The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: If you’re looking for a great place to spend your vacation, Morocco has a number of museums to please every tourist. Indeed, Marrakech’s museums have a wide variety of different collections and art forms. History and culture buffs should love seeing their favorite collections on display here.

There are many museums in Marrakech for you to visit. However, not every one of them is valuable of your time and money. I know, because I’ve visited every one of them. There is something for everyone, whether you enjoy art or not….

Here’s a list of the 31 most-visited museums in Marrakech.

1. The Marrakech Museum

The Musée de Marrakech is located downtown, in the medina. It has been open since 1952 and exhibits Moroccan antiques, historical objects and paintings.

The museum was for a long time privately owned before being purchased by the Moroccan government, which restored it and opened it to all visitors in 2016.

2. The Museum of Photography

The museum was founded in 2016 and is located in the Koutoubia mosque. It houses over 1,000 photographs by international and Moroccan artists. The permanent collection includes works by renowned photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado and Jacques Henri Lartigue.

3. Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

The Musée Yves Saint Laurent is a museum dedicated to the work of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his wife, Pierre Bergé. The museum is located in the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco. It was designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and opened on December 22, 2015 (Saint Laurent’s birthday).

The museum was financed by Pierre Bergé and completed four years after his death. It cost 40 million euros (44 million US dollars) to build and includes 1,500 m2 of exhibition space for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

4. Musée Pierre Bergé des Arts Berbères

The Musée Pierre Bergé des Arts Berbères is a museum dedicated to Berber art and culture. The museum was founded by Pierre Bergé in 2002 and is located in the city of Marrakech, Morocco. The museum’s permanent collection includes over 500 works by Moroccan artists, as well as temporary exhibitions featuring contemporary Berber artists.

The museum also presents temporary exhibitions by contemporary Berber artists.

5. Tiskiwin Museum

Musée Tiskiwin is an art, history and science museum in Marrakech. It is located in the Guéliz district, opposite the Bahia Palace and the Palais de Justice.

The museum was built in 1887 by Prince Moulay Abdeslam Ben Abdallah, son of Moulay Hassan I, Moroccan king (1873-1904). It served as the royal family’s private residence until 1962. The building was restored in 1993 by the former Société Nationale des Tabacs (SNTA), now Casaïs Maroc. It houses permanent and temporary collections that tell the story of Moroccan history and culture.

The Tiskiwin Museum covers an area of 1,500 m2 and comprises several rooms displaying archaeological finds

6. The Museum of Moroccan Culinary Arts

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: The Museum of Moroccan Culinary Arts is an ideal place to discover traditional Moroccan cuisine and its evolution over time. The museum features an impressive collection of pots, pans, plates and other kitchen utensils used in the different regions of Morocco.

The museum also boasts a library containing over 1,000 books on Moroccan cuisine. These include cookery books published between the 15th century and today’s bestsellers.

It’s one of Marrakech’s most popular attractions for tourists keen to learn more about the country’s rich culinary heritage.

7. Marrakech Museum of the Art of Living

The Musée de l’Art de Vivre is located in the ochre city, close to the Palais Bahia and the Palais El Badi. The building is a former 17th-century palace that has been fully restored and refurbished. Visitors are invited to discover all there is to know about the arts and daily life in Morocco. The permanent exhibition features unique items such as carpets, furniture, traditional costumes, traditional musical instruments and more!

Visitors can also visit several temporary exhibitions each year (such as the International Festival of African Cinema). The museum is located in the Guéliz district, south of the historic city of Marrakech.

8. The Marrakech Perfume Museum

The Musée du Parfum in Marrakech is a unique place. Located in the Medina, its collections will introduce you to the history of perfume. The museum houses over 600 samples from the world’s leading perfume brands, and the great names in cosmetics and beauty who have left their mark on the history of hair and body care.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the cosmetics manufacturing process and the secrets of the secret recipes used to make certain products.

Within the museum, you’ll also find a boutique where you can buy various items related to the world of perfume: eaux de toilette, shower gels etc…

9. Musée de la Femme Marrakech

The Musée de la Femme Marrakech is a museum dedicated to the history of women in Morocco. It was created by the Hakkaoui Association and opened its doors on December 12, 2012. The museum features three permanent exhibitions: one devoted to Moroccan women in general, another to the history of women’s rights in Morocco and a third on the role of women in Moroccan politics.

10. Ourika Valley Berber Ecomuseum

The museum is located in the village of Ourika, 15 km northeast of Marrakech. The site is made up of a number of architectural and landscaping elements that trace the history and culture of the Berbers. There are decorative objects, farming tools, a traditional house and a vegetable garden.

The Berber community has played an important role in the cultural and economic development of the whole country. The Ourika valley is known for its exceptional past and typical architecture.

