Tailor-made trips in Namibia

Tailor-made trips in Namibia

Tailor-made trips in Namibia

Tailor-made trips in Namibia: Namibia, the great country of southern Africa, is the dream destination for lovers of wide open spaces. With its vast stretches of desert and mountainous landscapes, Namibia is a true paradise for an unforgettable road trip. Let’s set off on a resolutely natural journey, where everything is chosen by you and built by us…


To get the most out of your trip to Namibia, we recommend that you devote 15 days to discovering the country. If you’re short of time, 11 days is the minimum. In two weeks, you can cover great distances and explore the more confidential parts of this vast country. With the help of your consultant, you determine the pace you wish to set for your tailor-made trip. Depending on the area you’re interested in, you can go straight to the essentials or take your time: it’s up to you to decide, thanks to the sound advice of our experts! As Namibia is a very large country (one and a half times the size of France), the distances to be covered are considerable: adapting the stages to the driving time allows you to take full advantage of the areas visited, without letting the fatigue of the journey get to you.

Two of Namibia’s highlights are not to be missed: Etosha National Park (1) and the Namib Desert (3). Over 750 kilometers apart by land, it’s a good idea to build your discovery of the country around these two emblematic sites. Then, depending on how much time you have on site, we’ll work with you to create the itinerary of your dreams: hiking in Fish River Canyon (4) or the Tiras massif, cultural encounters with the Sans, water sports in Swakopmund, safaris in the heart of private reserves… the choice is yours!

Another important question to ask when planning your trip to Namibia:

From May to September, it’s winter in Namibia: the famous “dry season” is the most popular period. If you wish to discover Namibia at this time, it’s best to plan ahead, at least 6 months before your planned departure date, to be sure of being able to organize the trip that’s right for you. During the day, the heat is certainly present but bearable. For those of you who are a bit chilly, nights can be cold in some places… A good comforter is essential if you’re sleeping in a roof tent, and cozy blankets are provided in the lodge, but don’t forget to bring some warm clothes!

During other times of the year, it’s certainly hotter during the day, but on a self-drive tour, the vehicles we rent are air-conditioned, and we’ve organized the tour so that you can do most of the activities in the morning or at the end of the day, “in the cool”. Another important advantage is our lower rates!

If you’d like to travel in the off-season, away from the crowds, the best time to go is between December and April: this is the rainy season, which is rather hot and humid. Rainfall is concentrated in the north of the country, in the Etosha region and the Caprivi Strip. The south, on the other hand, is very desert-like, so rainfall is rare. Namibia is not immune to climate change: these days, a season that is considered wet can turn out to be dry…


Namibia offers the promise of hundreds of kilometers of straight-line desert as far as the eye can see… You’re in for a real road adventure! The wild landscapes roll by, and you feel profoundly free, in the heart of one of the world’s least densely populated countries. What an exhilarating feeling of escape! Here, the wind of freedom blows… And you’ll be surprised to come across animals regularly, here and there, on the roadside: oryx, giraffes, gazelles…

The incredible thing about Namibia is the feeling of being both alone in the world and in total safety. On arrival, our local team – in the presence of a French-speaking representative – will give you a full briefing on the rental vehicle before handing over the keys. If you’ve chosen to camp, you’ll receive a car with a roof tent, single or double, depending on the number of people in your group. There’s plenty of storage space at the rear of the vehicle to store all your camping gear and/or luggage for the duration of your stay.

The tracks in Namibia are well-maintained and easy to drive:

Tailor-made trips in Namibia: During your road trip, you’ll take a few main asphalted roads, but mostly well-marked, very passable tracks. Finding your way around couldn’t be easier! There are few roads, so there’s little chance of making a mistake, and if you’re in any doubt about where you’re going, use your personalized travel guide.

The notion of self-drive is therefore very important in your tailor-made trip to Namibia. The car is your means of locomotion for exploring the country, and also your accommodation for those who want it. Of course, you’re on a road trip, but you also need time to enjoy the country outside the vehicle. Where you put your car down in the evening is a stage in itself.
The adventure on the road, combined with the unique accommodation on offer in Namibia, makes for a complete experience throughout the trip.


To get the most out of your trip to Namibia, choose the right accommodation for you. The “base camps” we have selected are well integrated into their environment, and are designed not to distort the landscape. That’s what we particularly like about this southern African country!

There are three possibilities:

The most adventurous: In a roof tent, on top of your rental car!

Yes, it’s all in one, you drive and sleep in your car: the adventure is total! When you pick up your vehicle on arrival, you’ll find all your camping gear in the trunk: chairs, table, stove, gas bottle, cooking gear, jerry can, electric fridge and cool box.

