10 Amazing Moroccan Lakes to Discover

10 Amazing Moroccan Lakes to Discover

10 Amazing Moroccan Lakes to Discover

10 Amazing Moroccan Lakes to Discover: Morocco is famous for its beautiful beaches, palm groves, desert and mountains. But do you know Morocco’s lakes? Do you like lakes? Morocco is the ideal destination.
Nature’s way of doing things. From north to south, Morocco abounds in landscapes as diverse as they are breathtaking. Come and admire the spectacular landscapes that are 100% Moroccan. Discover the most beautiful lakes in Morocco.


The Bin el Ouidane dam, built in the 1950s, forms the lake of the same name, which covers more than 4,000 hectares nestled in the heart of the Atlas Mountains in the province of Azilal. The vast blue expanse of Lake Bin El Ouidane, south of Beni Mellal, borders the Eastern High Atlas National Park. The lake is perched at an altitude of over 800 metres, making it the highest lake in Africa. Blending the blue of the crystal-clear water, the ochre of the surrounding land and the green of the region’s olive trees, the scenery around Lake Bin el Ouidane is worthy of the most beautiful postcards. You can explore it by boat, picnic on the shores of the lake or even on certain islets accessible by boat. You can also take advantage of the lake’s crystal-clear waters for a swim or indulge in a range of water sports: jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking… With its breathtaking scenery, unique biodiversity and diverse activities, Lake Bin el Ouidane deserves its place among Morocco’s most beautiful lakes.


Certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in Morocco, but also one of the least well-known, despite its accessibility. Located just 35 km from the town of Khemisset (a few hours from Rabat and Casablanca), Lac du barrage Al Ganzra (or El Kansera) is an artificial lake formed by a dam on the Oued Beht. The stunning natural scenery surrounding the lake makes it a favorite destination for birdwatchers, hikers, walkers and nature lovers in general. The viewpoint in the photo can be reached after a steep 45-minute hike… or by car from Al Ganzra for the more lazy.


Of karstic origin, Lake Aguelmam Azegza, with a surface area of around 62 hectares, is a natural lake at an altitude of 1,474 m located to the east of the town of Khénifra in Morocco, some 20 km away as the crow flies. Located in the Ajdir n-Izaïane cedar forest, it is part of the Khénifra National Park. Landlocked and occupying a depression with an average depth of 26 m, it is surrounded by limestone reliefs, covered by a predominantly cedar and oak forest. Its location in the middle of a cedar-atlasic grove – the Ajdir Izayane cedar grove – gives it a distinctive blue-green color. Khénifra National Park offers hikers several circuits that can be enjoyed in both summer and winter. The snow that falls in winter gives the lake a very special atmosphere, unique in Morocco.


The Khénifra region has other natural treasures to reveal. Lake Tiguelmamine is located in the heart of the Middle Atlas, 40 kilometers from the town of Khénifra, at an altitude of 1,630 meters. Classified as a national heritage site, this natural pond lies in the middle of a vast, flat-bottomed depression, covered with basalt and fine deposits. The tranquility and purity of the site make it the perfect place to enjoy nature in its purest form, alone or accompanied. Put on your hiking boots and discover this marvellous natural site in Morocco!


It’s an Amazigh legend that surrounds the origin of Isli and Tislit lakes (“fiancé and fiancée”), tinged with romance and tragedy – a sort of Moroccan “Romeo & Juliet”. In fact, there are many scientific explanations for the crater formed by these two bodies of water, located respectively ten and four kilometers from Imilchil in the High Atlas, and 9.4 kilometers apart.


Lac d’Ifni is the largest mountain lake in Morocco and one of the highest, reaching an altitude of 2,295 meters. Today, the lake is mostly visited by tourists. They come to see the lake’s emerald waters shimmering in a high-mountain mineral setting. Occasionally, they take advantage of the tepid waters for a refreshing swim. For the more adventurous, the hike to Lake Ifni is often coupled with an ascent of Mount Toubkal.


10 Amazing Moroccan Lakes to Discover: A place steeped in legend. People used to come here to pray and make offerings to Lalla Takerkoust, a woman once recognized as a saint who was believed to bring fertility. Today, the lake at the Lalla Takerkoust dam retains this mystique. The road to Amizmiz on the way to the lake passes through enchanted landscapes. The Agafay desert contrasts with the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains, and then Lake Lalla Takerkoust appears as a refreshing oasis that Marrakchis love to visit to escape the sweltering heat of the ochre city. The lake is surrounded by hotels, inns and restaurants. Swimming is forbidden at Lake Lalla Takerkoust, but you can discover the lake’s shores on donkey, buggy, quad or on foot…


Located at an altitude of 1,800 m at Aïn Leuh in the province of Ifrane, Lake Aguelmam Afennourir nestles in the middle of the cedar forest, an area recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 2016. Lake Afennourir is listed as a wetland of international importance, given its major role in preserving the waterbirds that inhabit the region. The site has been the focus of particular interest in recent years, given its ecological importance and ecotourism potential. Part of the route to Lake Afennourir passes through the magnificent cedar forest, making it a not-to-be-missed hike for nature lovers.


Lake Bin El Ouidane lies between the Oued El Abid and the Assif Ahansal, 80 km from the town of Beni Mellal. To visit it, you can take the road from Beni Mellal via Afourer, or the road through the village of Timoulilt via Tizi and Ouaouizeght. Whichever route you take, you’ll pass through Edenic landscapes with lush flora (olive trees, almond trees, holm oaks…). Lake Bin El Ouidane is a dam that generates electricity and irrigates the Tadla plateaus. With a depth of 130 m, it was built in the 1950s. It is a prime tourist spot, combining ecotourism with Berber traditions.
What’s more, it occupies a strategic position between High Atlas peaks such as Rhnin (2411 m), Tazerkount (1730 m) and Tassmit (2248 m). Perched at an altitude of 810 m, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Its hydroelectric power station produces a quarter of Morocco’s electricity. This stretch of water, surrounded by the red slopes of the Ouaouizerht basin, is the perfect place for water sports such as swimming and windsurfing. Hunting is possible in the surrounding wooded heights of the Atlas Mountains, where you can stroll through magnificent natural surroundings. In winter, ski tours are organized and accommodation is provided in gîtes d’étapes, homestays and mountain refuges.


10 Amazing Moroccan Lakes to Discover: Let’s stay in the Khemisset region to discover another Moroccan lake. Take a scenic drive through the countryside 15 km from the town of Khémisset, and you’ll find yourself beside the peaceful waters of Lac Daït Erroumi, a natural lake 15 to 20 metres deep, reflecting the blue of the sky. A number of activities are on offer in this contemplative setting: walking or mountain-biking around the lake, fishing, boating or canoeing, picnicking with family or friends…

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