Morocco Tour Guide: Best Things To Do

Morocco Tour Guide

Morocco Tour Guide: Best Things To Do

Morocco Tour Guide: What to see in Morocco Desert dunes, lively souks, camel caravans, palaces surrounded by beautiful gardens, bags overflowing with spices, oases… That’s a good start, but there’s so much more to discover in this country of hidden treasures! To make sure you don’t miss a thing on your Morocco tours, don’t hesitate to consult our tourist maps to find the regions you won’t want to miss and the places you won’t want to miss. In just a few hours by plane, you’ll be in for a change of scenery!


Everyone has heard of this bewitching city, and its famous Jemaa el-Fna square with its snake charmers, henna tattooists and street vendors. The Koutoubia is also a must-see in Marrakech, as are the Ben Youssef medersa, the Bahia Palace and the thousand-colored souks.


Essaouira is still mainly a fishing town, and its port is a very pleasant place to stroll around at the end of the day. In fact, you absolutely must try the sardine-based culinary specialties for which the town is famous! Take the time to walk along the ramparts and lose yourself in the colorful medina.


The atmosphere here is quite tranquil, unlike that of Morocco‘s large, densely populated cities. Visitors love Chefchaouen for its blue color. Indeed, almost all the houses in the medina are painted in this color. It adds a unique charm, and makes for great photos.


This city is highly strategic, as it lies on the Strait of Gibraltar. International trade has been conducted here for centuries, resulting in an interesting cultural mix. The Kasbah, the old city center, the market and the seafront are the main places to visit in Tangier.


This inland city embodies the spirit of Morocco. The medina is very old, with numerous mosques, fondouks and medersas. But Fès is also renowned for its leather crafts, as well as its absolutely delicious and copious gastronomy.


Casablanca is a city full of contrasts, blending tradition and modernity. Its most emblematic monument is undoubtedly the Hassan II mosque. It’s a huge religious complex built on the seafront, with one of the world’s tallest minarets. You can also visit the old medina, the Habous district and Place Mohammed V.


Meknes is a thousand-year-old city that has always played a leading role in Moroccan history. It is a World Heritage Site for its remarkable historic center. Don’t miss the great mosque, the Bou Inania medersa, the Bab Mansour gate and the Dar Jamaï palace.


Morocco’s capital is a rich city bursting with historic monuments, each more sublime than the last. Here you’ll find the Kasbah des Oudayas, the famous Hassan Tower, the excellent Museum of History and Civilization, the astonishing Saint-Pierre Cathedral, and the mysterious Chella necropolis.


This city in the north-east of the country has the distinction of being entirely white, with architecture similar to that of Andalusia. The Medina of Tetouan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incredible beauty and its perfect location between the Rif mountains and the Mediterranean.


This is THE must-see seaside resort in Morocco. Agadir has everything you need for an exceptional vacation. You’ll find year-round sunshine, a coastline perfect for swimming, plenty of activities for the whole family, and a wide variety of landscapes just a few kilometers from the center.

The Merzouga Desert

Welcome to Erg Chebbi, where the immense golden dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. If you’ve never walked in the desert, don’t wait any longer. This extraordinary experience will remain engraved in your memory, especially if you have the opportunity to spend a night under the stars in the middle of the dunes.

Dades Gorge

Morocco Tour Guide: From the winding road that meanders along the cliff faces, you’ll catch a glimpse of the arid gorges, and the areas of vegetation that surround the river. This spectacular plunge into the High Atlas will certainly not leave you indifferent. Don’t forget your camera!

Rose Valley

If you can, come here in spring, when the delicately scented flowers are blooming. Rose Valley is a rural area that has been using this plant for centuries for its cosmetic virtues, but also for its thorns, which repel greedy animals. Don’t hesitate to take a stroll around the fields at dawn.

Jebel Toubkal

This is Morocco’s highest peak, with an altitude of over 4100 meters. This giant of stone is even covered in snow in winter, which is unusual in this country. If you wish, you can trek for several days to climb Djebel Toubkal, but beware of the altitude difference!


It’s a natural paradise between the Sahara desert and the Atlantic Ocean. But Dakhla is especially well known to water sports enthusiasts, as the spots in this region are particularly renowned. The wind is perfect for pushing the sails, and the waves are an ever-changing playground for surfers of all levels.

Paradise Valley

Here’s a pleasant little excursion to stretch your legs in sublime surroundings. This valley is reached after a short hike along the river. Depending on the water level, you’ll see waterfalls and natural pools in which you can take a dip.

Ouzoud waterfalls

These are certainly the country’s most beautiful and impressive waterfalls. They are spread over three tiers of pink rock, and total over 100 meters in height. Below, the area is filled with fruit trees, and you’ll even spot a group of free-ranging macaques. Photography enthusiasts will be delighted by the contrasts.

Sidi Ifni

This small fishing town is a haven of peace at the gateway to the desert. You’ll find absolute serenity here, between crystal-clear beaches, rocky arches, hills and stretches of sand that are home to Berber villages just a few kilometers away.


Morocco Tour Guide: Would you like to discover a wilderness at the end of the world? It will take you several hours to get there, but the detour is well worth it. You’ll discover superb, totally isolated cliffs, ideal for outdoor climbing.


