Holidays in Morocco: what to do

Holidays in Morocco: what to do

Morocco is one of the countries of North Africa, which offers an interesting resort vacation. Having access to the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy the warm waters, watching how it changes its colors depending on the weather and time of day. Any trip is also accompanied by a visit to the world famous Sahara Desert. Here you will get to know the nomadic tribes, observe the local life and of course the night sky, which is particularly beautiful in this part of the world. Let’s talk about what you can do in Morocco while traveling.

Try a mint tea.

Whether you like to try new foods or not, mint tea is an essential part of a trip to Morocco. It is drunk here at any time of the year, any time of day, and under any circumstances. It is so delicious and refreshing that it is able to attract even avid coffee drinkers to its sides. You can find this tea everywhere, strolling through the Old Town, visiting the local bazaar in search of “treasures” or trying it when checking into a hotel. In the daytime this drink gives vivacity, in the morning it tones up, and in the evening it calms the nerves. In general, as you have already realized, in any “not clear and understandable” situation, drink sweet-scented mint tea and enjoy life the Moroccan way.

Beach Vacation

Of course, every tourist trip to the sea is accompanied by a beach vacation. Fortunately, Morocco offers its tourists access not only to the Mediterranean Sea, but also to the Atlantic coast. As a result, if you are looking for a more relaxing pastime or traveling as a family, then it is better to find a suitable coast near the Mediterranean Sea. Excellent beaches are located in the area between El Hoceima and Tanker. The sea in this area is calm at almost all times, lots of greenery, and the water is warm.

Visiting the “Cote d’Azur”, in particular the popular resort of Mediterrania Saidia, you can get an even tan, practice your golf game, visit the water attractions or just take a walk in the beautiful park to relax in the shade. Boat access to the sea is also available.

Catch a wave

There is a special place for divers in Morocco where they can catch a wave and meet new people. The camp by the Western Sahara has its motto – no shoes, no watch and no news. Heading to Foum Labouir beach, you can catch a wave at any time of day and enjoy your vacation. If you are still a beginner, then go to the beaches of Pointe dÓr or Aarich. Nearby are built hostels and other apartments, where you can not only stay overnight, but also to rent surfboards.

Monk Seals

Morocco is not only a paradise for lovers of the desert, sea and ocean holidays, it is also a place for lovers of nature and rare species of fauna. In particular, visiting the bay of Dakhla, which is located near the Rio de Oro, you will meet rare animals and sea creatures. Thousands of birds come here, there are pink flamingos, as well as rare monk seals. Unfortunately, it is an endangered species, so it is rare to see them. Among other things, you may also be lucky enough to see humpback dolphins, incredible-sized stingrays and strange clams. All in all, there is plenty of room for observation, if you just take the right position at the Putna Sargah post.

A Night in the Desert

Visiting North Africa and not visiting the desert is like not visiting the continent. You may ask what interesting things you can do there. In fact, the entertainment is enough, and we’ll show it to you.

Once in the desert, you will feel the unusual energy of this place. With a bit of imagination imagine how in the ancient times nomads overcame great distances on the sands.

Visit small oases and understand how valuable these islands of life in the middle of endless sands are.

Stay overnight in a traditional nomadic dwelling.

Visit the Valley of Roses and enjoy its incredible scent.

Take a dip in the sulfuric shower that has a temperature of +38 degrees.

Snack in the company of Bedouins, enjoying the taste of fresh dates.

Ride a camel.

And that’s just some of the things you can do in the desert. Among other things, it is a beautiful place, so don’t forget to bring your equipment to take as many pictures as possible. As we said above, a night in the desert is especially a time when you can watch the starry sky and enjoy the views.

Relax in the hammam

Hammams are a special place for Arabs, where they love to visit and where many tourists tend to go. But here it is important to understand that all the hammams in the hotels are European. Bath attendants work everywhere, charging very high prices, trying to make the procedure closer to the spa. If you want to be in a really real hammam, then it is time to go to the city, where the Moroccans themselves come. The oldest hammam you will find in a building of the 17th century – Bad Doukkala. The cost will be ten times less than the hotel, for men and ladies different schedule. Before you go here, take all your bath products.

Fifty Shades of Blue

If you love architecture in all its diversity and have been to Greece before, watching white houses in a small town, it’s time to visit Shefshauen. All the houses in this town are painted blue and this tradition began a long time ago. In the 15th century, when the Sephadores lived here, it was decided to paint the town in this color, as it symbolizes the Throne of God, the sea and the sky. In this way they believed that God would protect the inhabitants from the Portuguese, who were very aggressive at the time.

