11 Must-visit countries in Africa

11 Must-visit countries in Africa

11 Must-visit countries in Africa

11 Must-visit countries in Africa: The rich culture of the African continent is well-known. But also for its breathtakingly majestic landscapes. From deserts to mountains to nature reserves, a trip to the heart of this cradle of humanity promises a thousand and one surprises.

For your next getaway to Africa, here are the most beautiful destinations you absolutely must visit. Travel to reconnect with nature and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

South Africa

It’s impossible to overlook Nelson Mandela’s country when drawing up a list of Africa’s top destinations for outdoor sports. Its rich and varied landscapes are particularly popular with hiking and trekking enthusiasts.

South Africa’s great natural beauty makes it a must for hikers. There are many striking green mountains with hiking trails, such as the Riviersonderend. There’s no shortage of nature reserves either.

Here are just a few examples

Tsitsikamma National Park, with its spectacular panoramic views stretching for hundreds of kilometers,

Royal Natal National Park, with its many impressive cliffs,

the Malolotja Nature Reserve, with its 200 km of footpaths and bird sanctuaries.

Or discover the World Heritage-listed Drakensberg Park.

Of course, the Drakensberg mountain ranges are the first choice for hikers in South Africa. Not forgetting, of course, an ascent of Table Mountain in Cape Town. Those more interested in safaris can head for Kruger Park in the north-east of the country.

In Durban, located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, you can enjoy prestigious beaches bordered by the Indian Ocean. Here, you can also try your hand at rock-climbing, while enjoying splendid views from some of Africa’s finest rock faces.


Benin is a destination with character, combining cultural riches and natural beauty.

Not to be missed is the famous Porte du Non-Retour. Witness to a tumultuous past, it will plunge you into the heart of the history of slave deportation. Exploring the Pendjari National Park and Parc W on wilderness safaris is an activity that should appeal to the adventurous. Exceptional flora and fauna await you. The sandy beaches of the seaside resort of Grand-Popo, meanwhile, invite you to relax and enjoy a peaceful stay. Just off the Cotonou lagoons, the lakeside village of Ganvié, dubbed the “Venice of Africa”, is a sight to behold. Here, you’ll discover huts on stilts along the water’s edge.

Discovering Vodou is a must for those in search of spirituality. There’s nothing like taking part in the Vodou festival (January 10) to soak up the richness of this unique culture. The Temple des Pythons, in Ouidah, is also well worth a visit. These venerated divinities are intimately linked to the Vodou religion.

Benin is also a paradise for trekking enthusiasts, with its varied landscape. Mount Sokbaro, the Atacora mountain range, the Dassa hills and the Kota waterfalls are perfect examples.

The Fondation Zinsou is a must-see for art lovers. Numerous collections of contemporary African art can be discovered here. The postcard setting of the fishing port is a reminder of Cotonou’s festive atmosphere. While admiring the ballet of colorful pirogues, enjoy delicious seafood dishes on the spot. For souvenirs, Cotonou’s colorful and lively markets are full of surprises. You’ll find all kinds of products: objets d’art, traditional fabrics, exotic spices…


11 Must-visit countries in Africa: Climbing in Mali was not an activity in the 15th century, but a reason for survival. Discovering the history of the Dogon region and the Upper Gourma is of course fascinating. At the same time, enjoy the scenery from the top of the Hombori and Dyoudé massifs. Splendid views over half-deserted regions covered by arid, dry savannah await nature lovers.

A hike to the National Park in Bamako and a visit to the various museums and cathedrals are a must in Mali. History buffs will be delighted by a stroll around the various monuments, not forgetting a visit to the markets for souvenirs.

The more intrepid can venture to the Dandan Waterfalls and jump from the top of a waterfall.


An architecturally, naturally and culturally spectacular country. Morocco has something for everyone, whether you’re a trekker or an ordinary holidaymaker. Wherever you head in Morocco, you’ll be amazed.

In the valleys and mountains, the handicrafts of the locals will dazzle you. And in Morocco’s big cities, you’ll be amazed by the Arab arts, including sculpted decorations and mosaics. In the villages and countryside, you’re sure to be enchanted by the simple yet rich heritage of the lesser-known Atlas Berbers.

Pack your bags and set off on a trek to Imlil, one of Morocco‘s must-see hiking destinations. Enjoy a unique experience between sea, forests, deserts and mountains. In addition to its environmental richness, this region is renowned for its culture and welcoming, charming inhabitants.

For surfers, the Moroccan town of Taghazout is the favorite of pros and amateurs alike.

And why not try your hand at wakeboarding or rafting in Morocco?

If you prefer mountain excursions, spend a day in the Atlas Mountains or Oukaimeden.

Climbing in Morocco

For lovers of the vertical, Morocco is a magnificent climbing spot: Taghia, Toghra, Tafraoute, … Here are a few climbing stories from Morocco:

The most beautiful climbing routes in Taghia, Morocco

Climbing in Taghia with the route Les Rivières Pourpres

Climbing in Taghia with the climbing routes: Canyon apache, Baraka, Haben oder sein, Au nom de la réforme, Belle et berbère

Return to Taghia with climbing routes: Axe du Mal, Champions du monde, Prinz von Taghia, Shucran, Fat Guide

Vertige Berbère discovering the Taghia cliffs in Morocco

Winter climbing: our major routes in the Todgha gorges (Todra)

And don’t forget that you can also discover Morocco’s cultural heritage in major cities such as Marrakech, Fes and Rabat.