A seemingly ordinary country village awaits you in southern Morocco. But Tafraout hides some superb pink granite boulders and fascinating landscapes. The region is particularly beautiful when the trees are in bloom, bringing greenery to the rosy plains. If possible, attend the market, which is the highlight of the week.


Head east with this village, which is in fact an isolated oasis. There are no luxury hotel complexes or modern shopping malls here. All you’ll find are date palms, traditional dwellings and arid mountains. It’s the perfect place to get away from it all and discover the local way of life.


Want to visit Marrakech without the tourist buses? Taroudant is a good alternative for travelers who like to get off the beaten track. Here, street vendors are not there to entertain visitors, of whom there are few, but to keep the local economy going. It’s a pretty, authentic little town surrounded by fields of olive and argan trees.

The Fint oasis

Just outside Ouarzazate, you’ll find this green oasis if you know where to look. Many visitors don’t take the time to explore the area, but don’t make that mistake. Thanks to a simple river, this arid land has plenty of palm trees to feed the few families in this charming village.

Moulay Idriss

Morocco Tour Guide: Moulay Idriss is a small white village perched on a hill, with a magnificent view over the valley. But it’s also a holy city, home to the mausoleum of Idris 1st. This historical figure is of capital importance in the history of Morocco, and many pilgrims still come to pay homage to him, more than 1,200 years after his death.


You’ve probably never seen so many palm trees in one place. Skoura is famous throughout the country for its superb trees. But it’s also appreciated for its narrow streets filled with street vendors, and its historic buildings with red walls that blaze in the setting sun.


Southern Morocco is waiting to welcome you to this destination at the gateway to the desert. Zagora is the starting point for excursions to the arid dunes and the Drâa Valley, but it’s also a lively village. In the old days, caravans to Timbuktu set off from here, taking around 2 months to reach their destination.

Erg Chegaga

Located near Zagora, in southern Morocco, Erg Chegaga offers an off-the-beaten-track look at the wonders of the desert. If you’re on your way there, stop off at Tamegroute, home to the oldest library in the Sahara. Then enjoy a unique site of luminous dunes where you can go on camel expeditions and spend the night in a Berber tent.

Tichka Plateau

Morocco Tour Guide: After the arid slopes of the High Atlas, dotted with olive, argan, carob and almond trees, the Tichka plateau is an oasis. Situated at an altitude of 2800 m in southern Morocco, it will amaze you with its torrents of fresh water, secret waterfalls and incredible electric-green pastures. On the way, you’ll pass through peaceful, high-altitude villages where it’s good to spend a few days.

The white beach

This little-visited region of Morocco has some beautiful spots for a stay off the beaten track. Among its treasures, the Plage Blanche is particularly impressive. This immense stretch of sand stretches between Sidi Ifni and Tan-Tan, along the Atlantic coast. The best way to enjoy it is to hire a guide who will take you to sleep in the dunes, without having to go all the way to the desert.

The Drâa Valley

Morocco’s longest river, which marks the border with Algeria, conceals many secrets and wonders. As you follow the road along the valley, you’ll come across a multitude of ksour, kasbahs, small dunes dotted with tamarisk and palm groves that make for a grandiose landscape. Depending on the day of the week, you can also stroll through a rural souk. Authenticity guaranteed!


Morocco Tour Guide: Located at the gateway to the desert, the ancient city of Taragalt was once an important caravanning center. The town’s unique atmosphere is even more striking than what you’re used to seeing in Morocco, and promises memorable off-the-beaten-track strolls. M’Hamid is the ideal place to rest and take day trips, for example to the Ouled Driss ksar, which has preserved its 17th-century architecture.

Foum Zguid

Stretching along the palm grove of the Tamantt River in southern Morocco, Foum Zguid holds many secrets. Don’t miss the bustling regional souk, the many oases where mirages are not uncommon, the colorful carpet and basket cooperatives, and the recently opened Jebel Bani geopark, which will delight lovers of trekking, astronomy and archaeology.


If you want to visit a town off the beaten track during your trip to Morocco, don’t miss the beautiful city of Tiznit. Here you’ll find a vibrant medina, renowned for its splendid blue doors and colorful houses. Tiznit’s other specialty is silversmithing. There are many craftsmen working with silver, particularly in the jewelry souk.

El Jadida

Morocco Tour Guide: This small port town, 100 kilometers from Casablanca, is surely one of Morocco’s most beautiful secret spots. Like Essaouira, it boasts an impressive Portuguese fort, as well as a blue-and-white medina where you can visit the architectural marvel that is the ancient water cistern. What’s more, the surrounding area is dotted with beautiful beaches.


Considered a holy city by both Muslims and Jews, Ouezzane is a very pleasant off-the-beaten-track stopover during your stay in Morocco. In addition to its many religious sites, it is also renowned for being an important center of artisana, and has been for over four centuries! Several guilds are represented here, including potters, goldsmiths and weavers.


After visiting the imperial cities of northern Morocco, why not stop off in a secret, rural location? The small Berber medina of Azrou is very pleasant and renowned for its woodcarvers. But the main attraction here is the magnificent cedar forest nearby. Some specimens are thousands of years old and are inhabited by playful monkeys.


Morocco Tour Guide: This palm grove in the High Atlas is one of the high-altitude villages in the center of the country. Let yourself be drawn into the maze of streets, and take the opportunity to visit the kasbahs, or strike up a conversation with local craftsmen.

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