15-day tour of the most beautiful cities of Morocco

15-day tour of the most beautiful cities of Morocco

15 days tour the most beautiful cities in Morocco

15-day tour of the most beautiful cities of Morocco: Morocco Tours: check out the route from the south to the north of the country in a 15-day itinerary through 9 cities in Africa’s most exotic destination! Check out a complete itinerary
Medieval cities, desert landscapes, peculiar flavors and different sensations are the perfect ingredients for a trip to an unusual destination. To visit Morocco is to be surprised by every detail, every discovery. After passing through different Moroccan cities, it’s easy to see the diversity and beauty of one of the most exotic and surprising countries in the world.

Located in North Africa, Morocco offers an excellent range of tourist facilities and hotels for the most demanding visitors. All of Morocco’s main tourist routes are well-stocked with incredible hotel and shopping options.

There are several well-developed itineraries that can be explored in Morocco: the Route of 1000 Kasbahs is home to countless centuries-old buildings that showcase Morocco’s impressive architecture, in the north, the port cities of Rabat and Tangier receive thousands of young people due to their proximity to Europe, while the fascinating Route of the Imperial Cities presents all the luxury and beauty of Morocco’s main cities.

Did you know that Morocco is one of the North African countries with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Medinas, archaeological complexes, impressive buildings and landscapes are just some of the interesting stops we’ve listed in this Morocco travel itinerary.

We’ve also talked before about two types of unmissable routes to take in Morocco: one in the South and the other in the North. If you have more days in your schedule or simply want to get a deeper insight into the culture and curiosities of everyday life in Morocco, check out the best Morocco travel tips in this 15-day itinerary.


The country’s economic capital, Casablanca is used by many Brazilians as a gateway to their destination and can be a great base to start your Morocco itinerary.

The beachside city offers a variety of tourist attractions, including squares, mosques, retail centers, and a section encircled by galleries housing upscale shops that make for excellent shopping. Be sure to check out Casablanca’s small souk to get an idea of what’s to come in the next few days of your Morocco travel itinerary.

Best attractions in Casablanca:

Hassan II Mosque
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Casablanca
Place Mohammed V
Parc Sindibad
The Corniche
Aïn Diab Beach

Sahara Desert

The journey towards the largest desert in the world should be done in at least 2 days: 1 to get to Erfoud and another to cross part of the desert to the Erg Chebbi Dunes, known for being the largest in the Sahara. The unforgettable experience begins in the city of Erfoud and continues to the town of Boulmane, where you can stop in the middle of the dunes for a night under the stars.

We have the backing of the Sahara Morocco Tours at this point in the 15-day itinerary in Morocco, which not only provides fantastic lodging in this region of the nation, has a team specialized in showing the curiosities of the Sahara Desert and helps travelers with private transfers on the route between the cities of Errachidia and Marrakech.

Best attractions in the Sahara Desert:

City of Erfoud
Erg Chebbi dunes
Nomadic communities
Abandoned village of Merdani
Kahmlia village
City of Rissani

Boumalne Dades:

After leaving the Sahara Desert behind, choose a nearby destination for the night. Despite its small size, Boumalne is an interesting and fascinating town. Filled with adobe buildings, Boumalne Dades looks like it’s straight out of a biblical landscape.

It is also surrounded by popular attractions such as some towns that are part of the “Road of a Thousand Kasbahs” tourist route and the Todra Valley, home to the Todra Gorges, a gigantic gorge that has become a mecca for lovers of hiking and climbing.

Best attractions in Boumalne Dades:

Todra Gorges


Known as the “Moroccan Hollywood”, the city has served as the stage for several films and series such as Game of Thrones, Gladiator Asterix and Obelix and Babel.

Ouarzazate has a charming center and impressive buildings such as the Kasbah Taourirt, a space that serves as a museum and presents a fine example of the ancient architecture of southern Morocco. The destination is also a great base for visiting one of Morocco’s most impressive attractions: the walled city of Aït Ben Haddou. The city is also the base for travelers seeking to discover the charms and mysteries of the itinerary dedicated to the Route of 1000 Kasbahs.

Best attractions in Ouarzazate:

Kasbah of Tifoultoute
Kasbah Taourirt
Cinema Museum
Aït Ben Haddou
CLA Studios


Marrakech is undoubtedly one of the most mind-blowing cities in the country and is a must for curious people who love visiting eccentric places. The “Red City” is one of the highlights of this itinerary in Morocco and boasts imposing centuries-old buildings.

Its medina is home to a veritable maze of hundreds of streets, alleys and lanes, which are home to 18 souks, madrassas, riads and countless must-see attractions in Marrakech. The destination is considered one of the country’s cultural hubs, demonstrating a cosmopolitan side unlike any other city in Morocco.

15-day tour of the most beautiful cities of Morocco: Best attractions in Marrakech:

Marrakech’s Medina
Ben Youssef Mosque
Majorelle Garden
Bahia Palace
Saadian Tombs
Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Medina of Marrakech
Bab Agnaou
Jemaa el-Fna Square
Koutoubia Mosque
Ben Youssef Madrasah


The imperial city of Fez is the next stop on the route through Morocco. The city, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to over 10,000 historic buildings in its medina, making it a true open-air museum.

Fez is home to numerous stunning hotels and restaurants, catering for all tourists looking for a luxury trip to Morocco.

Best attractions in Fez:

Medina of Fez
Madrassa Al-ttarine
Choura Tannery
Bab Boujloud
Royal Palace of Fez
Madrasa Bou Inania
Jewish Quarter
Al Quaraouiyine University


Tucked away in the shadow of the Riff Mountains, Chefchaouen is known as the “Blue Pearl” or the Blue Pearl of Morocco because of its two buildings, which are kept in different tones of blue.

This is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco and you’ll agree after a stroll through the city’s medina. The tip is to start your route at Uta Al-Hamman Square and walk through the incredible blue labyrinth without fear of getting lost.

15-day tour of the most beautiful cities of Morocco: Best attractions in Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen Medina
Uta Al-Hamman Square
Spanish Mosque
Bab El-Sor Square
Akchour Waterfalls


A little piece of Spain on Moroccan territory: that’s the best way to describe magnificent Tétouan. With its Andalusian architecture, Tétouan’s buildings follow a white pattern that stands out among the mountains that surround the city.

This is an excellent place to stop and take pictures as well as stroll peacefully and thoughtfully for extended periods of time.

Best Tétouan attractions:

Tétouan Medina
Hassan II Square
Ethnographic Museum
Royal Palace


The port city of Tangier closes our route in Morocco with a flourish.

Divided from Spain by the Gibraltar Canal, the port city is surrounded by historical and natural attractions and can also be the entry point of your trip if you are visiting Morocco after a trip to Europe. Many people choose these destinations as an integrated itinerary, as they are very close to each other.

15-day tour of the most beautiful cities of Morocco: Best attractions in Tangier:

Cape Spartel
Tangier Medina
Cave of Hercules
Hotel COntinental

What currency to take to Morocco?

It is advisable to bring dollar coins for your trip to Morocco as they are more widely accepted. Once you arrive in Morocco, you can exchange your coins for Moroccan Dirham or use dollars at the main tourist sites.

Hotels also usually offer a currency exchange service for guests. In shops in general, they don’t differentiate between euros and dollars. So it’s best to take the dollar because of the exchange rate variation.

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