The Best places to visit in Morocco

The Best places to visit in Morocco

Africa’s most visited nation is Morocco. But what distinguishes Morocco as a travel destination? numerous things Its rich landscapes, which range from high mountains to the desert, its culture, history, medinas, and cities. Fes, Marrakech, Rabat, and Meknes are the four royal cities of Morocco, and there are many other fascinating cities as well. While a trip to the desert is essential, there are also some other places you should visit. The top spots to visit in Morocco will be discussed in this post.

The Best places to visit in Morocco

1. Marrakech, the most beautiful city in Morocco

One of Morocco’s four imperial cities is Marrakech. The city with the most tourists! It has so many hidden gems that you should be able to find where to begin. The Jemaa el-Fnaa square is the center of city life. You can find everything there! Also, at night, it transforms into a sizable outdoor restaurant with a variety of food stands.
The second-largest medina in the nation is in Marrakech.
The city has long served as a significant commercial center and continues to do so.
Get lost in its winding streets and profit from the chance to purchase trinkets.
naturally, don’t forget to barter!

One of the best tourist destinations in Morocco is Marrakech. There are numerous worthwhile trips outside of the World Heritage Sites because it is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and only 20 kilometers from the Agafay Desert. Ben Youssef Madrasa and the renowned Koutoubia Mosque are not to be missed. There are so many things to do!

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2. Fes, the cultural capital of Morocco

Fes must absolutely be included on any list of the top cities in Morocco. Fes is the first city you must visit if you want to learn about the history and culture of the nation! It is regarded as Morocco’s cultural center.
The oldest and biggest medina in North Africa is in Fes-el-Bali.
In fact, it is regarded as the world’s largest pedestrian zone.
There, you can tour some of Morocco’s most exquisite madrasahs, including Bou Inania, Al-Atterine, and Cherratine.
You will experience romantic love!

Fes’ tanneries are just another of its top draws. Although it will stink, witnessing those wells filled with colored dyes is an unforgettable experience. One of the oldest tanneries in the world is at Chouara. Don’t pass it up! Fes is unquestionably one of Morocco’s best cities.

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3. Chefchaouen, one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco

Chefchaouen may not have the same history as Fes or Marrakech, but it is a unique city. You have undoubtedly seen pictures of its blue streets in numerous magazines. Thus, Chefchaouen should not be left off of your itinerary if you intend to travel to Morocco.
It is one of Morocco’s most picturesque cities.
Your camera’s battery will be used up snapping pictures in practically every corner of its cat-filled, maze-like streets that are totally blue.
The city’s architecture is a particularly intriguing fusion of Andalusian and Moroccan styles.

4. Meknes, one of the best cities in Morocco

One more Moroccan imperial city is Meknes. It was founded in the eleventh century and rose to prominence as the nation’s capital under Sultan Mulay Ismail (1672–1727), who ruled the Moroccan sultanate. That was the time of its heyday, and thanks to the growth of the city, we can now take in many historical structures like its imposing gates.

Its seamless integration of Islamic and European architectural and planning aspects is one of its most notable features. It was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of this in 1996.
The Mulay Ismail Mausoleum and the Bab Mansour gate, the biggest in the nation and in North Africa, are two must-see sights in Meknes.
is fantastic!

5. Rabat, the beautiful capital of Morocco

Generally speaking, Rabat does not make the top cities in Morocco lists. Yet we think it can’t possibly be absent! It’s always exciting to visit the capitals, and the Moroccan capital is no exception. The Kasbah of the Oudayas is the most fascinating feature. There are several charming streets inside the former military fortification. Also, you will have spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean from that location.
Just behind Casablanca, the capital of Morocco is the second-largest city in the nation.
Therefore you may probably guess that there are other attractions than the Kasbah.
Don’t overlook the majestic Royal Palace of Dar-al-Mahkzen or the grandiose Mohammed V Mausoleum.

6. Casablanca and its incredible mosque

The largest city in Morocco and one of the biggest in all of Africa is Casablanca. In large part because of its significant port, it serves as the nation’s commercial capital. Like every major African city, Casablanca has a bad reputation for danger, but if you exercise caution, you may easily explore its most fascinating areas.
A visit to the magnificent Hassan II Mosque of Casablanca is something you simply must do while on your tour.
Only after those at Mecca and Medina, both in Saudi Arabia, is it the largest mosque in Africa and the third largest in the entire globe.

talk about Casablanca without mentioning the famous movie. Although many believe that it was filmed in the African city, it was actually recorded in Hollywood. However, you can have a drink at Rick’s Café , a replica of the place that appeared in the film. Without a doubt, one of the best cities in Morocco.

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7. Ouarzazate the city of the movie

It is a city of movies. never been better put! The magnificent Kasbah de Taourirt, a 19th-century walled palace, is located in this city, which is regarded as the entryway to the Sahara desert. is incredible! There have been various movies recorded as a matter of curiosity. The biggest movie studios in Morocco and the entire world, Atlas Studios, are located in Ouarzazate. For instance, some Gladiator or The Mummy sequences were filmed in and around Ouarzazate.
Moreover, the city’s environs are one of its attractions.
Much more spectacular than the Taourirt kasbah, the Ait Ben Haddou kasbah must be included on your visit.
similar to the Todra Gorges, the Valley of the Roses, or the Dades Valley.

