11 beautiful places in Morocco

11 beautiful places in Morocco

11 beautiful places in Morocco

11 beautiful places in Morocco: Stunning deserts, high mountains, sumptuous monuments and a rich and exotic culture: these are some of the attractive features of Morocco, a VERY interesting country located in northwest Africa.

Inexpensive compared to other tourist destinations in the Americas, Asia and Europe, the African country also boasts beautiful natural landscapes, graced by forests, lakes and waterfalls, and in every corner of its urban areas, there are traces of traditional architecture, so evident in a place of enormous historical importance.

Of course, you’re in charge of your travel itinerary – and it’s ALWAYS fair to include surprise options, often chosen at the last minute – but Viajali gives you a helping hand by recommending 11 very special places.

1. Quarzazate

The city of Quarzazate, identified by many as the “gateway to the desert”, is one of those places full of tourist attractions that it’s hard to get to in just one or two days. Don’t forget to spend a few moments in the Kasbah of Taourirt, a market in the central region, and also visit the exuberant Kasbah of Taourirt Museum.

There are also important film studios there – scenes from famous films such as Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia and Kundun were shot there – the Fint oasis and the traveler who wants to walk along the streets in order to see a little of the daily life of the population, can go to the Tassoumaat district and watch the children playing in the street and the sheep walking by the river.

2. Marrakech

11 beautiful places in Morocco: The cultural mix and exotic atmosphere prevail in Marrakech, another must-see destination in Morocco. Known as the “land of God”, the country’s third-largest city has several mosques and palaces. The labyrinthine Medina – a fortified city built in 1071 – has 23 gates and some very narrow streets, so it’s an ideal walk for visitors to feel like they’re in another historical period for a moment, as well as watching the movement and even shopping in some of the stores.

Strolling through the souks, traditional markets that ‘sell everything’, is also a good suggestion for the traveler to buy interesting items and also to embark on Moroccan culture in an honest way. Here’s a tip: bargaining is the order of the day among the local population.

3. Casablanca

It’s impossible not to remember one of the most romantic films of all time when talking about Casablanca, considered the economic capital and largest city in Morocco. Moving away from the more traditional and rustic urban displays, the city has modern buildings and many with French Art Deco influences.

Visitors can, however, visit mosques: one of them, the Hassan II Mosque, has the highest viewpoint in the world (210 meters high) and the Morocco Mall, one of the most complete shopping malls on the planet. You can see that the city knows how to show off its grandeur, but the small, exciting nuances are also present.

4. El Jadida

Situated on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, El Jadida had its walled section built by the Portuguese at the beginning of the 16th century and can now be seen by anyone who enjoys this connection to the past should be nearby. The Portuguese cistern is one of the city’s most historically significant monuments and is impressive for its architectural features.

The city also has very good beaches for tourists who want to relax and dive! It’s only fair to alternate between different leisure activities.

5. Merzouga and the Sahara desert

11 beautiful places in Morocco: Located in the Sahara desert, the village of Merzouga is very popular with tourists who are curious to appreciate and walk through the endless mountains of fine sand, as it is close to the Erg Chebbi region, which has Morocco’s main chain of dunes.

There are plenty of leisure possibilities in the desert: you can go on excursions in 4×4 vehicles or campervans, take therapeutic sand baths and even go camping.

6. Rabat

The capital and second largest city in Morocco has around 1.7 million inhabitants and is divided into the part that preserves its architectural and cultural traditions and the modern part, which has a subway metro, concert halls and urban facilities so common in the world’s main metropolises.

We recommend strolling through the historic center – revered as a World Heritage Site – shopping in the famous markets and, of course, getting to know the local medina. Make no mistake: Morocco has many walled cities, but each one has its own peculiarities, so you won’t find the tour repetitive.

7. Tinghir

Tourism is the main economic activity in Tinghir, a town lined with green palm trees, with quaint little streets and houses and very close to the famous Todra gorges, large canyons located near the Todra River.

Every year, tourists from all continents set off for the gorges to enjoy the best of adventure tourism: the region is great for climbing and hiking.

8. Taghazout

11 beautiful places in Morocco: It’s definitely not a bad idea to take your surfboard to Morocco if the small fishing village of Taghazout is on your agenda. The beach – which can also be enjoyed by those who haven’t mastered the sport – has excellent peaks for both professionals and beginners.

It’s the ideal place for those who want to get away from busy, noisy and polluted centers, because the order here is to relax, enjoy the sound of the sea and the sea air. On the board or not.

9. Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Ouzoud waterfalls are located in central Morocco and are an obvious beauty spot (take your cameras and if it’s underwater, even better). It’s a perfect getaway for those who like diving, as natural pools are formed at the end of the falls.

Check out this observation. Of course, the huge waterfalls and all the green scenery make for an impeccable natural attraction, but there is a hint of artificiality, as at the top of the mountain there are canals that divert the water to a working mill. Nothing to minimize the prominence of nature, of course!

10. Fez

A few years ago, the northern city of Fez became part of Morocco’s tourist itinerary. Among the more than 780 mosques and the traditional medinas, with their shopping centers and alleyways, travelers can visit the royal palace and the exuberant craft stores.

The more modern part of Fez includes cafés, restaurants and bars, but because of the Muslim religion, alcoholic beverages are not allowed. It is recommended that you take the tour with a guide to avoid any trouble.

11. Atlas Mountains

11 beautiful places in Morocco: Hiking in the Atlas Mountains – the country’s main mountain ranges – gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a peaceful and calming atmosphere, while at the same time observing memorable landscapes. Travelers will also have the opportunity to get to know the Berber population, who live in these high-altitude regions.

The highest peak in the chain is Jbel Toubkal (4,164 meters) and the climb is only recommended for experienced adventurers.

Through its medinas, deserts, and mountains, Morocco is multiple and surprising. As traveling is one of the best ways of acquiring knowledge, don’t miss this opportunity!

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