Beaches of El Jadida and its coast

Beaches of El Jadida and its coast

Beaches of El Jadida and its coast


Beaches of El Jadida and its coast, Morocco, This wide, sandy beach, bordered by a seafront promenade, stretches from the Portuguese town to the north.

The coast continues towards Azzemour via El Haouzia beach, characterized by the wreck of a beached ship.

On this beach are two tourist centers with golf courses, the Royal Club Golf El Jadida and the Mazagan Golf Club, alongside a modern resort.


Sidi Bouzid

This magnificent beach lies to the south, on the coast road, and has been transformed into a classic and popular seaside resort.

It’s an ideal place for international surfing. Its waves rank among the top 10 in the world.

There’s a wide range of apartments and houses to rent for the summer.

Moulay Abdallah

This former 12th-century fortified monastery, abandoned when the Portuguese arrived, is now a beach and a zaouïa where the country’s largest pilgrimage is celebrated. In August, between 60,000 and 70,000 people attend and 15,000 horses take part in the parades and entertainment.

Jorf Lasfar

Beaches of El Jadida and its coast: 17 km away, next to Cap Blanc, lies this small town named after the color of the rocks on the cliffs.

Formerly a fishing port, it is now an industrial town with a very recent harbor. It is also Africa‘s largest phosphate export port and a processing center for these minerals. Finally, to complete the list, it is also a phosphoric acid production center, a thermal power plant, a small shipyard and a fishing port, all of which have degraded its ancient and magnificent environment.

Sidi Moussa

Agricultural center of the Doukkala region, 41 km away. This is an area of market-garden plains.

There’s a golden sand beach at the mouth of a small river. These lagoons continue to the south, forming salt flats and cultivated areas protected by reed beds.

Sidi Belkhair’s lovely beach creates a little bay to the north.

To the south, the road to Safi skirts the sea before arriving at Oualidia, where we can admire pristine golden-sand beaches such as Mrizika, M’hammed Taik and Lamghasel, alongside coastal lagoons surrounded by cultivated areas.

Cape Beddouza

90 km away, we find a small village located on a major geographical accident, where the African coast turns south. It has been known since Carthaginian times. 

The lighthouse stands on a high cliff.

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Azemmour beaches

El Haouzia beach, close to Azemmour and 16 km from El Jadida, will be described in another article.

Continuing north along the coastal road, it’s worth stopping off at the Lala Aïcha Baharia marabout, next to the mouth of the Oum Errabia river. It offers magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

Still following this road, we find several kilometers of wild beaches. We can also admire the sanctuary of Sidi Moulay el Fedel. We’re now in the Ouelja region, where the Bounaien cove stands out, and, next to a forest, the luxurious Azembay residential complex.

These beaches are close to the farming village of Tnine Chtouka.

Beaches of El Jadida and its coast: Bir Retma beach, 38 km away, is a small vacation resort located at the mouth of a river, where Lahouira beach extends. There are several recent housing developments.

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