11. Jaama El Fna Intangible Heritage Museum

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: The Museum of Intangible Heritage is a national public institution created by law n°65-60 of July 24, 1965. It is responsible for inventorying and collecting everything relating to the nation’s cultural, intangible and artistic heritage. The main aim of the museum is to promote Moroccan traditions both locally and internationally. The Musée du Patrimoine Intatériel Jaama El Fna Marrakech is located in downtown Marrakech, on the corner of Riad Zitoun Kedim and Sidi Ben Slimane. This ancient building was restored in 2003 by the Marrakech-Safi Regional Council, which transformed it into a museum showcasing the work of various local artists.

12. The Musée d’Orient de Marrakech

The Musée d’Orient de Marrakech, also known as the Musée d’art marocain, is a museum located in the medina district of the city of Marrakech, Morocco. Established in 1964, the museum features works of art from all periods of Moroccan history. It is housed in a former palace built by Moulay Ismail in 1710, originally used as an orphanage for young girls. After falling into disrepair during the French occupation, it was transformed into a museum by Mohammed V, who reigned from 1927 to 1953. The museum’s collection includes objects from the entire history of Morocco, from prehistory to the present day.

13. Musée de la Musique – Mouassine Marrakech

A unique museum that traces the history of music through a collection of instruments, objects and works of art. The Musée de la Musique is an ideal place for music lovers and culture enthusiasts. It is located in the Mouassine district of Marrakech.

A place where you can find the history of music through a collection of instruments and works of art. Visitors can also tour the museum’s VIP lounge and main halls. The main hall contains several showcases and spaces for displaying various ancient and modern instruments. Visitors can also find historical objects such as incredible scores, recent scores and film scores.

14. World of Fine Arts Marrakech

The World of Decorative Arts in Marrakech, Morocco, is a world-class event in the heart of the historic city of Marrakech. The fair offers a vast selection of handmade items from around the world, including jewelry, clothing, rugs and much more. The event takes place over five days each year during Ramadan.

The fair is organized by Le Monde des Arts de la Parure, which has been in existence since 1940. The organization’s mission is to promote Moroccan artisans and their work, while raising awareness of their culture and traditions.

15. Museé du Patrimoine Marrakech

The Museé du Patrimoine Marrakech is a museum located in Marrakech. It opened in 2011 and was developed by the Ministry of Culture, the Moroccan National Office for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (ONPC), and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONTM). The museum is located in the heart of Marrakech, known as a historic city. It contains many types of ancient artefacts from Morocco’s history. Its main aim is to preserve and protect these priceless objects.

16. Musée Boucharouite Marrakech

The museum is located in Marrakech’s old town, in a building dating back to the 17th century. It has been restored and converted into a museum by the Ministry of Culture. The museum has three main rooms:

The first room features objects from different periods of Moroccan history. It is divided into two sections: pre-Islamic Morocco and Islamic Morocco. The second room houses objects from the various dynasties that ruled Morocco from the 16th century onwards, notably those of Mohammed Ben Abdallah and Sidi Mohammed ben Youssef. The third room displays royal jewels that have belonged to various members of the royal family since the 18th century.

Comptoir des Mines Galerie Marrakech is a commercial art gallery located in the city of Marrakech, Morocco. The gallery currently exhibits Moroccan and international artists and designers. gallery offers a unique opportunity for collectors, designers and art lovers to acquire original works by emerging and established artists at affordable prices.

The gallery is housed in an old colonial building originally built as a hammam (bath) in the 1950s. The building was renovated by French architect Stéphane Beaudet and transformed into an art space comprising exhibition rooms, an artists’ studio and a boutique selling contemporary Moroccan art.

18. Dar Moulay Ali, Maison de France in Marrakech

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: Dar Moulay Ali is a Maison de France located in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco. It has been open to the public since 1999, and for several years has hosted temporary exhibitions devoted to daily life in Arab-Berber countries.

The house houses a museum and meeting rooms. Its permanent collections feature objects that belonged to 19th-century Moroccan sovereigns and their French wives.

19. Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Marrakech

The Musée Mohammed VI d’Art Moderne et Contemporain is a meeting place for Arab and Western art. Its mission is to give priority to the Mediterranean Muslim space, offering a global view of artistic creation in the Maghreb, Europe and the Near East. Its permanent exhibition is organized around the following themes: the place of women in the arts (artist/painter/sculptor/filmmaker); contemporary oriental art; heritage architecture (religious and civil buildings). In addition, the museum regularly organizes temporary exhibitions reflecting the diversity of Maghreb, Middle Eastern and European cultures.

20. Al Maaden Marrakech Museum

Al Maaden is a museum located in Marrakech. The museum presents the history of Morocco, from prehistory to the present day.

The museum was inaugurated on July 29, 2006 by Mohammed VI of Morocco. It was built on a 4-hectare site and has an exhibition area of 1,500 square meters.