If you choose this option, a certain degree of autonomy is required, as you manage all meal logistics during your trip. Each evening, you’ll return to a camp – often a small structure – as indicated in your travel guide. At certain stages, it’s possible to sleep in a campsite located next to a lodge, allowing you to take advantage of the lodge’s facilities: swimming pool, restaurant, activities and excursions.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of Namibia’s finest amenities: the possibility of showering while watching the stars, or a bathroom set amidst the rocks. All in all, a great experience!
Sanitary facilities can be shared with other campers, or private and accessible directly from the plot reserved for you.

On every pitch, you’ll find a braai, a barbecue inherited from South African culture. Namibians are great meat-lovers, so you’ll be introduced to this local tradition: beef, chicken or farm-raised antelope. If you prefer vegetables, you’ll easily find supermarkets in the towns you pass through.

Most comfortable: In a lodge:

Tailor-made trips in Namibia: During the day, you’ll roam the Namibian countryside in your rental vehicle – which doesn’t have a roof tent – and in the evening you’ll return to your comfortable accommodation. There’s a wide choice of accommodation, from the classic lodge to the most luxurious. The lodges, often lost in the middle of nowhere, are also small structures, very well equipped, decorated and integrated into the territory, very often with a swimming pool and a restaurant. The evening break is a perfect immersion in nature, with almost always a superb view to enjoy the sunset or watch the animals peek out at nightfall… During your trip, you can mix and match lodge categories according to the location, your desires and your budget!

Why choose? Mix tent & lodge:

For those who want to experience the adventure of camping while spending a few nights in a lodge, this is the formula for you! You leave in your rental car with a roof tent and all your camping gear in the trunk, then on certain evenings, defined in advance when you create your trip, you sleep in a lodge. You can also opt for a self-catering safari tent, i.e. accommodation with canvas walls and an independent kitchen on the terrace. Typical southern African accommodation!


As part of your tailor-made trip, you customize the activities and places you want to explore!
On site, many of the discoveries are made with a local guide who specializes in the site in question, and who is always English-speaking. If you’d like to explore the country with a French-speaking guide to fully discover Namibia, compose your group and opt for a private tour with a French-speaking driver-guide who will accompany you throughout your journey.

We advise you to book your excursions in advance when creating your tailor-made itinerary. Alternatively, you can make your decision on the spot – directly at the reception desk of your accommodation (campsite or lodge) – but availability is not guaranteed at all times of the year.


Tailor-made trips in Namibia: In Namibia, there are two must-see places, and we advise you to organize your itinerary around these two emblematic sites.
First of all, Etosha National Park (1), in the north of the country, is Namibia’s most famous safari destination. Numerous waterholes dot the park, making it easy to observe the wildlife that gathers around them. You can go on safari with your own rental vehicle, or opt for a guided tour with an English-speaking guide in a small group. In this case, the tour is in an open 4×4 vehicle, perfectly suited to safaris. Keep your eyes peeled for lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, gazelles… just like in your childhood dreams! The park is located on an immense dry salt lake, known as pan, offering an extraordinary picture of vast white expanses, whose contours you can’t make out… Simply sublime. Watching the wildlife evolve in this singular setting is exceptional!

The second must-see site in Namibia is in the south-west of the country: the Namib Desert (3), the oldest desert in the world. Starting out from the small village of Sesriem, you’ll discover spectacular orange dunes several hundred meters high. Only some of the dunes can be climbed on foot, such as Dune 45, Elim Dune and Big Daddy. At the summit, the effort is amply rewarded! We advise you to go there in the morning or evening to enjoy the sunrise or sunset… Indescribable! Not far from here, you can explore Sossusvlei, a salt and clay desert spread out among the dunes, and Dead Vlei, a dried-out clay-covered swamp where fossilized, sun-blackened acacia trees make the place unique. Combined with the orange dunes and brilliant blue sky, it’s a photographer’s paradise!


Numerous trails to discover Namibia’s varied landscapes await walkers throughout the country. Some hikes are possible on your own, while others can be organized with a local guide. Let our experts point you in the right direction!

Escape to the Waterberg mountain plateau (6), where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views, or to the heart of the wild Tiras Massif. To reach these remote regions, take the D707 road for a magnificent journey through savannah, red earth and dunes. All you have to do is enjoy the simple pleasure of driving along, with the wind blowing your way, and the amazement of the animals you come across here and there…
In the south of the country, the Fish River Canyon (4) is an immersion in the African Wild West! The second-largest canyon in the world, it exudes an entirely different atmosphere. Its 160 kilometers of length offer impressive panoramas and an extraordinary playground for trekkers. There are many wonderful hikes waiting for you, at the bottom of the canyon, for a day or several days… Just ask your advisor!