8. Essaouira city

One of the nicest Moroccan cities to visit is Essaouira. Your heart will be stolen by this gem on the Atlantic coast. Essaouira’s fortifications and harbor are its two primary draws. The French influence on the city is particularly evident.
A fascinating combination of cultures and architectural styles occurred in the city while it was a protectorate of France.

Essaouira is a very beautiful place to visit. You must spend hours and hours in the port thinking about the fishing boats while the walls serve as a backdrop. A bustling medina filled with ancient streets awaits you inside, where you can get lost and fall in love with this Moroccan treasure.

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9. Agadir, for beach lovers

If you are looking for a beach to spend your vication, Agadir is one of the best destinations in Morocco. It is clear that the beach is not the best that the country has to offer, but it is always good to know the cities of its Atlantic coast. In Agadir you can visit Taghazout beach, one of the best in the African country.

Agadir does not retain the charm of old Moroccan cities like Asilah or Essaouira. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960 and much of it is rebuilt. That’s why it looks more modern! In fact, almost only its Kasbah, which is located on a hill, was able to resist. Do not forget to visit it during sunset to enjoy its views, the city’s seafront is one of its main attractions. And while in the city, you can’t miss an excursion to the Sus-Masa National Park to fall in love with its landscapes.

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10. Asilah, a place to fall in love

And finally, to end this post about the best cities in Morocco , we could not forget to mention Asilah. It may not appear on the most common tourist itinerary, but if you have about two weeks in the country, you can’t miss it.
It is a small city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It is super picturesque! In 1471, the Portuguese settlers built walls that surround the city and that still stand today. Its interior is vibrant, a beautiful place where the cultures of Spain and Morocco merge.
White is the predominant color of the houses in the old city . But the highlight are its beautiful murals. Asilah is a very important artistic center where art is breathed in every corner . And it is that with those landscapes of the walls and the Atlantic Ocean in the background, one cannot be more inspired. It’s a beautiful city!

11 Explore the blue city of Chefchaouen

For many, Chefchaouen or simply Chaouen is the most beautiful city in Morocco. And while it most likely is, the country as a whole offers so many beauties that it’s almost impossible to pick just one.

Chaouen is known as the blue city for its picturesque walls dyed in different shades of blue, in which beautiful ornaments, plants or artisan shops with typical products in bright and contrasting colors stand out.
The city is located in the northwest of Morocco and according to the story, the Jews who escaped from the Spanish colonization arrived there bringing with them the custom of painting their houses blue.

Chaouen is known for its hiking spots, culture, delicious cuisine, and for being an escape from the larger and more populated cities in the country. It is the ideal place to get lost in its narrow streets and live a unique experience in a magnificent and peaceful region.
Another good news for Spanish speakers: in Chefchaouen almost the entire population speaks Spanish!

12 Discover the Sahara Desert

You will have heard the name of this famous name many times, since it is the largest hot desert in the world and covers most of North Africa, including southern Morocco.
The best points to see the Sahara desert would be Merzouga and Mhamid. The first area is the most popular and is visited by tourists who want to add a bit of adventure to their stay in the North African country. It is located 562 kilometers from Marrakech and it takes about 9 hours to get there by road, so get ready for one of the most interesting excursions through the desert.

You will have heard the name of this famous name many times, since it is the largest hot desert in the world and covers most of North Africa, including southern Morocco.
The best points to see the Sahara desert would be Merzouga and Mhamid. The first area is the most popular and is visited by tourists who want to add a bit of adventure to their stay in the North African country. It is located 562 kilometers from Marrakech and it takes about 9 hours to get there by road, so get ready for one of the most interesting excursions through the desert.

The impressive and very high sand dunes usually reach 150 meters, and you can discover them riding the typical dromedaries or simply enjoying the tranquility of the area that offers beautiful landscapes. There are various excursions that take you there with all the comforts you need to live the best possible experience.

13 Visit Tangier City

The African side of the Strait of Gibraltar is announced by Tangier. Port city and fortress that patrolled the entrance to the Mediterranean, it has been coveted by the naval powers in these parts since the Carthaginians ruled the waves.
Yet while history remains palpable, especially amidst the historic medina and beneath the grand Kasbah of the former Sultan of Tangier, this city now beats to a more modern tune.
On weekends, swift boats from Algeciras across the water bring Spanish tourists to the beaches and beachside shelters along Avenida Mohammed VI. There are also excellent organic eateries, and there is much more!

14 Oukaimeden

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to strap on your skis and skis at some 2,600 meters above the dusty lands of the Sahara desert and the vast citrus groves that stretch north across the Maghreb? Well, Oukaimeden is your chance to find out!
Perched high in the Atlas Mountains, it’s the highest ski resort in all of Africa (okay, there aren’t really that many, but still!). Just 45 miles from the city of Marrakech, it’s the perfect diversion from the North African heat.
You’ll discover five individual slopes, a series of chairlifts, a ski school, rental facilities and stunning views of the rugged headland of Jebel Attar.

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