaxing decor, Maison B is a club where you can sip tasty cocktails and party the night away in Casablanca. Located in the famous La Corniche district, this club is a must-visit on your next romantic getaway to Casablanca.

Where to go out around Casablanca

If the White City is exciting, you should know that its surroundings are equally exciting. In fact, there are plenty of great things to do when you’re out and about in Casablanca.

Dar Bouazza, a stunning beach resort, is one of our favorite destinations. It’s a heavenly place to spend some quality time with family, friends or couples, enjoying delicious cocktails.

The area is also full of charming restaurants where you can treat yourself to a romantic evening while admiring the beauty of the ocean and its bewitching breeze.

Next to the seaside resort of Dar Bouazza, we really suggest you visit the Bouksoura forest… a fun activity to enjoy with family or friends in Casablanca.

Other evening activities in Casablanca

To keep everyone happy, we’ve also selected some evening activities in Casablanca for those who are less of a party animal. If you’re less attracted to bars or nightclubs, here’s a list of things to do and see in Casablanca at night that’s sure to delight you…

A stop at the Amazigu Theater Festival

Every May, a large-scale performance of this type is held in Casablanca. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover the richness of Berber culture.

Treat yourself to a movie night at the Mégarama

The Mégarama is the ideal setting for film lovers in Casablanca. As one of the largest complexes of its kind in the Maghreb, the Mégarama boasts some 15 projection rooms. Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy your favorite films.

Discover Uzine shows

L’Uzine is an establishment created in 2014 that offers interactive shows between artists and audience. L’Uzine gives you the chance to experience evening concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances and more in Casablanca.

A detour to the IMAX 3D to round off our night out in Casablanca.

Finally, we really recommend a trip to the cinema at Casablanca’s famous Marocco Mall: the IMAX. This incredible cinema takes you all the way to Hollywood on board its giant 320 m2 screen.

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