To fully immerse yourself in a place, it’s often said that you need to know its history. In Namibia, ancestral peoples have left their mark on the land. In the Brandberg Massif (2), in the north-west of the country, you’ll discover a major collection of rock paintings created over 2,000 years ago by the Bushmen, more commonly known as the Sans, including the famous “White Lady”.

You’ll be accompanied by a local guide, a site specialist, to admire these works of art adorning numerous rocks. It’s also an opportunity to see Namibia’s highest point, the Brandberg, meaning “mountain of fire”, at 2,573 metres high. We recommend combining this visit with a drive north to Twyfelfontein. Here you’ll find 6,000-year-old rock engravings, also left by the Sans. These engravings, listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, are protected, so the visit is also supervised by a local guide. A great way to learn more about Namibia’s history!

Tailor-made trips in Namibia

You can also meet the Sans in the Mariental region, at the gateway to the Kalahari Desert (5). During a visit, members of this ancestral people of southern Africa will explain how they lived in the past, their traditional habitat, hunting techniques – in particular to capture an ostrich – and the use of medicinal plants to cure numerous ailments, as well as the evolution of their traditions over time. A wonderful opportunity for exchange…
In the north of the country, you can also meet the Himba people on a visit to a reconstructed traditional village. In particular, you’ll discover a custom still practiced today by some Himba women, who smear their bodies and hair with red clay.


On your tailor-made tour of Namibia, you’re likely to make a stopover in the seaside town of Swakopmund. Ideally situated on the coast, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this town with its Germanic accents is a perfect stopover between our two must-sees, Etosha Park and the Namib Desert. A special atmosphere reigns in its narrow streets… What a pleasure to enjoy the iodized air after driving for so long through vast stretches of desert. For the curious, take a boat cruise or kayak outing to discover Namibia’s marine wildlife: sea lions, pink flamingos, pelicans, dolphins…

Here, another sublime panorama awaits you: the orange dunes flowing into the ocean… Observe this spectacle as you sail along the waves, or set off on land with a local guide to discover the small desert animals, those you can’t see from afar, such as chameleons and lizards, with their extraordinary colors. An ideal place for a family adventure!

A few kilometers away, in Cape Cross, lives the country’s largest colony of fur seals. More than 100,000 are counted during the breeding season in December. An astonishing and noisy spectacle, as their cries drown out the lapping of the ocean. And beware of the surprising smell that emanates from them… You’ve been warned!

Tailor-made trips in Namibia

Tailor-made trips in Namibia: Further south, if you choose to venture into the Fish River Canyon (4), we recommend a detour to the coastal town of Lüderitz. This seaside resort, Swakopmund’s little sister, also bears traces of its German colonial past in its colorful architecture. Take a seat on one of its terraces and enjoy a complete break…

For those with a passion for photography and unusual places, a detour to the nearby village of Kolmanskop can be added to your road trip. You’ll explore a former diamond-mining town, now frozen in time, where nature has reclaimed its rights. The houses are overgrown with sand… There’s a strange feeling in the air, as if the desert were once again winning the day…


Why not complete your trip to Namibia with a second safari? The perfect opportunity to see even more African wildlife in its natural environment…
In the Mariental region, at the gateway to the magnificent Kalahari Desert (5), which straddles the border between Namibia and Botswana, you’ll also find some great safaris on offer. This semi-arid desert, symbolized by its red earth, is home to vegetation and wildlife in the heart of private reserves. Our experts know all the ins and outs, and will be happy to show you around.

For a completely different safari experience, we recommend heading north towards the Caprivi Strip, a narrow strip of land running straight to the Zambezi River. This incursion is full of surprises: the shades of green on the banks of the Okavango River, lush landscapes and plenty of animals to spot! Stop off in Bwabwata or Chobe National Park for a safari in a very different setting from what you’ve seen elsewhere, or even a safari on the water, among the hippos… Unforgettable!

Tailor-made trips in Namibia

When you finish your trip in this region, you can’t miss THE bonus that lies on the other side of the border, at the very end of the Caprivi Strip. On the Zambian or Zimbabwean side, the highlight of the Zambezi River awaits you: Victoria Falls (7)! An incredible force, a resounding crash, an enchanting scene… When they’re underwater, the spectacle is breathtaking. Talk to our experts to make sure you go at the right time of year to watch the rainbow form in the spray. Be prepared, these falls will leave you speechless!

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