When to go to Morocco?

When to go to Morocco?

When to go to Morocco?

Our insider’s opinion
The best time to visit Morocco is spring and autumn. In April, May, October and November, temperatures are not too high and therefore perfect for exploring the interior of the country.

In a nutshell:

Morocco’s ideal travel season varies depending on the area. For the country as a whole, the best time is spring and autumn, as most regions are easily accessible. Depending on the region you wish to visit, the travel period varies. In the north and northwest of the country, along with the coastal regions, the climate is Mediterranean. In the south and southeast, the hot, dry Sahara gives rise to a continental climate. between, the high Atlas Mountains form a climatic barrier between north and south.

When is the best time to visit Morocco?

There are superb places to visit in Morocco in every season. The different regions of the country have different climates, so each season is not the same everywhere. The best time to visit Morocco therefore depends on the destination and the activities planned. While summers are very hot inland, temperatures are more pleasant on the coast. In winter, it’s very cold in the mountains, while in the Sahara, it’s cool enough for desert trekking.

Morocco in spring:

Spring can be the best time to visit Morocco. This period is perfect for desert excursions, trips to cities such as Marrakech, Fez or Rabat, hikes in the mountains and days on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. In the mountains, it’s starting to get warmer. If you head to the Atlas Mountains in spring, you’ll enjoy a flourishing natural environment that offers the best conditions for outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing.

Morocco in summer:

Summer is the best season for seaside vacations in Morocco. Whether on the Mediterranean coast or the Atlantic coast to the west, temperatures are pleasant and, thanks to the wind, it’s not as hot as inland. Enjoy the sun, the beach and water sports. In Marrakech and the desert, summer is very hot. It’s best not to visit during the summer season.

Morocco in autumn:

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Morocco. On the coast, it’s warm enough for swimming. What’s more, the tourist crowds of the summer vacations are over, and you can discover almost deserted beaches. The Atlas mountains also offer the best conditions for hiking, mountain biking or climbing. In the desert, the hottest days are coming to an end and the date harvest is approaching. In the cities, the weather is becoming milder again, making it pleasant to visit the magnificent monuments.

Morocco in winter:

Winter in Morocco is much milder than in France. In the cities, you can explore the souks and fortresses, avoiding the summer crowds of tourists. In the Atlas Mountains, it’s cold and the passes are snow-covered. However, the view of the snow-covered Atlas from the interior is magnificent. In the desert, it’s the ideal time to discover the Moroccan landscape on a trek.

When to visit the must-see sites?

Going to Agadir:

The best time to visit Agadir is between May and November. The weather is warm and ideal for swimming. Even during the usually hot Moroccan summer, the weather remains mild thanks to the Atlantic wind. With around 330 days of sunshine a year, Agadir is one of Morocco’s most popular tourist destinations.

Visiting Marrakech:

The best time to visit Marrakech is spring, from mid-March to the end of May, and autumn, from mid-September to mid-November. The weather is pleasantly warm. In summer, it’s very hot, which makes for a tiring visit. Even in winter, a city-trip to Marrakech is a good way to escape the European cold.

Morocco’s best seasonal activities


For experienced surfers, the best time to surf in Morocco is winter. October to April are the peak months for surfers. There are good waves and optimal winds. Beginners will enjoy good conditions in summer, with small waves.


Diving is possible all year round. If you want to avoid the summer heat, opt for spring or autumn. When we think of Morocco, we think more of the desert than of diving. Yet Morocco has a wealth of underwater wonders. Set off on a diving excursion from Tangier, Dakhla or Agadir.


The best time to go hiking is between March and May, and October and November. In summer, it’s too hot and in winter, it’s too cold at altitude. The most popular hiking region is probably the Atlas Mountains. It’s a little cooler and rains more than the rest of the country. In winter, it can even snow at altitudes of over 1,000 meters. As a general rule, the higher you go, the colder and wetter it gets. It gets warmer as you get further south.


In principle, golf can be played all year round in Morocco. But the ideal season varies from region to region. The best time to play golf in the coastal regions is from April to November. In summer, the cooler Atlas Mountains are ideal. Inland, the months from October to May are ideal for escaping the summer heat.

Family vacations:

The best time to spend a family vacation in Morocco is when temperatures are pleasant. Travelers to the country’s cities and inland areas should opt for spring or autumn. On the coast, in Agadir for example, the Atlantic breeze makes it possible to go there in summer too.

Beach vacations:

The best time for a beach vacation in Morocco is between late April and November. The Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic coast to the west enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with temperatures between 24 and 26°C. In spring, the water can still be a little cool. In summer, there is some wind on the coast, making temperatures bearable.


For those dreaming of desert and ancient royal cities, Morocco is best visited outside the summer season, i.e. from mid-March to the end of May, or from September to November. Travellers wishing to enjoy the beach in complete relaxation can also take advantage of the summer period. On the coast, it’s not as hot as inland.

Road trip:

The best time for such a trip is spring or autumn, when it’s warm and sunny in most parts of the country. In winter, it’s very cold in the mountains and can snow, while in summer it’s very hot inland, making travel difficult to bear.

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