The museum is divided into four main sections:

The first part contains exhibition rooms with different themes linked to the history of Morocco. These include prehistory, antiquity, medieval and modern times.

The second part consists of gardens and a café where visitors can relax and enjoy the museum. There are also other attractions such as a library, bookshop and gift store for those who want to take home souvenirs of their visit here.

21. Musée Aman Marrakech

The Aman Marrakech Museum is housed in the former palace of the Glaoui family, the Pasha of Marrakech. The museum was inaugurated in 2015 and aims to showcase much of the art collection of Yves Saint Laurent, who owned it from 1999 until his death in 2008.

The museum is housed in the Andalusian-style Villa Oasis, with its gardens and swimming pool. It was designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who has also worked on projects such as New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

In addition to paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Léger and other artists from YSL’s private collection, it also features numerous objects linked to the history and culture of Morocco.

22. Bert Flint Museum Marrakech

The Bert Flint Museum is located in Marrakech, Morocco. It is dedicated to the life and work of American painter Bert Flint (1886-1962). The museum also houses works by other artists such as Renoir, Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Mondrian. The museum opened in 1984 and is housed in a former palace dating back to the 19th century.

23. Dar el Bacha Museum (or Musée des Confluences)

The Dar el Bacha Museum (or Musée des Confluences) is a must-see for art lovers. Located in the medina, it was built to house the works of Moroccan artist Mohammed Kacimi. The museum boasts an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures, as well as traditional Moroccan crafts.

If you’d like to explore more of Marrakech’s artistic side, check out our article on five other contemporary art galleries in the city!

24. National Weaving and Carpet Museum (formerly Dar Si Saïd)

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: The Musée des Textiles et des Tapis (formerly known as Dar Si Saïd) is a must-see for anyone interested in Moroccan craftsmanship. The museum is located in the medina, so you’ll have to make your way through narrow streets to find it. Once there, you’ll be greeted by an impressive collection of antique textiles from all over Morocco, including Fez and Marrakech, as well as modern pieces made by local artisans. And best of all, admission is free! Admission is free!

25. Marrakech Museum of Art and Culture (MACMA)

The Musée d’Art et de Culture de Marrakech (MACMA) is Marrakech’s largest museum.

It is located on the edge of the Palmeraie and boasts a large collection of traditional Moroccan art.

The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Tuesday.

26. The Palmeraie Museum in Marrakech

The Musée de la Palmeraie de Marrakech is a very interesting little museum. It offers a magnificent view of the palm grove and surrounding mountains. Here you can learn about the history and role of palm trees in the Moroccan economy, life and culture.

27. The Farid Belkahia Museum

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: The Musée Farid Belkahia is a private collection of Moroccan art and artifacts. It is located in Marrakech, a city with many other museums.

The museum was founded by Farid Belkahia, its current owner. He began collecting art when he was still young, and his passion for this hobby has only grown with time.

28. The Mohammed VI Museum for Water Civilization in Morocco

The Mohammed VI Museum for the Civilization of Water in Morocco is a museum in Marrakech that opened in 2017. It is located in the village of Toulal, 20 km from the center of the Pink City. This museum looks at the different aspects of water and its place in our daily lives, just like that of other natural resources (ore, wood…). In fact, this exhibition allows visitors to discover how the peoples of the Maghreb used and exploited the natural resources at their disposal to ensure their subsistence. These range from the technical means used to obtain essential foodstuffs (dried fruit) to architectural achievements such as the traditional hammams still to be found in some Moroccan towns.

29. The al Maaden Museum of African Art (MACAAL)

Located in the heart of Marrakech’s medina, MACAAL is a museum showcasing African art from across the continent. The museum opened in 2009 and was designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who has also designed other famous museums such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Musée d’Orsay. It boasts a collection of over 3,000 pieces and boasts an impressive rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Marrakech skyline with friends or family. There’s also a café on site if you want to have lunch before heading back into town!

30. The Museum of Sacred Art

This is one of Marrakech’s most visited museums, and for good reason. It houses an impressive collection of traditional art and objects from all over Morocco, including jewelry, pottery, textiles and carpets. It also hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year featuring contemporary artists from all over Africa, or dealing with themes linked to spirituality or the preservation of cultural heritage (such as an exhibition on Sufi shrines).

31. The House of Birds

The 31 Best Museums in Marrakech: Located just outside the city center, near the Bab Oudayas gate (one of the three main entrances to the old town), this unique attraction is housed inside a former manor house where birds were once kept as pets by wealthy families living nearby; today, it has been transformed into a magnificent aviary filled with exotic species such as macaws and toucans, as well as many species of local birds such as sparrows or finches! Visitors can also learn how birds communicate through their calls, while watching them fly freely in their enclosure, with no cages or bars between them”.

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