Tanzania has kept its wild side to amaze visitors. Zebras, leopards, hippos and elephants are all part of the country’s exceptional wildlife. In addition to its diverse animal species, Tanzania’s beauty lies in its majestic landscapes.

Climb the Kilimanjaro mountains, go on safari to discover the Big Five (Africa’s 5 most impressive mammals, including leopard, lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhinoceros)… in short, various wonders await you in this wild Eden.

As you head further north, you can immerse yourself in the heart of the Maasai people, who live in the wilderness. Another interesting destination is the cosmopolitan megalopolis of Dar Es Salaam. Here, you’ll find restaurants serving gourmet dishes from all over the world. In the early morning, stroll down to the splendid beach for a breath of fresh air. For a breathtaking sunrise, take a walk along the coastline.


11 Must-visit countries in Africa: Madagascar is a multi-faceted island. One of its special features is that over 80% of its flora and fauna are endemic. In addition to this great biodiversity, the island boasts magnificent beaches, such as those of Nosy-Be. And why not venture into the majestic tropical forests of the east?

Climbing enthusiasts can head south to climb the Tsaranoro Big Wall. The walls are formed from compact granite and reach heights of over 800 metres. A trip to Madagascar wouldn’t be complete without exploring the Tsingy de Bemaraha integral nature reserve, also known as the “stone forest”.

Further north in Diego-Suarez, it’s possible to explore the colonnette, stalactite and hole rinds.  These are commonly known as Montagne des Français and Archipel de Nosy Hara.


Ethiopia is one of the African countries that has retained its sovereignty and is one of the cradles of humanity. In the north of the country, in the Simien Park, lies one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Go trekking or hiking to discover Ethiopia’s natural treasures.

Explore the charming, colorful streets of Harar, around 500 km from Addis Ababa. A visit here will help you understand why Rimbaud wanted to set down his luggage here.

Discover the Erta Ale crater! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing an active volcano. Or simply enjoy a camel tour of the Danakil Depression.

Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde

A stay on Santo Antao Island can only be beneficial. Located in the north of the Cape Verde archipelago, this destination is quite special. In the northern part of the island, you’ll find terraced farming and a vast expanse of greenery. The south, on the other hand, is more arid and mineral.

Here, you can enjoy one of the best hiking trails on the island by opting for the Topo Da Coroa. About 5 km from the town of Pombas, you can also explore the Pica Da Cruz mountain.

At the northeastern tip of the island, admire the view from the Fontes Pereira de Melo lighthouse.


Uganda is one of Africa’s most beautiful destinations, thanks in no small part to its great lakes. These include Lakes Kyoga, Victoria, Edward and Albert in the north and east.

The country is also the ideal place to admire the rare mountain gorillas living in the dense Bwindi forest. Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks should also be on your itinerary. These are spectacular places for a safari among primates and big game. Sumptuous waterfalls also await you.

Camping in the Ugandan rainforest is also an option for those who like to live in the wild.


Zimbabwe is characterized by the Victoria Falls, located near the town of Victoria Falls. They are renowned for being the most spectacular in the world. The Mutarazi Falls and Chinhoyi Caves are also exceptional.

Through the various national parks such as Hwange, Mana Pools and Matobo Mountains, you can discover Zimbabwe’s great diversity. Camping, safari and rail are just some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay. If you’re lucky, you’ll see rhinos and elephants in the wild.

Do you enjoy visiting archaeological sites, ruins and monuments? The town of Khami will be delighted to welcome you.


11 Must-visit countries in Africa: When we think of Egypt, we automatically think of the pyramids and sphinxes of Giza or the museums of Cairo. For souvenir gifts and handicrafts, a detour to Cairo’s world-famous souk, Khân al-Khalili, is inevitable.

But Egypt is not just a country brimming with antiques and historic ruins. The country also boasts nature reserves such as Ras Muhammad Park National. A sensational place where you can enjoy beaches and diving.


A Central African country also known as the “land of a thousand hills”.

Rwanda is simply a must for cyclists. With its hilly topography, this region of Africa is a real challenge for all cycling enthusiasts. All you need to do is get your equipment ready for the challenge: a round-the-world bike, a pair of shoes and so on.

For an unforgettable experience, however, what better way than to head off the beaten track to places you’re sure to love? As well as incredible cycling trails, you’ll discover landscapes that are still untamed.

For a truly African adventure experience, there’s no better choice than Namibia and Botswana. Wild but fabulous landscapes await you in these two countries. However, if you want to make the most of them, there are a few sites that should not be missed.

In Namibia, the Namib and Kalahari deserts and the Etosha reserve, where you’ll meet a variety of wild animals including gazelle, ostrich and zebra, are a must-see.

In Botswana, the magnificent Victoria Falls. The famous Chobe National Park, with its herds of elephants, is well worth a visit.

Preparing a trip to Africa

11 Must-visit countries in Africa: Whatever the destination and whatever the reasons, a trip to Africa always requires rigorous preparation. Pack your bags according to where you’re going, the weather conditions and the activities you’ll be doing there.

One of the most important things you can do when traveling in Africa is to get vaccinated. You also need a medical kit and preventive treatments for malaria and tropical diseases.

And, of course, a valid passport is essential, in addition to the various administrative documents required for travel.

You can also hire a travel agency to take you to Africa, to take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer.

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