The 15 best free activities in Casablanca

The 15 best free activities in Casablanca

The 15 best free activities in Casablanca

The 15 best free activities in Casablanca: Then follow this Top 15 list of free visits, museums and activities to do in Casablanca that we’ve created so you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

The majestic Hassan II mosque

The city’s largest monument, the majestic Hassan II Mosque is a must-see during your stay in Casablanca.

A multi-dimensional architectural masterpiece, the Hassan II Mosque overlooks the entire city of Casablanca. This imposing monument was completed in 1993.

With a surface area of 9 hectares, the Hassan II Mosque also boasts the world’s highest minaret (201m). What’s more, the prayer hall can accommodate up to 25,000 people.

What’s more, the impressive Hassan II Mosque boasts a retractable roof, enabling it to increase its capacity from 25,000 to 80,000 worshippers.

Its proximity to the sea and exceptionally beautiful architecture make the Hassan Mosque a must-see monument in Casablanca.

Note that the mosque is open to non-Muslims for several hours during the day on free guided tours.

Discover the old medina

A stroll along the alleyways of the old medina is an unmissable opportunity to revisit the military past of beautiful Casablanca.

The remarkable medina was completely destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake (1755), but it was reconstructed in 1770.

You can see the after-effects in the maze of ruins. A setting that makes Casablanca’s medina less exotic than that of Fez or Marrakech.

However, it does make the old medina very authentic. In this historic district, you can get a real feel for the daily life of the locals.

And don’t forget to take in the pleasant scents of the souks.

The mythical Place Mohamed V

With its large fountain that sparkles after dark, Mohamed V is Casablanca’s largest town square.

It’s a great place to relax with friends, family, lovers or on your own. You can go there day or night. This mythical square is also renowned for housing almost all of Casablanca’s administrative structures: the Palace of Justice, the main post office, several banks, the French consulate, etc.

We really do recommend spending some time here, to contemplate the colonial architecture of the buildings and the bustling life of Casablanca.

The exciting corniche

Without a healthy dose of romance, what would a trip to Casablanca be?

If you did, your stay would be lacking in flavor, which is why it’s a good idea to take a stroll along one of Casablanca’s most romantic corners: the Corniche.

Magnificent by day, exciting by night, the Corniche is the perfect place to stroll along the seafront while enjoying the luxurious surroundings.

This idyllic spot is home to numerous hotels and restaurants.

Visit the elegant Sacré-Coeur church

Built in 1930, Casablanca’s Eglise du Sacré-cœur is a perfect blend of Gothic and Art Deco architecture.

Unrestored in recent decades, the cathedral has lost none of its splendor.

The Sacré-Coeur church is next door to another monument of interest in Casablanca, the Notre-Dame des Lourdes cathedral, and is well worth a visit.

At the same time, don’t hesitate to take a stroll through the Arab League Park.

A detour to the central market

If you’ve come to Casablanca for sightseeing, you’ll find your best souvenirs at the Central Market.

It’s the best place to discover unique pieces of local culture.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to take photos with authentic merchants from the white city.

Don’t forget to bring along the famous Moroccan babouches as a travel souvenir.

The famous Marocco Mall

Located in the charming La Corniche district, Marocco Mall is one of Africa’s largest shopping malls.

It’s an exceptional place to visit with family, friends or lovers.

This ultra-modern shopping mall boasts a number of attractions, including a sublime aquarium (home to a small shark), a fountain, a skateboard park… In short, enough to make the little ones dream!

What makes Marocco Mall even more surprising is that it houses a souk…a perfect way to reconcile traditional Moroccan shopping with modern boutiques (Dior, H&M, etc.) all in one place.

La Villa des Arts

The Villa des Arts is one of the largest museums in the Kingdom of Morocco. Located right next to the Arab League Park, you won’t want to miss this attraction in Casablanca.

This very modern museum welcomes many tourists and events every season.

We really recommend that you spend some time here to contemplate some 800 works of art and many other wonderful surprises…

Abderrahman Slaoui Museum

This free museum in Casablanca, dedicated to the famous Moroccan businessman Abderrahman Slaoui, is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the Casablanca streets.

Housed in a charming private estate, the Abderrahman Slaoui Museum is home to an important collection of antique jewelry, travel souvenirs and magnificent paintings by the famous local artist Mohamed Ben Ali R’bati.

You can discover the richness of Morocco’s artistic heritage while enjoying a moment in the café on the sixth floor.

Notre Dame de Lourdes

The 15 best free activities in Casablanca: Built in 1956, Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral is a relatively modern church with an unattractive external design.

However, if the exterior of this monument might calm your desire to go there, you should know that the interior is quite a different spectacle. The large stained-glass windows, which subtly let the sunlight flood in, are a feast for the eyes.

You’ll notice that each stained-glass window has a blue and red background. This allows the magnificent Moroccan carpets decorating the floor of this cathedral dedicated to Casablanca’s 20,000 Catholics (approx.) to stand out.

If you’d like to know more about the best times to visit this monument in Casablanca free of charge, you can find all the information you need on their website.

The new Medina

Six kilometers from the city center, you’ll encounter the alter ego of the old medina: the new medina, also known as Habous.

Built around 1923 by the French colonists, the new town is a friendly district where modern decor blends with the traditional.

Along its arcaded streets, you’ll discover one of the area’s finest attractions: the former court of the White City, better known as Makhama Pacha.

We really recommend taking the time to discover one of Casablanca’s best neighborhoods.

Tour the city on the Casablanca tramway

Riding the Casablanca tramway is a great way to discover the beauty of the White City in comfort.

Inaugurated in 2014, this international-standard tramway has 48 stations and links almost all of Casablanca’s places of interest.

From La Corniche to the university district, you’ll be overwhelmed by the splendor of Casablanca.

We really recommend taking a ride on the Casablanca tramway. The ticket is very affordable… which makes your ride virtually free!

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the Casablanca Twin Center

The best place to enjoy an unlikely but equally breathtaking view of Casablanca is a restaurant perched on the 27th floor of the city’s twin towers.

Still nicknamed La Grande Casa by locals, the Twin Center attracts large numbers of people every day. Each of the impressive towers has 28 floors and measures 377 feet.

If you’d like to contemplate these two wonders and reach the top, note that they are located in one of the city’s luxurious downtown districts: Maarif.

The Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Unique in its kind, this sober yet magnificent building has the distinction of being the only Jewish museum in the Arab world.

The Museum of Moroccan Judaism offers a unique insight into the history of the Jewish religion, its traditions and the daily life of Jews in the Cherifian Kingdom.

We really suggest you visit this museum to learn more about Judaism in Morocco, and above all to discover the full extent of interfaith coexistence in this magnificent country.

Explore the Sahara Desert to finish on a high note

The 15 best free activities in Casablanca: One of the best things to do in Casablanca is to treat yourself to an unforgettable excursion to the Sahara Desert.

It’s the perfect opportunity to watch the Moroccan sunset from a sand dune and sleep under the watchful eye of millions of Sahara stars. We advise you to experience such memorable moments with your family or in the company of your loved one…

It’s clear that Casablanca is a magnificent city that deserves every attention. We sincerely hope that this list of the best free things to do in Casablanca will whet your appetite for more!

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