Accommodation in Morocco

Accommodation in Morocco

Accommodation in Morocco

Accommodation in Morocco: Morocco offers a wide range of accommodation options, depending on the type of stay you’re looking for. Hotels, Riads, Kasbahs, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels and camping sites all offer accommodation to suit all budgets. You’ll always receive the warmest welcome.


Hotels in Morocco are classified by star, according to the level of comfort and service they offer. From the most outdated to the most luxurious, Morocco offers a wide range of hotels from which to choose.
Five-star hotels are characterized by luxury, comfort and quality of service. It usually has several suites, a restaurant, a swimming pool and sometimes a spa.

Four-star hotels are clean, well-staffed establishments of the highest standard. There’s a swimming pool and restaurant on site. Prices vary widely from one hotel to another.
There are few two- and three-star establishments of medium standing, offering average but acceptable comfort and services. Those off the beaten tourist track offer fewer guarantees of service and cleanliness.

Further down the scale, you’ll find small, old-fashioned hotels that aren’t always very clean, most of which are located in the medina (old town centers).
Please note: As these rankings are purely national, comfort and service levels may vary considerably from one country to another, within the same category.


The riad is a large bourgeois house in the medina. They are sometimes built around cool courtyards, where a small fountain is sometimes installed. The various rooms often communicate only with this central patio, through which one must always pass. The windows open onto this interior space, while the walls facing the street have no openings at all.

Often owned by foreigners in love with oriental architecture, these riads are divided into apartments for rent to recoup renovation and staffing costs. They are often a better choice than a palace for the same price. Most riads are located in the major cities of Marrakech, Fes, Rabat and Essaouira.

Accommodation in Morocco: KASBAHS:

Located in the South, these fortified adobe buildings were once the residence of the lords. Kasbahs played the dual role of sheltering crops and protecting the population from desert raiders. Their architecture was designed to preserve coolness, the ambient temperature contrasting with the heat outside. Some Kasbahs are open to guests, combining the richness of traditional Moroccan know-how with the comfort and modernity of the services on offer. Rates can be high.


You can opt for a bed and breakfast with a local. There is a wide range of accommodation on offer, many of which are located in riads, while others are in private homes. You’ll be sharing the family’s life. If you want to make up your mind on the spot, visit the place and negotiate the price as clearly as possible. If you’re not sure, go through our agency. Very common in seaside resorts like Essaouira, they offer the advantage of an economical formula.


With a membership card purchased before your departure, you can meet people traveling under the same conditions as you.

Accommodation in Morocco: CAMPING:

Camping is the cheapest form of accommodation. However, you need to be careful: very few campsites today are properly equipped. Make sure you have a shady pitch and decent toilet facilities. Camping in the wild is not recommended. Tip: most guesthouses, inns and small hotels can offer you a mattress on the terrace.

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