Christmas in Marrakech, Morocco

Christmas in Marrakech, Morocco

Christmas in Marrakech, Morocco

Christmas in Marrakech Morocco, Marrakech isn’t the first place you’d think of to celebrate Christmas. But you can have a great Christmas in Marrakech, with family or friends! In fact, Christmas is the ideal time to get together and share some great moments under the Marrakech sun. A truly warm destination for a Christmas away from the cold of Europe…

Do Moroccans celebrate Christmas?

Yes and no. Outside the big cities, you won’t find any connection with Christmas. Children go to school as normal, and most Moroccans have no idea that it’s Christmas. Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and Christmas is not a Muslim holiday. As such, Christmas Day is not a public holiday.

However, there is a large (and growing) foreign population in Morocco, particularly in Marrakech. Indeed, there are Moroccan Christians. If you’re in a big city like Marrakech, Casablanca or Rabat, you’ll see decorated store windows and bustling shopping malls.

Where to sleep at Christmas in Marrakech?

Bear in mind that in Marrakech, from Christmas to New Year’s Eve, it’s HIGH tourist season. Many holidaymakers come to spend the festive season in the red city. This means that hotels and riads are booked well in advance. Accommodation prices will be higher, and there are many more people than at other times of the year.

If you’re coming to Marrakech to celebrate Christmas, with family or friends, we can only advise you to rent a villa! You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat, or how you’re going to divide up the chores… In fact, the house staff will take care of everything, including concocting a wonderful Christmas meal to suit your every whim!

What’s Christmas like in Marrakech?

Expect most Christmas decorations and celebrations to have a European feel. This makes sense, as the vast majority of expatriates who celebrate Christmas in Marrakech come from Europe.

You’ll have no trouble finding the great Marrakech Christmas classics, like the Yule log. You’ll find them in ordinary Moroccan bakeries, decorated for the occasion. Supermarkets and a few boutiques also sell a few Christmas decorations: garlands, Christmas trees and various objects.

Where to see Christmas decorations in Marrakech?

If you want to see Christmas decorations, you’ll have to leave Marrakech’s Medina and head for the new districts and shopping centers (like Guéliz or l’Hivernage). Here, you’ll be surprised to find beautiful window displays, Christmas lights, Christmas trees and even… Santa Claus!

However, there are no big Christmas markets in Marrakech or any other Moroccan city. You may find small events organized by churches or various expatriate groups, but no big Christmas gatherings.

Book a Christmas meal in Marrakech:

Hotels and restaurants in Marrakech generally offer Christmas menus and some special vacation events. This is very common in large luxury hotels and hotel chains. Other riads and small hotels also join in. Whatever happens, book your table in advance: demand is very high with the influx of tourists at this time of year!

Go to Christmas mass in Marrakech:

Although discreet, there are churches all over the country. Due to the Spanish and French influence, the majority of churches are Catholic, especially in Marrakech. The most important church is in the Guéliz district, the Église Saint-Martyrs de Marrakech. You can attend the Christmas mass there on December 24. Ask your hotel or riad for more information. They’ll be able to help you find Christmas celebrations in Marrakech.

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