Amazing Things to Do in Morocco

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco: North Africa’s Kingdom of Morocco is an Arab nation. To visit Morocco is to visit one of the only countries – along with France and Spain – to have the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. There are many mountainous and desert areas, culminating in the Atlas mountain range at over 4,000 meters altitude.


Are you thinking of renting a vacation home in Morocco to enjoy its sandy coastline? Then Essaouira is the place for you. Bordered by the Atlantic and boasting a rather bohemian character, the town is one of Morocco’s most attractive family destinations. Those with a taste for panoramic views will linger on the corniche facing the port. History buffs will discover its Medina, recognized by UNESCO and home to several quarters. Lovers of swimming and lounging will also find Essaouira’s splendid sandy beach stretching for over 6 km. Great for swimming, this long stretch of sand also attracts surfers who entertain strollers with their acrobatics.


It’s hard to visit Morocco without stopping off in Marrakech. Your family vacation in Marrakech will indeed be full of pleasant surprises. In just one day, wander its bustling streets, visit its colorful souk and linger over its Medina and other historic attractions. Enjoy a stroll through the Majorelle and Menara gardens, before browsing the boutiques of Guéliz.


It’s hard to miss the famous Jemaa-el-Fna square when visiting Morocco and Marrakech. This large public square, located southwest of the medina, plunges you into the heart of Moroccan culture. Recognized by UNESCO since 1985, Jemaa-el-Fna Square is a particularly lively traditional mecca. This Court of Miracles overlooks Marrakech’s famous souks. From the square, you can reach the Royal Palace and the Koutoubia. Located to the south-west of the square, the Koutoubia is a magnificent mosque built in the 12th century, giving you an insight into the art of the Almohads.


Casablanca is a must for visitors to Morocco. Considered the most important city in the Maghreb, this coastal town has lost none of its charm, with its souk and central market. During your stay in Casablanca, don’t miss the Hassan-II Mosque. Partly built over the sea, this mosque is the second-largest religious building in the world. You can also visit :

Place Mohamed V, deeply marked by history, where you can enjoy magnificent son et lumière shows.

The Habous district, home to Casablanca’s medina.

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco: Rabat is one of Morocco’s must-visit cities. Morocco’s capital is home to some magnificent historical treasures in its Medina. Relatively quiet, you can enjoy a leisurely tour from the Bad El Alou and Bad El Had gates. Pay particular attention to the Kasbah des Oudaïas. Built in the 12th century, this former military camp was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. It also houses one of the very first palaces built by the Alaouite royal dynasty. Rabat is also a recommended stopover for swimmers, who will be delighted by the beaches of Témara and Skirat.


If you’re visiting Morocco, be sure to stop off in Tangier. Let yourself be seduced by the enchanting charm of this city in northern Morocco. Between swims, you can take a stroll through the heart of the city and admire its magnificent architectural works, a clever blend of European and African culture. Of particular interest is Dar El-Makzhen, a whitewashed former sultan’s palace that is now a museum.

High Atlas

If you’re visiting Morocco, be sure to include a visit to the Berber villages of the High Atlas, overlooking a magnificent valley that looks like an oasis in the middle of the dessert. They invite you to discover an ancient Moroccan civilization. A civilization that has preserved its values in the midst of a rapidly changing country.

Drâa Valley

How would you like to spend 4 days in the Moroccan desert? The Sahara Desert is sure to immortalize your wild rides in Morocco. At 1,100 kilometers, the Drâa is Morocco’s longest river. Follow the nomadic route on camelback, immerse yourself in their culture and succumb to the charm of the desert landscape. Your starting point is the village of M’hamid. Your adventure will take place in the heart of the dunes of the Drâa Valley.

Mount Atlas

Would you like to enjoy magnificent panoramas and visit Morocco? How about conquering Mount Atlas? Halfway between Taza and Taroundant, the Atlas lies close to Essaouira and Agadir. It is divided into three zones: the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas and the Anti Atlas. If you want to discover the highest peaks in North Africa, opt for an excursion to the High Atlas. Departing from Marrakech, discover the famous Berber people and explore the valleys and canyons that shape this mountain range.

Djebel Saghro

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco: The mountainous massif of Djebel Saghro will also make an excellent playground for hiking enthusiasts in Morocco. This mountain range borders the northern High Atlas and the Dades Valley. Djebel Saghro is also a must if you like to visit Morocco for its nature. You can easily plan a family nature hike in the heart of the massif. Indeed, this mountain is easily accessible even for young hikers.

Sidi Kaouki

The temperate climate of the Atlantic coast makes for a pleasant camel ride. Quite a change of scenery when visiting Morocco. This ride takes you along the last foothills of the Western Atlas and long deserted beaches. Departing from Sidi Kaouki, your ride will also take you to the gates of Essaouira, where a little historical interlude awaits you.


If you’re visiting Morocco in December, you’ll also want to check out the city of Fez. Perfect for budding historians, this weekend break in Morocco will be a pure delight. You’ll soon enjoy wandering through its medina and souks, where colors and scents mingle. Pottery, ceramics, jewelry, leather goods, vegetables, meats and spices will intoxicate your senses.

Where to stay and visit Morocco?

Whether you want to relax on the magnificent beaches of Agadir, sample the pleasures of the country’s spa houses, stay in a traditional Riad in Marrakech or in a private apartment for rent. You’ll be able to enjoy Moroccan life in a bed and breakfast setting that will remind you of the tales of 1001 nights.

How many times a day does the muezzin sing in Morocco?

5 times a day, the muezzin’s call to prayer will remind you that Morocco is a moderate country, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. It’s one of the cultural highlights of your visit to Morocco.

Is it possible to sleep in a Riad in Marrakech?

Marrakech is obviously at the top of the list when it comes to vacation rentals in Morocco. You’ll easily find a Riad to rent in Marrakech that will transport you to an oriental universe. Your new home will be an excellent starting point for discovering the city and its sights. Mosques, palaces and museums will parade before the eyes of budding historians, such as the 16th-century Palais El Badi.

How many people live in Morocco?

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco: Over 37 million people live in Morocco, covering an area of 446,550 km2. Morocco is a blend of Arab, Berber and African cultures, as well as a number of European influences. A visit to Morocco, a land of contrasts, will not leave you indifferent. The legendary hospitality of the Moroccan people will leave you with wonderful memories.

What is Morocco’s official language?

The official language of Morocco is Arabic. But about a third of our Moroccan friends speak French.

How many French speakers are there in Morocco?

There are around 10 million French speakers. Morocco has been a member of the OIF since 1981. Over a million French tourists visit Morocco every year. So don’t panic. You’ll always find someone to show you the way or to give you information. The country is also a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie.

Is it possible to bivouac in the Sahara?

Amazing Things to Do in Morocco: The more adventurous visitors to Morocco can join the Berbers of the Sahara in a vast expanse of dunes. And bivouac with them in a traditional Berber tent, contemplating an ocean of stars.

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