The time of the natives has passed, the conflict with Portugal is over, but houses are still painted in different shades of blue. The result is very beautiful, unusual and even practical. This shade repels insects. To admire all the beauty from the side, we advise to climb the hill. During the mini-trip, you’ll encounter pastoral goats and cute shepherds in hats.

Moroccan delicacies

Cuisine in Morocco is a special part of any tourist program in this country. In the long history of the country, the cuisine has undergone a number of changes and has absorbed the roots of French, Arabic, Spanish, German and even English dishes. As a result, if you want to be thoroughly acquainted with new dishes, we advise you to visit Marrakech or Rabat, where under the national music will be distributed all the preparations. Upon entering the restaurant, you are likely to be offered several sets at once. As a rule, in every dish is added tkhina.

Walking through the most intricate streets

While on vacation in the city of Fez, you can visit two separate areas and marvel at their views. When visiting the Old City, you should first of all visit the Royal Court, which is striking in its scope and beauty. Here you can stroll through the parks and visit the Bougeloud Gardens. After that you can visit the area of Fes el Bali. If you believe the calculations, there are about 200 mosques, 14 gates, 180 hammams and 6,000 streets, as if in one face. As a result, walking around this area you can easily get confused, but the Moroccans will definitely help you find the right road and you’ll be back to your hotel in no time.

Buy souvenirs

Morocco is famous for its primitive markets and visiting these places can be compared to visiting a tourist attraction. Here you will also buy unusual souvenirs for your friends and family. Do you want more variety? Head to the Semmarine Market in Marrakech and you’ll find everything you could possibly want. You’ll find delicious sweets, Berber pancake robes, soft shoes, copperware and much more. If you are interested in colorful carpets, then you should visit the shopping shop near Rahba Square. Here you can also find numerous leather goods. Spice lovers are welcome in the Jewish quarter.

Connoisseurs of fine jewelry await the jewelry market in Fez, located at the gate of Bab-Smarin. If you visit the capital of Morocco, you can in a couple of hours visit the antique market to buy rare items and in the ultra-fashionable boutique to buy the most fashionable outfit.

Stay at the Atlantic Palace Hotel

This luxurious hotel is located in Agadir and was built for the members of the royal family. While the king is busy with other things and is absent, anyone can use the room to feel in his place. Upon entering the hotel, the first thing you notice is the gold paintings and mosaic ceiling. This building was designed over a period of 10 years and once inside you feel like you are in a museum where you are allowed to take pictures, touch and even live. If you have the finances, book a suite and enjoy the royal life. Next to the hotel is the best thalassotherapy center.

The Paradise Surf Yoga Hotel

If the royal format is over for you or you don’t want much pathos, then you should head north of Agadir. Here you will find a simpler but no less attractive location. Here you can choose from simple cottages, two-storey villas and simple rooms for accommodation. The best thing about this place is the location. All day you will enjoy the pleasant surf, in the evening and in the morning you will enjoy the most pleasant pictures of sunrise and sunset. Here at the ocean there are no discos and other parties, because instead, tourists engage in yoga, meditation and other pacifying practices. And indeed, if you can not afford the royal luxury, it remains only to relax and find beauty in the small. Those in the know know know exactly what we mean.

Bottom line

There are many things to do in Morocco, and you can alternate them with enviable regularity. If you rent a car, you can spend a day at the ocean, where you can devote yourself to water sports. Catch a wave on a board, fish from a boat or yacht, fly parachutes. Want a more civilized and aristocratic activity? Welcome to the luxury golf courses, where you’ll meet like-minded people and maybe even make some new friends. Are you tired of the confusing climate and eternal heat? That’s no problem, because Morocco has European-class ski resorts. This country really surprises and offers just an incredible amount of entertainment.

As we have already mentioned in this article, having been to Morocco you should definitely do a few things:

Try the local cuisine and mint tea. Whether you are a foodie or not, try different dishes and appreciate them.

Visit the local markets. It sells a huge variety of goods for different tastes. Buy all sorts of souvenirs, find rare items, leisurely explore all the stalls. Given the general bustle and chaos it will be difficult, but you try. Also be careful of your wallet.

Morocco is also access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Choose the beaches you prefer. For a family and quiet time it is best to visit the Mediterranean, and if you are an active person and really like waves, then the Atlantic. Everywhere you will find beautiful scenery, enjoy your vacation.

Deserve special attention the Sahara Desert and the excursions that are organized here. We advise you to take your time and carefully study all the customs of the native Moroccans. Be sure to spend the night here, meet the sunset, sunrise, and of course watch the night starry sky. Here, in the absence of artificial light, the stars are visible in greater numbers and astounding in size.

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